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"L is for Love" is the twenty-third episode of the second season and the seventy-fifth episode of The Loud House.


A love letter addressed to "L. Loud" shows up at the house, and the siblings have to figure out who the letter in question is for.


S2E12B It's addressed to L. Loud

"It's a love letter, and it's addressed to L. Loud."

Lincoln is outside, collecting the mail, and while sifting through it, he comes across a letter that shocks him so much, he immediately calls an emergency sibling meeting. Once the siblings are gathered, Lincoln presents the object that led him to hold the meeting: a love letter, addressed to "L. Loud". Lori opens the envelope, and reads the letter:

"Dear L. Loud,
Day after day,
I hope and I pine,
I'm too shy to come forward,
But I wish you were mine.
-Signed, your secret admirer."

Immediately afterwards, the siblings begin to question who the letter is for, since it could be for any of them (which is supported by a series of flashbacks depicting the siblings fawning over their respective crushes). Lucy, having read a book about vampires dealing with romantic relationships, suggests on sending their crushes a signal to let them know that they're interested in them, which will lead to them writing a second letter, and give more information. The siblings agree to go with this plan, as each of them approach their respective crushes, while giving them a subtle wink, to let them know they like them.

The next day, the siblings are holding another meeting, where everybody says that they sent their signal to their crushes. Luna then arrives with the next letter, and Lori opens up the letter, and a single rose falls out of it, causing the siblings to gasp in wonderment. Lori reads the letter:

"Roses are red,
They brighten our town,
Like your sweet smile,
And your hair, which is brown."

With this information, the choices are lowered to just Luna, Luan, Lynn, and Lisa, much to the dissatisfaction of the other Loud siblings. Although everyone is excited, Luna isn't happy, saying that she didn't give her signal to her secret admirer, Sam, because she feels that Sam is out of her league, but everyone else assures her that she's still in. Lucy pulls out her vampire book, and says that because the secret admirer sent a rose as a token of their affection, they need to give their crushes a token in return, which will lead to a third and final letter requesting a rendezvous. The four siblings then proceed to give their respective crushes their tokens of love. For Lisa's crush, David, an actual beating heart (from a pig). For Lynn's crush, Francisco, her lucky jockstrap. For Luan's crush, Benny, a pie in the face. Luna tries to give Sam her favorite guitar pick, but is unable to muster up any confidence and holds herself back.

The next day, Leni arrives with the third and final letter, which reads:

"Dear L. Loud,
Here's a third letter,
'Cause I'm still feeling skittish,
I dig your sweet sounds,
And love of all things British."

The siblings realize that Luna is the intended recipient, and Lori further reads on the letter:

"I think it's time
We put love on the menu,
Meet me tonight at Banger's & Mosh,
The British eatery and rock venue."

Luna, now excited that she's the intended recipient, is carried off by the siblings to get her dressed up.

At Banger's & Mosh, the siblings await Sam's arrival. While waiting, they notice their parents are there, and Lynn Sr. wearing his British bearskin hat. They walk up to them, and the parents ask them what they're doing here. Lincoln tells them they're waiting for Sam, Luna's secret admirer, because of the love letter that was sent to them. Rita, however, tells them that there was a mix up; the letters were meant for Lynn Sr. They explain that back then, when Rita was a crossing guard, Rita would fawn over Lynn Sr.'s british accent every time he would cross the road. However, because she didn't have the courage to talk to him, she instead slipped in some love letters to show her affection. After the third note, Rita finally had the courage to ask him on a date, and met at Banger's & Mosh, where they fell in love. Twenty years have passed since that first date, and it happens to be today. Luna says that because of that story, she feels more open to express her love towards Sam, and says that everybody should do the same.

S2E12B Luna smiling

Looks like Sam does like Luna.

The next day, the siblings discretely slip in their love letters to their respective crushes. Luna, with her love letter in hand, slips it into Sam's locker, and quickly departs. A trio of bandmates walk by, and Sam, who's revealed to be a female, stops to open her locker. She opens her locker, and the anonymous love letter that Luna slipped in falls out. Sam picks it up, reads the letter, and smiles, leading Luna to smile with confidence, thinking that Sam could return her affection.


Clyde, Farmer, Unnamed Woman, Bernie, Steve, Winston, Paige, Margo, and Sam's Male Friend have no lines in this episode. Francisco and Silas are not credited, but Francisco was heard spitting in his hand, and later heard saying "Ah", when he was hit by Lynn's lucky jock, and Silas was heard sighing, screaming, and groaning.


  • Luna is revealed to be bisexual.
    • Because of this, this episode is probably skipped on Arabian, Malaysian, and Russian dubs. In the Korean version, Sam's gender is changed into male as she has a male voice actor.
    • Because of this episode, the show is banned in Turkey, and it's unknown if they are no more episodes aired in Turkey after the ban from broadcasting in that said country because of the Turkish government accusing the episode of gay relationships, when Luna is bisexual instead of being portrayed gay.
  • This is the first time the family's alliterative name theme is brought up.
  • This is the second time a mysterious letter plays a major role. First time was in "It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud, House".
  • This is the first time Leni talks to Luna since "House Music", as well as being the first time she's referred Luna by name.
  • Lincoln himself doesn't appear on the title card, although the strands of his hair, and his cowlick are seen on the edges of the heart.
    • This marks the second time that not even the shape of Lincoln's head appears on a title card. The first was in "Kick the Bucket List".
  • This episode's title card is the most simplistic, composing of only two colors (red and rogue pink).
  • Leni's crush Chaz, Lana's crush Skippy, and Lisa's crush David are all voiced by the same voice actor, Richard Horvitz. Interestingly, in the Russian Dub, Lana and Lisa (along with Lucy and Clyde) share the same voice actress, Larisa Brokhman, whereas in the Italian Dub, Leni and Lisa share the same voice actress, Giuliana Atepi.
  • One of Luan's schoolmates is one of Maggie's friends, who was shown at her birthday party in "Funny Business".
  • This is the second time since "The Loudest Yard", where Clyde appears, but doesn't speak.
  • The names of each of the Loud sibling's love interest:
    • Lincoln - Paige
    • Lori - Bobby
    • Leni - Chaz
    • Luna - Sam
    • Luan - Benny
    • Lynn - Francisco
    • Lucy - Silas
    • Lana - Skippy
    • Lola - Winston
    • Lisa - David
    • Lily - A teddy bear
      • Lily was the only Loud sibling in this episode to get a crush on an inanimate object, which was a teddy bear.
      • Lincoln and Luna's crushes are the only ones who are female.
      • Lincoln seems to have a new crush in this episode, suggesting that he moved on from having a crush on Cristina.
      • As of this episode, all of the Loud siblings, sans Lily, have love interests.
      • As Lori considers Bobby a love interest, rather than a boyfriend, this episode may take place before "Heavy Meddle", which may explain why Lincoln and Lucy's love interests are not Ronnie Anne and Rocky (presumably), respectively. On the other hand, Lori may have been talking about their general interest in each other, and Lincoln and Lucy are just friends with Ronnie Anne and Rocky.
      • This could also mean that Lincoln met Paige after Ronnie Anne moved away from Royal Woods, and Lucy met Silas after she met Rocky.
      • Since the Loud siblings send a love letter to their love interests, it's unknown how or when their crushes will return their affection.
      • Chris Savino has announced that Bobby, Ronnie Anne, and Sam would reappear in season 3, whether or not any of the other siblings' crushes will reappear as well is yet to be determined (though Lily's bear is likely going to appear).
      • Paige and Francisco are the only crushes who are not shown to have seen their love letters.
      • Bobby was the only crush who didn't appear, he was only mentioned.
  • A majority of the patrons at Banger's & Mosh are caricatures of The Loud House staff.
  • This episode is the first to show the inside of the Royal Woods Middle School and High School.
S2E12B Ello, love

A young Lynn Sr. and Rita (with freckles) meeting for the first time.

  • This episode goes into further detail on how Rita and Lynn Sr. met.
    • It also gives some insight in Rita's past career as a crossing guard, which was briefly mentioned in "Cover Girls".
    • It's also revealed that Rita had freckles when she was younger.
    • This episode reveals that Lynn Sr. and Rita met sometime after Lynn Sr. finished his college semester in England.
  • Luan is wearing her jester costume from "Funny Business" again.
    • She is also wearing her mime outfit from both that episode, and "Ties That Bind".
  • Steve, from "Vantastic Voyage", is seen at Banger's & Mosh.
  • In this episode, Lisa wears a surgeon's outfit similar to the one in this episode's sister episode "Potty Mouth", albeit with a few differences.
  • Chaz was one of the guests at Lori's party in "Party Down".
  • Lynn Sr. is wearing his royal guard hat from "Study Muffin".
  • In some scenes, Lily is seen wearing her purple pacifier from "Undie Pressure", "It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud, House", and "Two Boys and a Baby".
  • This is the sixteenth time Lincoln did not speak to the audience.
    • Episode 12 of Season 2 is the fourth episode where Lincoln does not speak to the viewers in either segment.
  • Timeline:
  • Irony: Lola wearing a brunette wig was pointless since the love letter wasn't addressed to her.
  • Moral:
    • Don't be shy in expressing your feelings to the person you love.
    • Don't take the person you love for granted.
  • Episode Connection:
    • Rita is seen wearing Lori's tank top on the first date, just like Lori mentioned in "Hand-Me-Downer".
    • Rita mentions Lynn Sr. doing a semester in England, which had previously been mentioned in "Study Muffin".


  • M jak miłość - The title of the episode is a literal translation of this Polish TV series.
  • Aerosmith or Depeche Mode - Luna quotes the song "Dream On", when she says "Dream on, Lunes".
  • Garfield - Lily's teddy bear looks like Pooky, the titular character's teddy bear.
  • Yes - After quoting "Dream On", Luna then quotes this band's song "Owner of a Lonely Heart", when describing her luck with Sam.
  • Full House - Lynn and Francisco resemble Stephanie Tanner and Brett Davis.
  • Benny Hill - Luan's love interest, Benny, is named after this British comedian.
    • This name is also fitting for him to be Luan's love interest, as she likes comedy.
  • Dexter's Laboratory - David ironically resembles Mandark, Dexter's biggest rival from the animated series, which Chris Savino worked on.
  • Rest In Peace - The name of the company "R.I. Pete's Coffins and Urns", comes from Rest in Peace (R.I.P.)
  • Alienware - The alien sticker on Luna's instrument case resembles the Alienware logo.
  • The Rolling Stones - The puckered up lips on Lynn Sr.'s shirt during Rita's flashback could be a reference to this band, whose logo is a red pair of lips with its tongue sticking out. This could make sense, since The Rolling Stones is a British band, and Lynn Sr. is a fan of Britain.
  • Twilight - The author on Lucy's book spells "Bela Le Ghosty", may be a reference to Bella Swan, from the book series.
  • The Da Vinci Code - Lucy's crush is like a character from Dan Brown's novel, who is also an albino named Silas.
  • Teen Titans Go! - In the series Starfire gave Robin an actual heart as a Valentine gift, Lisa did the same to David.
  • The Who - Sam's shirt has a logo similar to the band's bullseye logo.
  • The Golden Girls - Two of the judges of Lola's pageant are designed to resemble Bea Arthur and Estelle Getty, who played Dorothy and Sophia on the famous sitcom about elderly friends living in Florida.


  • Plot Hole: If the love letters were all taken and read by the Loud siblings and never by Lynn Sr., then how would he know he's what's Rita up to?
Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 6.34.58 PM
S2E12B Luna's pick

Luna with a brand new skirt, in the same tone that matches her shirt.

  • When Luan kneels down over Benny her shoe goes over the fallen set.
  • When Luna is on the bus wanting to give her token to Sam, her skirt is the same color as her shirt.
  • When Lori said that Lucy was right about what happens next, her eyelashes were missing.
  • Young Lynn Sr.'s noticeable bags around his eyes were missing when he was on his first date with young Rita.
    • They were also missing when Lynn Sr. shouted, "Meat pies for everyone!"
  • When Lynn Sr. said "MEAT PIES FOR EVERYONE!", for one second, Lisa's mouth disappeared.
  • Although Cristina Pucelli's minor character is changed to "Sam's Female Friend" in the cast section, she's still credited as "Girl #1" when the episode aired.
  • In the Brazilian dub credits, Francisco is accredited as he's voiced by João Victor Granja, when he never spoke in this episode.
    • Coincidentally, he also voices Silas and Skippy.
  • In the Latin American version of the segment, Lucy's "sigh" line isn't heard.
    • Additionally, Paige's name isn't said in the dub. Also, Lincoln didn't say Sam's name when he was explaining his parents about the situation.
  • Possible: David's periodic elements blanket was mising the elements scandium, titanium, vanadium, chromium, and manganese.

Running Gags

  • The kids trying to impress their crushes.
  • Lana accidentally swallowing her gum whenever she gasps.
  • The kids trying to find out who the letter is from.
  • Lori being the one to read the love letters.
  • Lucy using what she learns about secret admirer letters to help her siblings and herself to figure out who the letter is from.
  • The siblings refusing to let Lisa read over the minutes about what happened during the last meeting.
  • Lily hugging her teddy bear.
  • Skippy fixing his bike.
  • Paige playing Dance Battle.
  • Chaz working at the boutique.
  • Benny preparing himself for a school play.



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