This page shows all Liam's different attires he has used throughout the series, excluding his normal outfit.

Images Episode(s) Description

Season One

S1E09A I look like my Meemaw! "Overnight Success" Lola gave Liam a makeover. He had purple eyeshadow, lips painted in red, and a red-haired wig, with a green ribbon.
S1E21A Liam playing basketball "The Loudest Yard"
"Dance, Dance Resolution"
He wears a red basketball jersey, with a yellow circle on it, and red-and-white shorts, and white shoes.

Season Two

S2E15A Zach and Rusty assuming "Back Out There" During dodgeball, Liam wears a red shirt, with horizontal black stripe, a yellow collar, and red shorts.
S2E15A I hate this song Liam was wearing a white suit, white trousers, and brown shoes.
S2E15A Liam riding a go-kart While still wearing a white suit, white trousers and brown shoes, Liam wears a green helmet while Go-karting.
S2E15A New hairstyles Still wearing the new white outfit and brown shoes, Liam has a different hairstyle.

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