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This page shows all of Lily Loud's different attires she has used throughout the series, excluding her normal outfit.

Image Episode(s) Description

Season One

S1E03A Lily in a squirrel costume "Driving Miss Hazy" She briefly wears a squirrel disguise to help Lincoln teach Leni how to drive.
S1E05A Lily all dressed up and ready to go "Project Loud House" She wears a lavender t-shirt, and blue pants.
S1E05B Paradise in bedroom "In Tents Debate" Like Lori, Leni, Lucy, and Lola, she uses Hawaiian attire in an attempt to convince Lincoln to go to Aloha Beach.
S1E07A actually pretty perfect
"Picture Perfect" Like the rest of her siblings, she wears a red sweater for Lincoln's "perfect" picture. She also has a pacifier with a big smile printed on it, for her "perfect" smile.
S1E07B Lily remains
S1E13B Silent Brawl
"Undie Pressure" and "It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud, House" In "Undie Pressure", she wears a purple pacifier to stop herself from crying and in "It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud, House", she wears it while sleeping.
S1E08A Lily giggles at this "Linc or Swim" Her swim attire consists of a lavender onesie with a picture of a strawberry on it.
S1E08A Lily confused Later she wears a blue diaper with yellow ducks.
S1E08B new look for Lily "Changing the Baby" When she's with Lincoln, she wears an orange polo shirt just like her brother.
S1E08B Lily dressed up as Mr. Coconuts2 When she's with Luan, she wears the same outfit as Mr. Coconuts.
S1E08B Lily in black When she's with Lucy, she wears a gothic outfit which includes a black wig, and black makeup.
S1E08B Lily having a tea party When she's with Lola and Lana, she uses a tiara.
S1E11B Sisters in potato sacks "The Green House" Like the rest of her sisters, she ends up wearing a potato sack when the house is without power.
S1E12B Lily with a bag on her head "Chore and Peace" She gets an empty chip bag on her head while crawling around in the mess.
S1E15A Lily as Lori smiling "Cover Girls" She dresses up like Lori to cover for her. When their parents found out about their little charade, their punishment was to go about their tasks while still dressed as the siblings they covered. As Lori resumed her date with Bobby about learning about starting a family, she was wearing her Lincoln disguise while Lily dressed as her was getting all the attention from Bobby.
S1E18A I&#039;m not getting pranked this year "April Fools Rules" She wears a helmet and a diaper made of watermelons, and wears suspenders to hold up her diaper.
S1E23B Secret club meeting "A Tattler's Tale" and Brawl in the Family She is seen wearing lavender full body pajamas when playing with Luna.
S1E26B Luna, Lily and Lana in western wear "Homespun" She wears a lavender old timey bonnet.
S1E26B Indoor winter wonderland She is seen wearing a purple parka, when Lynn Loud Sr. is unable to turn off the air conditioner.

Season Two

S2E01 Lily putting star on tree "11 Louds a Leapin'" She is seen wearing her full body pajamas, but they're red.
S2E04A We promise "Suite and Sour" While putting on a show to persuade their parents to take them to a resort, she wears a lavender cat costume.
IMG 2525
"Party Down" Lily wears a green and blue party hat.
S2E11B The Deuce
"Pulp Friction" When she is cosplaying as "The Deuce", she wears a red mask, red gloves, and a yellow bib. She also has a card on her forehead with the number 2 on it.

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