S1E02B Hamstacam

Hamstacam is an online video, that features a hamster that appears in "Making the Case".


The video simply shows a hamster running on its wheel to get its exercise. It ends with the hamster losing control of the wheel, flinging out of it, and getting sprayed by its water bottle.


The video was uploaded to the school's website for a chance to win a video contest. It proved to be quite a popular video, as it already got 50 votes after Lincoln's video of performing an extreme stunt involving 672 breath mints, and 88 gallons of diet soda combining to make an eruption failed to impress anyone.

Lincoln then decided to film his sisters doing all sorts of embarrassing and humiliating things and moments. This proved to be more popular than Hamstacam at first, but when Lincoln's sisters found out about his video, they were furious towards him for it, so he decided to delete his video, and admit defeat to Hamstacam.

To apologize to his sisters for the first video, he decided to film a video that highlighted a lot of his own embarrassing and humiliating things and moments, but while it proved to be a very funny video, it wasn't enough to get first place, and Hamstacam was declared the winner.


  • The hamster in the video looks like Geo.
  • The video's length seems to be at "00:00".
  • Every time Lincoln and Clyde mention that Hamstacam is in the lead, they would vengefully shake their fist and mutter Hamstacam's name.
  • The name of the video could possibly be a reference to Instagram.