This page shows all of Leni Loud's different attires she has worn throughout the series, excluding her normal outfit.

Image Episode(s) Description
Leni in her PJs and sleep mask
Various episodes Leni's sleep attire simply consists of a nightgown, which resembles her regular outfit, only sleeveless and she also wears a magenta sleep mask.
Leni's blue sleeping mask
Along with her nightgown, she wears a blue sleep mask with closed eyes.
Leni's pink sleeping mask
She retains her magenta sleep mask and like the blue one, it has the closed eyes image.
Winter Outfit Leni
Leni wears a pink coat, a green beanie, dark pink gloves, a white-red scarf, dark pink tights, and green boots.
Leni loud in a bikini
"Linc or Swim", "Raw Deal", "No Such Luck", and "Ruthless People" Her swim attire is a two piece green tube top, with a skirt, and a swim cap with a white bow on it. In "Raw Deal", she wasn't wearing sandals.

Season One

S1E02A Leni wearing trash lid
"Heavy Meddle" When Leni believes Lincoln's lie about trash can lids being "all the rage", she wears one as a hat.
S1E03A a squirrel in the road
"Driving Miss Hazy" While Lincoln teaches her how to drive, Leni wears her "special driving outfit". It consists of a turquoise dress, skirt, gloves, tights, and white boots. The outfit later includes a turquoise helmet with white goggles.
S1E03B I'm wearing a scarf
"No Guts, No Glori" When Leni tries to sneak out of her and Lori's room, she wears a pink scarf over most of her face.
S1E04B To Lincoln!
"A Tale of Two Tables" In Lincoln's fantasy about being at the grownup table, Leni, like everyone else, dresses in formal attire. She wears a fancier version of her turquoise dress.
"Project Loud House" Leni's skin turns blue, or rather a shallow shade of cerulean, thanks to Lisa switching out her blemish cream with an experimental skin color changing ointment.
Leni Hawaiian
"In Tents Debate" Like Lori, Lucy, Lola, and Lily, she wears Hawaiian attire in an attempt to convince Lincoln to vacation at Aloha Beach. It consists coconut bra, green grass skirt, red fluffy bracelets, and white sandals with red flowers.
Leni Nerd
S1E07A Lori Leni close up
"Picture Perfect" Lincoln gets her to wear Lisa's glasses for his "perfect" picture. Later, he makes her, and the rest of the sisters dress up in red Christmas sweaters.
S1E09B Luan Leni Lori look at Mr. Coconuts
"Ties That Bind" She first appears wearing Lori's blue tanktop, and denim cargo shorts.
Leni purple sweater
She is later seen wearing Lori's purple sweater.
Tumblr o9pta0aAog1sndv3bo1 500
"Hand-Me-Downer" During a flashback, we see a younger version of Leni. This outfit is similar to her normal outfit, except that her sleeves are more puffy rather than frilly.
Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 4.49.14 PM
"Butterfly Effect" Leni wears a bandage on her head after getting hit on it by a shelf and pairs of shoes.
S1E11B And a refill!
"The Green House" Like the rest of her sisters, she ends up wearing a potato sack due to the house's lack of power. Even her sunglasses have a missing lens.
S1E12A Flamingo Leni
"Along Came a Sister" During Clyde's flashback, Leni appears wearing a flamingo costume for Halloween.
S1E12A Leni confronts the Exterminator
She later wears a yellow hazmat suit to save Frances from the toxic gases of the exterminator.
S1E12B Leni disgusted
S1E23A Bathroom line
"The Green House", "Chore and Peace" and "One of the Boys" She wears a green-and-white bathrobe.
Leni Lana
"Cover Girls" When Pop-Pop wanted to video chat with his grandchildren, she dresses up like Lana to cover for her. When their parents found out about their little charade, their punishment was to go about their tasks while still dressed as the siblings they covered. She returned to the mall in her Lana disguise, but still had mud on her, and was denied entry.
S1E17B Leni ziplining
"A Novel Idea" During her visit to her Dad's office, she rides the zip-line over the cubicles. Her gear includes a green helmet.
Leni Poncho
"Roughin' It" In one of Lincoln's flashbacks, Leni wears a poncho with a faux fur lining.
Cheerleader Leni
"The Loudest Yard" She wears a team jersey.
S1E21B Girls fishing
"Raw Deal" Leni was wearing khaki trousers during fishing.
S1E24A Leni in the audience
"Funny Business" When working for Luan, Leni wears a headset, and a black shirt with white markings.
Classy Leni
"Homespun" In a flashback going back to when possums chewed up the house's wiring, she has her hair in an updo, and wears a green 19th-century dress, long white gloves, a choker, and different red earrings, after reading a series of books about pioneers with her siblings.

Season Two

Leni turquoise dress "11 Louds a Leapin'" Leni wears a turquoise dress with an elevated skirt and a white waistband. She adds fringes near her chest and stripes on her skirt with material from Rita's Christmas tablecloth. She also wears red spherical ornaments as earrings.
Leni's white tinsel dress Leni wears a dress made out of white tinsel. She wears a red bow at the waist area and wears red Christmas light bulbs as earrings.
Leni Bikini2 In a flashback, Leni wears a swimsuit bearing a resemblance to her usual swimsuit, albeit without buttons, or a swim cap.
Leni Christmas outfit Leni's third Christmas outfit is made from the family's stockings.
Leni's White Heels On Christmas morning, Leni wears a pair of white high-heels that she got as a Christmas present.
Leni in her blue dress
"Brawl in the Family" She wears a blue dress that she bought at the mall, (unaware that Lori also bought the same dress) and has blue bows on her sandals.
S2E04A We promise "Suite and Sour" While putting on a play to persuade their parents to take them to the resort, Leni dresses in a pink cat costume with triangle shaped sunglasses on her head, that are used as ears.
S2E04A Leni with the Fritz nametag Leni pins Fritz' name pin to her dress without knowing that it belonged to an employee.
S2E05B Don't worry. I got a plan "Vantastic Voyage" Leni wears her bag in the shape of a watermelon slice.
Leni Karate "Lock 'n' Loud" Leni wears a white kimono, white trousers, and a white belt.
S2E10A Dinner was delicious "Fed Up" She wears a red dress like that looks like Rita's during dinner time.
S2E11A The 11 of Hearts
"Pulp Friction" She cosplays as "The 11 of Hearts" during Lincoln and Clyde's superhero fantasy. Her outfit is based on the playing card of hearts.
Tlh 2 leni and lori s sweater by timeymarey007-dbh8iml
"Potty Mouth" To get Lily not to say the "D" word, Lori and Leni wear a stretched out sky blue sweater, with a star on it.
Mannequin Leni
"L is for Love" When Chaz discovers Leni's love letter, she is dressed as one of the store mannequins. This outfit consists of a dark blue dress, slip-on shoes, a light blue sun hat, and a light purple feather boa.
Waitress Leni
"Job Insecurity" While working as a waitress at the Aloha Comrade, Leni wears white shoes, a black skirt, a black-cuffed red shirt with yellow hibiscus all over it, crimson red earrings, and a red bow tie.
Leni as Lori
"Change of Heart" Leni wears Lori's usual outfit, along with an unkempt wig, that resembles Lori's usual hairstyle.
Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 6.58.15 PM
Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 7.00.09 PM
"Future Tense" Leni is wearing a yellow traffic vest, while she and her family clean the interstate. Shortly later a car drives by, mud splatters all over Leni.
S2E20A Leni Promo
"Yes Man" Leni wears a SMOOCH outfit.
Leni birthday
"No Spoilers" Leni wears a party hat with light and dark pink stripes.
S2E24 Why do I look so pale
"Tricked!" Leni is dressed as Marie Antoinette for Halloween.

Season Three

S3E02B Siblings with sweaters
"Insta-gran" Leni wears a pink sweater that says Life is sweeter with a Gran-Gran.
"Selfie Improvement" During a flashback, there was a younger Leni wearing a seafoam green shirt, her white sunglasses, brown cargo shorts, white socks, and seafoam green shoes.
S3E04A You got almost as many votes as Carol
In a flashback, Leni wears a fancy green dress and white slip-on shoes.
S3E04A You pretend you laughed at something
Leni wears a pink beret while posing for Lori's selfie.
Lily and Leni's rabbi disguise
"Fool Me Twice" In order to avoid getting pranked by Luan, Leni, along with Lily, only wears a big trench coat on the bottom.
Vampire Leni
Fandom Pains" Leni wears white make-up and vampire fangs.
Leni Team Tristan
Leni wears a pink T-shirt that says "Team Tristan" on it.
Leni in her PJs & Nightcap
"The Mad Scientist" In a flashback, Leni wears a onesie with a back zipper. She also wears a nightcap.
Tumblr paztsfvT2o1u0nu2xo1 r1 500
"Shop Girl" Leni's clothes are tattered and torn (and her glasses broken) from her shopping trip, and she is missing a sandal. There is a bandage on her right cheek.
S3E11B Taste the Flan
S3E11B Businesswoman Leni Interview

Other media

Leni 11 of Hearts
"Deuces Wild!" She cosplays as "The 11 of Hearts" during Lincoln and Clyde's superhero fantasy. Her outfit is based on the playing card of hearts.

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