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This page shows all of Lana Loud's different attires she has used throughout the series, excluding her normal outfit.

Image Episode(s) Description


TLHP introducing the Loud sisters "Bathroom Break!!" She wraps herself up in toilet paper to dress and act like a mummy to chase Lola. That may explain why Lincoln didn't have any when he finally got to use the bathroom.

Season One

S1E01B Luan telling a joke "Get the Message" Along with Lola, she dresses up in an officer sash and badge and sunglasses to practice for hall monitor duty at school. She also carries around a nightstick.
S1E05B Team Tippy giving Lincoln a massage "In Tents Debate" Like Luna, Lynn, Luan, and Lisa, she wears an udder hat to represent their choice of Dairyland for their family vacation and encourage Lincoln to pick it.
S1E07A Lana Lola close up "Picture Perfect" Like the rest of her siblings and the pets, she wears a red sweater for Lincoln's "perfect" picture. Her gap is also filled in with two marshmallows to look like front teeth for the "perfect" smile.
Lana Chewing on noodle "Linc or Swim" Her swimwear is a dark blue one piece swimsuit with floaties and flippers.
S1E11B Lana keeping her reptiles warm "The Green House" To keep his sisters from using up so much power and energy, Lincoln dresses Lana up in a parka as opposed to heating her room up with a furnace to keep her reptiles warm.
S1E11B Sisters in potato sacks Like the rest of her sisters, she ends up wearing a potato sack and bandages due to the house's lack of power.
S1E14A Lana doing the three W&#039;s "Toads and Tiaras" When Lola gets injured while practicing for the "Miss Prim and Perfect" pageant, Lincoln gets the idea of having Lana take her place. Lana dresses up in one of Lola's dresses and gets her hair coifed and braided to look the part.
S1E14A I respect a winner She wins the pageant and wears the victory tiara which Lola lets her keep.
S1E15A Lana as Leni "Cover Girls" When Pop-Pop wants to video chat with his grandchildren, Lana dresses up like Leni to cover for her. Her gap is once again filled in with marshmallows. When their parents found out about their little charade, their punishment was to go about their tasks while still dressed as the siblings they covered. Lana returned to the mud pit she was playing in with her friends, but they denied her entry, because they thought she was girly now.
S1E18A Lincoln with mahogany wooden boards "April Fools Rules" She wears bubble wrap to protect herself from Luan's pranks.
S1E21A Mr. Loud and Lana in crowd "The Loudest Yard" She wears red and yellow face paint at the football game.
S1E23B It&#039;s not fun "A Tattler's Tale" While Lola makes her siblings do favors for her so that she won't spoil their secrets, Lana wears a teal dress similar to her shirt, a tiara on top her red baseball cap, white bracelets, a pearl necklace and white hoop earrings similar to Leni's red hoops.
S1E24B Lana shows her snowman "Snow Bored" She wears winter clothing during a snow day.
S1E26B Luna, Lily and Lana in western wear "Homespun" She wears old western clothing.
S1E26B Lana howling Various episodes She sleeps without her overalls, leaving her shirt on.

Season Two

S2E04A We promise "Suite and Sour" While putting on a play to persuade their parents to take them to the resort, Lana dresses in an orange cat costume, that resembles Garfield.
S2E04A Lana dressed as a chef When she helps her siblings make a resort for their parents, Lana wears a chef's uniform.
S2E07A Lana tries to train Charles "Lock 'N' Loud" Lana dresses up as a burglar to train Charles to be a guard dog which fails.

Other media

Lana-Royal-Flush "Deuces Wild!" She cosplays as "Royal Flush" in Lincoln and Clyde's fantasy. Her name is a play on the best and almost impossible to get hand in Poker.

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