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"Jeers for Fears" (originally titled "Udder Terror") is the thirty-seventh episode of the third season, and the one-hundred-thirty-eighth episode of The Loud House.


After agreeing to go to the Royal Woods House of Terror, Lincoln and Clyde have to toughen up and face their fears.


At the elementary school, Lincoln and Clyde overhear Chandler and his friends talking about an attraction called the Royal Woods House of Terror. When Chandler tells the boys that they're too chicken to go, Lincoln and Clyde, not wanting to admit to being scaredy-cats, tell them that they'll be going tomorrow night, and Chandler and his friends decide to tag along. Realizing the mess they got themselves into, Lincoln and Clyde ask the former's sisters if they want to scare the living daylights out of them, to which the sisters (especially Lucy) agree to.

Sometime later, Lucy informs the boys that she and the others are ready. When Lincoln and Clyde affirm that they're not scared, the lights suddenly go out, and when the two exit Lincoln's room, the sisters appear as a hulking robed figure that completely petrifies the two. Thinking that was too scary, Lucy tries other ways to scare the two, ranging from Lynn posing as a serial killer with a chainsaw, a giant model skeleton from Lisa, and walking up to Lucy's coffin and opening it. However, all of these tactics leave the boys completely scared. When Lori and Bobby take note of how scared the two are, and when they explain that they're going to the Royal Woods House of Terror, Bobby says that he used to work at there, and offers to show the two around to show them it's not that bad.

Lincoln, Clyde, and Bobby arrive to the House of Terror, and as they venture around the place, Bobby shows them that all the effects are made of practical items, and all the monsters that pop out are just people in costumes. Bobby also shows the two the bailout door, which they can use if they get too scared. Now knowing what goes on around the House of Terror, Lincoln and Clyde are sure that they can get through without getting scared.

S03E20A Headless squirrel prank

Scared again...

Later that night, Lincoln and Clyde arrive to the House of Terror, when suddenly, they notice the staff leaving. One of the members tells them that because Bobby showed them the ins and outs of the house, the owner fired the staff to make revisions, making the house even more scarier than it originally was. Now scared out of their wits again, Lincoln and Clyde attempt to leave, but at that moment, Chandler and his friends arrive. Upon entering the house, Lincoln and Clyde head down one path, while Chandler and his friends take the other route. As they continue onward, Lincoln and Clyde fall victim to the attraction's many effects and monsters. As they run around the house, screaming at their wit's end, they manage to make it to the exit. As Lincoln and Clyde catch their breath, they discover that Chandler and his friends have taken the bailout door, saying that the experience was too scary for them. When they take note on how Lincoln and Clyde made it to the exit, Chandler worries that he and Clyde might rub the shame at school. However, Lincoln says that they won't rub it in, saying it's not cool. As a result, Chandler admits that Lincoln and Clyde are not as bad as he thought, and leaves. When Clyde questions if they should tell him that they just ran past everything, Lincoln says that they might just keep it a secret between them. The episode ends with the duo getting scared by a prank from a crow and a squirrel.



Jeers for Fears Original

Miguel Puga was originally storyboarding this episode alone.

  • Given the original title, it's possible that this episode was meant to take place at Dairyland Amoosement Park.
  • Lincoln and Clyde have screamed a total of twenty-four times throughout the episode.
  • Originally, Miguel Puga was the only storyboarder in this episode. In the final title card, Diem Doan is credited along with Miguel Puga as storyboarder.
  • This is the first episode to be boarded by Diem Doan, albeit with Miguel Puga.


  • Jeers for Fears - The title of this episode is a reference to the English pop rock band, Tears for Fears.
    • Udder Terror - The original title of this episode is a pun of "utter terror".
  • SpongeBob SquarePants - This episode shares a similar premise to the episode, "Roller Cowards", as both episodes involve the main characters conquering their fears of riding a ride they perceive as scary.

Running Gags

  • Lincoln and Clyde getting scared at everything that startles them.
  • Lucy trying to come up with other ways to scare Lincoln and Clyde, but no results.
  • Chandler calling Lincoln and Clyde chicken for being scared of everything.


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