Hunter Spector, AKA the "Spectre Hunter", is a minor character in The Loud House.


Hunter is the leader of the Academy of Really Good Ghost Hunters (ARGGH!).

He first appears in "Left in the Dark" announcing one of the best ARGGH! episodes of all, where he is sent to the "scariest place of any home", which is the basement.

He later appears in "Cover Girls". Lincoln and Clyde are watching an episode where Hunter goes to what appears to be a haunted house, and is about to take down a ghost in a bathroom in the next episode.

He came back as a voice cameo in "No Such Luck".

He came back as an onscreen cameo in "Kick the Bucket List".


Hunter has fair skin, red hair, a short red beard, and a long pointy nose as well. He sports a purple outfit that consists of a backwards cap, a turtleneck sweater, pants with a beige belt, and black boots. He also wears on his head a special night vision lens.


  • Hunter Spector's second Hebrew dubber Gilan Shachaf, also voices Lynn Sr. (both roles are also voiced by the same actor in the original version).