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Episode Information

"Hand-Me-Downer" is the nineteenth episode of The Loud House.


Lincoln gets a hand-me-down bike from Lori that's too girly for him, so he "borrows" Lynn's cool bike instead without her permission.


Lincoln has just gotten an old hand-me-down bicycle from Lori, but he's afraid to ride it, because it's pink, frilly, and has a custom plate she made with his name on it. Just then, a group of kid bikers, made up of "Papa Wheelie", "Flat Tire", and "Rusty Spokes", show up, and deride the bike. To avoid being teased, Lincoln claims that it's not really his bike and that "his" bike is in the shop. They fall for the lie, but the bikers want him to come by the park with his bike to show it off. After they ride away, Lincoln panic about what he'll do but he then gets an idea when Lynn returns home riding her red BMX bike. He decides that he'll "borrow" it without Lynn's knowledge, show it off to the bikers, and return it before she's finds out.

At the park, Lincoln shows up on Lynn's bike and the bikers are so impressed, they elect him to be their new leader, much to Papa Wheelie's chagrin. Lincoln, who now dubs himself "Chain Linc", leads the bikers around town and gains the attention and admiration of some locals, all while keeping his use of the bike a secret from Lynn. But one day, while Lincoln and his new friends are coming back to their bikes from getting ice cream, Lincoln discovers that the bike had been stolen in the meantime (which Clyde blames on his dummy, Manny, not keeping watch).

At the house, after trying to think up lies to tell Lynn as to why her bike is missing, Lincoln attempts to tell Lynn the truth but finds out from her that she plans on riding the bike in a stunt competition. Now even more afraid to tell her, Lincoln tells Lynn that he'll tune it up for her, giving himself time to search for the stolen bike. He goes around town searching for it on the pink hand-me-down bike, and the embarrassing sight of him riding it makes him lose the locals' respect. During his search, he encounters the bikers again. Decides that he can't live his lie anymore, Lincoln confesses that the pink bike is his and that the cool bike was his sister's, causing the bikers to dump him as their leader.

Finally, Lincoln confesses to Lynn what happened to her bike and she is very angry with him. When Lincoln tells her that he took it so he wouldn't have to ride Lori's hand-me-down, Lynn reveals that her bike was also a hand-me-down; it first belonged to Leni when she was a kid, then it was modified by Luna to be a punk bike with a sidecar, and again modified by Luan to be a unicycle. Lori tells Lincoln that they all get hand-me-downs and they learn how to make the best of it. At first, Lincoln believes that Lori didn't get hand-me-downs because she the oldest but Lori reveals that she actually does because the tank top she wears is actually a part of their mother's old girdle (much to the disgust of her siblings). Lynn ends up deciding to go to the competition on the pink hand-me-down, as she has no other choice.

S1E10A Linc hands down to Lana

Lincoln gives the bike to Lana.

Later, Clyde comes by the house with the cool bike which his parents found while they were antiquing, and Lincoln hopes to give it to Lynn before the competition starts. Just then, Lynn comes home with the pink bike and a first-place trophy, and she tells Lincoln that she's starting to like the pink bike and that he can keep the cool bike. She is also the new leader of the biker gang and receives the nickname "Lynn-sanity" along with becoming their leader, again to Papa Wheelie's chagrin. Afterwards, Lincoln decides to hand the cool bike down to Lana who decides to make some changes to it herself. The episode ends with Lincoln joining Clyde in riding his parents' tandem bike, having learned that it's not about what you have, but what you do with it.


Lucy, Lola, Lisa, and Lily have no lines in this episode.


  • This episode, alongside it's sister episode "Sleuth or Consequences", was released on, and other digital platforms on April 15, 2016, ahead of its television premiere.
  • This is the first time the Loud siblings go through a doorway single-file, instead of as a group.
  • The title card depicts Lincoln wearing his sisters' belongings. These include:
    • Lori's tank top.
    • Leni's shades.
    • Luna's skirt.
    • Luan's gag squirt flower.
    • Lynn's cleats.
    • Ironically, he got those from his five older sisters, and what's more ironic is that he had gotten hand me downs from them in the same episode.
  • Papa Wheelie appears to be wearing the same shoes as Lincoln.
  • Technically, Lincoln should have handed down the bike to Lucy because she is chronologically the next one to Lincoln in terms of order in the Loud family.
  • Despite handing Lynn's bike down to Lana at the end of the episode, Lincoln still uses it as shown later in "Butterfly Effect" and "A Fair to Remember".
  • Except for one line by Lana near the end, only the older sisters have dialogue in this episode.
  • Episode 10 of Season 1 is the first episode of the series where Lily does not have any lines of dialogue in either of the episodes she appears in.
  • Moral: It's not about what you get. It's all about what you do with it.


  • The Beatles - When Luna gives Lincoln her old guitar she says, "All it needs is love. Love is all it needs." This is a reference to the song "All You Need is Love".
  • Mack Rice - Luna's line "And then it was ride, Sally, ride" is a reference to the song "Mustang Sally".
  • The Loud House Ending Theme - The lyric "Hand-me-downs that make me cry" is a reference to this episode.
  • Jeremy Lin - At the end of the episode Lynn receives the nickname "Lynn-sanity" from Rusty Spokes. This may be a reference to the term "Linsanity," a word used to describe the excitement over the NBA basketball player.
  • Cap'n Crunch - Colonel Crackers' clothes resemble the cereal character's clothes.


  • In the shot when Lynn insisted on Lincoln keeping the BMX bike, the streamer on the right side of the pink bike were missing.
  • When Clyde says, "It burns serious rubber", the closed-captions say, "It burns serous rubber."
  • When Lincoln says "I'm just gonna have to tell her the truth", facing his mirror, the cowlick in his hair in his reflection stays in his left side of his hair instead in his right side.

Running Gags

  • Lincoln's older sisters handing down their old stuff to him.
  • Lincoln asking Clyde if he's thinking what he's thinking, and Clyde thinking about what he loves best about Lori.
  • Someone becoming the new bike leader annoying Papa Wheelie.

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