Fritz is a minor character in The Loud House, he is a repairman working at the Royal Woods Spa.

He first appeared in the episode "Suite and Sour". When Lynn and Lana broke both of the hotel elevators, Fritz was called in to fix them. While walking to the elevators, he was accidentally bumped by Lincoln, and lost his ID card, which was later found by Leni. While he was fixing the elevator, Luan tried to amuse him with her jokes, but he ignored them all. After he fixed the elevators, he tells Luan to leave.


Fritz is easily annoyed, as seen when he gets agitated at Luan's jokes. He is shown to be forgetful too, when he did not notice when he lost his name pin.


He wears a blue hat, and has a brown, handlebar mustache. He has a gray sweatshirt that has black elbow pads. His shirt is a deeper shade of gray than his sweatshirt. Under his sweatshirt, he wears a white undershirt. He has a bit of a pouch. His hair is slightly balding. He wears a gray utility belt with brown pockets. He has brown shoes with two, black laces. They have small heels.


  • His Polish name is Florek.

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