S1E14B Lily goofing around

This page is a comprehensive list of Lily Loud's word "Poo-Poo", sorted by episodes from the Shorts, Season 1, Season 2, and Season 3.

NOTE: The word "Poo-Poo" will be underlined.



  • [walking in the background while Lincoln plays Fashion Photographer with Lola] Poo-poo!

12 Days of Christmas

  • Loud Family: "♫On the eleventh day of Christmas, the Loud House gave to me!♫"
    Lynn Sr.: [changing Lily's diaper and holding a stinky pile of them] "♫Eleven smelly diapers!♫ Eugh!
    Lily: Poo-poo!

The Loud House Theme Song

  • [End Theme logo] "Poo-Poo!"

Season 1

Left in the Dark

  • Lincoln: It's just Lily with a full diaper!
    Lily: Poo-Poo!

Project Loud House

  • Lincoln: Lily! Where are your clothes? And where's your diaper?
    Lily: "I go poo-poo!"

Picture Perfect

  • [throws her diaper at Lincoln] "Poo-poo!"
    • This happens twice.

Linc or Swim

  • Lori: But we were just having fun.
    Lily: Poo-poo.
    Lifeguard: Fecal incidents are not fun.

Changing the Baby

  • Lily: [referring to Lincoln's sandwich blended for her] "Poo-poo!"
  • Luan: What's your favorite Hawaiian platter?
    Lily: Poo-Poo!
  • [As Lisa is about to experiment on her] "Poo-poo?"

Cover Girls

  • Lincoln [pretending to be Lori]" I'm literally on it. Uh oh. Who made a stinky surprise for her big sister? [pretending to be Lily] "Poo-poo! Poo-poo!"
  • Lincoln: [pretending to be Lily to convince Pop-Pop] "Poo-poo!"
  • Lincoln: [still dressed as Lily, his classmates take pictures as his face turns red from embarrassment] Oh, Poo-poo.

Attention Deficit

  • Lily [crawling into the McBride residence without her diaper] "Poo-poo."
    Howard and Harold: "THE CARPET!"
    [They spread out papers for Lily to crawl on]
    Lily: "Poo-poo. Poo-poo."


  • Luan: Guys, I think Lily wants to share a house story, too. Mind if I translate, Lilster?
    Lily: Poo-poo.
  • Luan: That was a great story, Lily.
    Lily: Poo-poo.
    Luan: I think she's got another story! [Lily poops herself] Oh. This time, it really is just poo-poo.

Season 2

Potty Mouth

  • Lisa: [while pretending to be Lily] "Poo-poo".

L is for Love

  • Lincoln, Leni, Lucy, Lola, and Lana: "Aw, dang it!"
    Lily: [just as upset] "Ah, poo-poo."

Mall of Duty

  • Lily: [on the mall train] "Poo-poooo!"

Season 3

Selfie Improvement

  • Lily: [comes to the backyard walking backwards] "Poo-poo."
    Lori: "I can't change you right now, Lily. Go ask someone else."
    Lily: [angry] "Poo-poo!" [throws her diaper in Lori's face]
    Lori: "Aaah!" [Lori's camera takes a pic.]

Rita Her Rights

  • Lily: [to her Mom] Poo-poo! Poo-poo!


Listen Out Loud

Luan Loud

  • Luan: [to the watchers] "What Lisa doesn't know is that I knew she would sit in her own chair, so I strapped a jet pack to the back of it."
    Lisa: [noticing her chair is making a whirring noise] "Oh, what's that rumbling? Maybe I am a bit flatulent." [Lisa's chair begins flying in all directions, when suddenly...] "NO! I'M HEADED STRAIGHT FOR THE DIAPER PAIL!!!"
    [Lisa crashes into the diaper pail, evident by the squishing noise and sound of flies buzzing]
    Lily: "Poo-poo!"
    Lisa: This is one fecal study I do not care to be part of.