Karaoke-Dokie is a karaoke bar located in Royal Woods. It is first seen in the episode, "Roadie to Nowhere".


When Luna feared that her ambition to be a rocker wouldn't happen, she attempted to work at The Spin Cycle, but when her overenthusiasm got her fired, she tried to get a job at this karaoke bar, since she can still express her love of music. She was hired as the bar's DJ, but while Mrs. Johnson was singing onstage, Luna began blasting music that made it hard for Mrs. Johnson to sing. Also, Luna began jamming so hard, she shoved Mrs. Johnson off the stage to sing the song she was singing, resulting in her getting fired.


  • The name is a mashup of "karaoke", and "okie-dokie".
  • There's a location in the show Victorious with the same name.
  • There's a skit in Animaniacs with the same name.

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