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Izzy is a minor character in The Loud House. He is Lana's pet lizard.


Not much is known about Izzy, other than that Lana owns him as a pet. He tends to scurry around the house, as evidenced when Lincoln looked for a quiet place to read comics in his underwear. The only known fact about Izzy is that he seems to have replaced Lana's former pet frog, Seymour.


Izzy is a small green lizard, with a long tail, and a sharp tongue.


  • In the Polish dub, her name is "Szczurka" from "Jaszczurka", which means "Lizard", and the literal translation of "Szczurka" would be "Zard".
    • Izzy is female in the Polish dub. However, in the U.S version Izzy is male.
      • Izzy is female in the Hebrew dub as well, however, unlike the Polish dub, he keeps his original name.

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