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Jordan is a minor character and Lincoln's classmate, who first appeared in the episode "The Green House".


Jordan appears in "The Green House", where she was booing Lincoln along with the rest of class, expect for Clyde, and telling him he was going to throw his social life out the window.

Jordan next appears in "Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru", where Andrew gave her a Dutch oven. This angers her, and so she chases after him to give him a wedgie.

She then appears in "The Waiting Game", where she makes yet another small cameo when Chandler was passing out the invitation using a plunger.

Jordan appears in "Dance, Dance Resolution", as she was one of the girls whom Zach, Liam, and Rusty try to impress, and fail. Later at the Sadie Hawking Dance, she appears dancing, and later she was kissed by a boy who was hit by a volleyball.

She appears again in "Study Muffin", saying "hi" to the substitute teacher Ms. DiMartino, while the male students were fawning over Ms. DiMartino.

She appears in "The Old and the Restless", where she makes a cameo. She was impressed by Pop-Pop's breakdancing.

She makes a non-speaking cameo at the end of "Back in Black", talking with Mollie and Joy.

She makes a non-speaking cameo in "Making the Grade".

She made a short appearance in "Pulp Friction" when she was impressed by Lincoln and Clyde's Ace Savvy comic.


Total episodes: 10

Season 1

Season 2


  • She is named after storyboard artist, Jordan Rosato.
  • Before "Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru" she didn't have a official name. She was casted in "The Green House" as "Girl 2".
  • The credits to "Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru" refer to the character as "Girl Jordan". Chandler also hands out invitations to "Girl Jordan" and Boy Jordan" in "The Waiting Game", in reference to there being two Jordans on the Loud House staff (Jordan Koch being the real "boy Jordan").
S2E08B Leaving the classroom

She's still wearing the wrist device from "The Green House".

  • In "Frog Wild", when Mrs. Johnson, and the rest of the class are leaving right before Lincoln and Lana go into the classroom to free the frogs, we see that she's wearing the wrist device from "The Green House".
  • There are actually two versions of Girl Jordan. One is shorter, wears a pink shirt with blue shorts, has her hairband come up and has a tuft of hair at the top of her head. The other one is taller, wears a yellow shirt with a blue skirt, has her hairband go back, and a line through her hair.

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