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Liam is one of Lincoln's schoolmates, and they appear to be friends. He looks to be proficient playing basketball.

His first appearance was in "Overnight Success", as one of the kids Lincoln invited to his sleepover, after Lincoln had a falling out with Clyde. Since then, he has made other appearances in other episodes.


S1E21A Liam playing basketball

Liam in his basketball outfit.

Liam is as tall as Lincoln, and also has freckles. He has orange hair styled into a bowl cut, and two buck teeth.

His regular clothing attire consists of a striped green t-shirt, brown shorts, white sneakers with green stripes, and white socks with red stripes.

Sometimes he wears a red basketball outfit.


Main article: Character appearances
Total episodes: 7

Season 1

Season 2


  • He speaks in a Southern accent.
  • He was the only person whom Lincoln's advice about girls works for in "Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru".
S1E19A Liam with his girlfriend

Liam with his unnamed girlfriend, whom we never see again.

  • Despite getting a girlfriend in "Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru", in "Dance, Dance Resolution" he is dateless. It is possible that his girlfriend broke up with him prior to "Dance, Dance Resolution", the series' continuity is not consistent, or the episodes were aired out of production order.
  • According to "Ace Savvy on the Case", he lives on a farm.
  • How his buck teeth are lined up can vary. Sometimes they're lined up right next to each-other, sometimes there's a gap in between them.
  • He's revealed to have a younger sister in "Making the Grade."
    • So far, Liam, Ronnie Anne, and Rusty are Lincoln's only known schoolmates who have siblings.
  • His design resembles Dwight from The Fairly OddParents, but only without glasses.

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