This is a list of the episodes of Shorts, Season 1, Season 2 and Season 3 of The Loud House.

Shorts (2014–present)

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Title Card Name Code Premiered
Bathroom Break!! The Loud House N/A June 5, 2014

Lincoln tries to get to the bathroom, but has to go through many obstacles along the way.

Slice of Life Slice of Life N/A April 15, 2016

Lincoln and his sisters fight over the last slice of pizza.

Deuces Wild Deuces Wild! N/A July 21, 2017

A foul stench leads Lincoln and Clyde battling it, Ace-Savvy style.

12 Days of Christmas 12 Days of Christmas N/A December 16, 2017

It’s the 12 Days of Christmas… Loud House style!

Season 1 (2016)

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Title Card Name Code Premiered
Left in the Dark Left in the Dark 101A May 2, 2016

Lincoln tries to beat his sisters to the couch so he can watch the finale of his favorite show.

Get the Message Get the Message 101B May 2, 2016

After Lincoln leaves a scathing voicemail on Lori’s phone, he tries to erase it before Lori can hear it.

Heavy Meddle Heavy Meddle 102A May 3, 2016

Lincoln is tired of his sisters meddling in his business...until he gets picked on by a bully.

Making the Case Making the Case 102B May 3, 2016

Lincoln secretly records his sisters' most embarrassing moments to win a video contest at school.

Driving Miss Hazy Driving Miss Hazy 103A May 9, 2016

Tired of doing Lori favors to get her to drive him around, Lincoln tries to help Leni pass her driver's test.

No Guts, No Glori No Guts, No Glori 103B May 10, 2016

Lori's tyranny as babysitter prompts Lincoln and the rest of his sisters plot a rebellion.

SweetSpotTitle The Sweet Spot 104A May 6, 2016

Lincoln plans on staking it out on "the sweet spot", the best seat in the family wagon, before a long family road trip.

TwoTablesTitle A Tale of Two Tables 104B May 6, 2016

Lincoln feels too old to be sitting at the "kiddie table", which leads to him learning how to become more "grown-up" for the "grown-up table".

Project Loud House Project Loud House 105A May 5, 2016

Lincoln has to get to school on time, but getting his sisters out the door proves to be the biggest obstacle of all.

In Tents Debate In Tents Debate 105B May 5, 2016

Lincoln is the tiebreaker in where to go for the big family vacation, and his sisters try to win him over to their side.

Sound of Silence Sound of Silence 106A May 19, 2016

Lincoln buys a pair of sound-canceling earbuds to drown out the sounds his sisters make.

The Loud House Space Invader Space Invader 106B May 20, 2016

After Lynn and Lucy have a fight, Lincoln agrees to let Lynn bunk in his room for the night.

Picture Perfect Picture Perfect 107A May 11, 2016

Lincoln and his sisters try to create a perfect family photo to give to their parents for their anniversary.

The Loud House Undie Pressure Undie Pressure 107B May 12, 2016

The Loud siblings make a bet to see who can go the longest without displaying their most annoying traits and habits.

Linc or Swim Linc or Swim 108A May 13, 2016

Lincoln buys a kiddie pool for the backyard, and all his sisters want to use it.

Changing the Baby Changing the Baby 108B May 18, 2016

Feeling he has nothing in common with his sisters, Lincoln tries to mold Lily to be just like him.

Screenshot (15) Overnight Success 109A July 20, 2016

Clyde comes to have a sleepover with Lincoln, but things don't go as planned.

Ties That Bind Ties That Bind 109B June 7, 2016

Lincoln overhears a conversation between his parents and mistakenly believes that they want to get rid of him and his sisters.

HandMeDowner - Title Hand-Me-Downer 110A May 16, 2016

Lincoln, embarrassed to ride Lori's frilly old bike which has been handed down to him, "borrows" Lynn's bike to impress a group of kid bikers.

Soctitlecard Sleuth or Consequences 110B May 17, 2016

After the toilet gets clogged and overflows, everyone is grounded until the one responsible is found out, so Lincoln tries to find out who it is.

Butterfly Effect Title Card Butterfly Effect 111A June 9, 2016

After spilling an experiment of Lisa’s, Lincoln sets off a chain reaction that unravels the household.

Loud house green house The Green House 111B June 8, 2016

In an effort to be more energy-efficient, Lincoln rallies his family to stop using so much electricity.

Along Came a Sister Along Came a Sister 112A May 4, 2016

Lincoln is given the responsibility of taking home his class’s pet tarantula, but it gets loose in the house and wreaks havoc!

Chore and Peace Chore and Peace 112B May 4, 2016

Thinking he has the worst chores, Lincoln decides to go on strike until someone will swap chores with him.

For Bros About to Rock For Bros About to Rock 113A June 6, 2016

Lincoln goes to attend his first rock concert with Luna, who hopes to make it a memorable experience.

It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud, House It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud, House 113B June 10, 2016

Lincoln finds a letter in the attic that leads him to believe there's a lot of money hidden within the house.

Toads and Tiaras Toads and Tiaras 114A July 21, 2016

When Lola gets injured and cannot compete in the "Miss Prim & Perfect" pageant, Lincoln trains Lana to take her place without her knowledge.

Two Boys and a Baby Two Boys and a Baby 114B July 19, 2016

Lincoln and Clyde take up the task of babysitting Lily while the rest of Lincoln's sisters and their parents are away visiting Mrs. Loud's Aunt Ruth.

Title-CoverGirls Cover Girls 115A August 1, 2016

Lincoln has his hands full when all 10 of his sisters ask him to cover for them on the same day.

Title-SaveTheDate Save the Date 115B August 4, 2016

Bobby and Lori go on a double date with Lincoln and Bobby's little sister, Ronnie Anne.

Title-AttentionDeficit Attention Deficit 116A August 3, 2016

Lincoln begins spending time at Clyde's house when Clyde's fathers give him more attention than he gets at home.

Out on a Limo Title Card Out on a Limo 116B August 2, 2016

Lincoln wins a limo ride, but the experience of it changes him.

House Music House Music 117A July 18, 2016

The kids decide to form a band for their act in the talent show at the Family Fun Fair, but Luna loses sight of what's important.

A Novel Idea A Novel Idea 117B July 22, 2016

While Dad takes the girls to his workplace for "Take Your Daughter to Work Day", Mom offers to take Lincoln to her dental office.

April Fools Rules Title Card April Fools Rules 118A September 23, 2016

Every April Fool's Day, Luan pranks the entire household, but this year, Lincoln has a plan to not get pranked.

Cereal Offender Cereal Offender 118B October 18, 2016

The Loud kids make a trip to the supermarket to do grocery shopping for Mom, but Lincoln has other plans.

Lincoln Loud Girl Guru Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru 119A September 13, 2016

Lincoln and Clyde must start a business for a school project and they need Lincoln's sisters' expertise.

Come Sale Away Title Card Come Sale Away 119B September 12, 2016

It's time for the Loud Family's annual garage sale, and every kid is determined to out-sell the others.

Roughin It Title Card Roughin' It 120A September 14, 2016

Lincoln goes camping with Clyde to get reacquainted with his masculine side.

Loudhousewaitingame The Waiting Game 120B September 15, 2016

Lori gets a job at a pizza arcade thanks to Lincoln, who gets her in trouble by asking for favors.

Loudhouseloudestyard The Loudest Yard 121A September 16, 2016

When Mom signs Lincoln up for peewee football, he schemes to have Lynn to take his spot.

Raw Deal Raw Deal 121B October 19, 2016

Lincoln becomes a hypochondriac when Lucy predicts his day will "end in disaster". Unfortunately, Lincoln must go with his family to "enjoy" a beautiful day in the park.

Dance, Dance Resolution Dance, Dance Resolution 122A September 19, 2016

It’s the Sadie Hawkins dance at school and Luna, Luan, Lynn and Lucy have accidentally landed Lincoln four dates.

LoudHouseNoFair A Fair to Remember 122B September 20, 2016

When Lincoln and Bobby become friends, Lori sets out to make Bobby jealous by hanging out with Clyde.

One of the Boys One of the Boys 123A October 17, 2016

When Lincoln wishes he had ten brothers instead of ten sisters, Lisa gives him a glimpse into that reality.

LoudHouseTatter A Tattler's Tale 123B September 21, 2016

Lola wants to be a part of the siblings' secrets club, but they won't let her in because of her tattle-tale tendencies.

Funny Business Funny Business 124A November 7, 2016

Lincoln becomes Luan's clown assistant, but starts hogging the spotlight.

Snow Bored Snow Bored 124B November 8, 2016

The Loud kids set out to show Lisa what is "fun" about a snow day.

The Price of Admission The Price of Admission 125A October 15, 2016

After seeing a scary movie his parents told him not to see, Lincoln gets traumatized and is unable to sleep.

Onefluovertheloudhouse One Flu Over the Loud House 125B October 15, 2016

A flu infests The Loud House, and those infected behave like zombies.

Study Muffin Title Card Study Muffin 126A October 20, 2016

Lincoln gets a tutor that all his sisters instantly get crushes on, making it impossible for him to study.

LoudHouseNouse Homespun 126B September 22, 2016

The kids complain about their house, but when a tornado threatens to destroy it, they start to feel differently.

Season 2 (2016–17)

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Title Card Name Code Premiered
11 Louds a Leapin' Title Card 11 Louds a Leapin' 201 November 25, 2016

The Louds are getting ready for Christmas, when the unthinkable happens to Lincoln: his sled goes in Mr. Grouse's yard. Lincoln and Clyde attempt to pull off a sled rescue mission, and end up finding secrets about Mr. Grouse.

Intern for the worse Intern for the Worse 202A November 9, 2016

Tensions run high when Lincoln and Clyde both get an internship at Flip's and compete to win the manager title.

The old and the restless The Old and the Restless 202B November 10, 2016

When Lincoln sees how tame Pop-Pop has gotten in his older age, he takes him out for a day to remember.

Baby Steps Baby Steps 203A January 10, 2017

Clyde thinks that Howard and Harold are planning on having another baby, so Lincoln helps him learn how to be a good big brother.

Brawl in the Family Brawl in the Family 203B January 11, 2017

When Lori and Leni both buy the same dress, a fight breaks out leading to DEFCON 5 in the Loud House.

Suite and Sour Suite and Sour 204A January 9, 2017

The Loud kids promise to behave themselves on a trip to a resort.

Back in Black Back in Black 204B January 12, 2017

When Lucy gets a crush on a normal boy, her sisters give her a makeover.

Making the Grade Making the Grade 205A February 24, 2017

When Lisa gets put into Lincoln and Clyde's fifth-grade class, Lincoln's social standing is at stake.

Vantastic Voyage Vantastic Voyage 205B February 23, 2017

The Loud kids are sick of their family van always falling apart, so they decide to try and trick their parents into buying a new one.

Patching Things Up Patching Things Up 206A March 15, 2017

Lana and Lola try out for Bluebell Scouts, but they soon discover that one of them may be more suited for it than the other.

Cheater by the Dozen Cheater by the Dozen 206B March 16, 2017

When Lincoln and Clyde suspect that Bobby is cheating on Lori, they conduct an investigation on him to make sure.

Lock 'N' Loud Lock 'N' Loud 207A February 22, 2017

The Loud kids take home security to the next level after getting in trouble for always leaving the front door open.

The Whole Picture Title Card The Whole Picture 207B February 21, 2017

Lincoln accidentally erases all of his old childhood photos, so he and Clyde try to recreate them before Lincoln loses his memories.

No Such Luck No Such Luck 208A March 13, 2017

Lincoln finds himself with unexpected free time after his sisters worry that he is bad luck, and ban him from attending their activities.

Frog Wild Frog Wild 208B March 14, 2017

Lincoln and Clyde's class is going to be dissecting frogs. When Lana hears about it, she convinces Lincoln that it is wrong, and the two embark on a frog rescue mission.

Kick the Bucket List Kick the Bucket List 209A April 10, 2017

Lincoln and Clyde's plans to spend the spring holiday are turned upside-down when they have only one day to complete all the activities on their activities list.

Party Down Party Down 209B April 11, 2017

Lori manages to successfully throw a party, but all of her invited guests are unable to come due to their plans.

Fed Up Fed Up 210A April 12, 2017

Bored with monotonous meals, the kids sabotage dinner to get pizza, but they are caught, and therefore, forced to prepare the food for the family.

Shell Shock Shell Shock 210B April 13, 2017

Lincoln and Ronnie Anne have to deal with an egg at school, but Lincoln does not trust the chaotic Ronnie Anne to take care of the fragile egg.

Pulp Friction Title Card Pulp Friction 211A April 14, 2017

Lincoln and Clyde submit an Ace Savvy comic to a meet-the-creator contest, but are foiled by a surprising nemesis.

Pets Peeved Pets Peeved 211B May 15, 2017

Lana brings a new pet home, which the kids generously overload with attention. This causes the other pets to plan to get rid of it.

Pottytitle Potty Mouth 212A June 14, 2017

The kids hear Lily curse, and are afraid that they are a bad influence on her. Therefore, they want to change their behavior for the future.

Lisfortitle L is for Love 212B June 15, 2017

A love letter addressed to "L" Loud appears in the house, and the family must find out who the letter is addressed to.

The Loudest Mission Relative Chaos The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos 213 May 29, 2017

Ronnie Anne and Bobby visit their crazy, chaotic extended family. Bobby fits in great but Ronnie Anne struggles with the smothering nature of their relatives. Little do they know, their mother has a secret motive. What they do not know is that their mother plans to get together with their family. It is up to Ronnie Anne to convince her that she will not move.

Out of the Picture Title Card Out of the Picture 214A May 16, 2017

In an effort to not be the forgotten men of Royal Woods Elementary, Lincoln and Clyde do whatever it takes to get into yearbook group photos.

Room With a Feud Title Card Room with a Feud 214B May 17, 2017

Seeing his sisters squabble with their roommates, Lincoln suggests a roommate shuffle based on a compatibility test he and Clyde took.

BOT Titlecard Back Out There 215A June 12, 2017

When Clyde thinks that Lincoln is hung up on Ronnie Anne, he and his friends try and cure his post-breakup blues.

SpellitOutTitle Spell It Out 215B May 18, 2017

Tired of her siblings walking all over her, Lucy turns to a spell book once owned by Great Grandma Harriet to teach her siblings a lesson.

FP Titlecard Fool's Paradise 216A June 13, 2017

The Loud family believes that they are safe from pranks on April Fool's Day, because prankster Luan is away at camp.

TitlecardInsecurity Job Insecurity 216B July 25, 2017

The kids discover Dad isn't at his IT job anymore and is now a dishwasher. Convinced it's their fault, the kids vow to get Dad another IT job.

ARGGHYoutheTitlecard ARGGH! You For Real? 217A July 24, 2017

Lincoln and Clyde find out that ARGGH! is coming to town and decide to go to the taping.

Garagetitlecard Garage Banned 217B July 24, 2017

Tired of her siblings, Lori moves to the garage, but quickly finds that it is more than she bargained.

ChnageofTitlecard Change of Heart 218A July 26, 2017

Clyde is desperate to learn how to act normal around Lori, so he enlists Leni's help.

Titlecardkicked Health Kicked 218B July 27, 2017

Worried that their parents are hurting their health from not being active, the children encourage them to exercise.

Future Tense Future Tense 219A September 18, 2017

When Mom and Dad meet a new accomplished family, they worry that their kids aren’t doing enough activities to ensure a successful future.

Titlecardtakesall Lynner Takes All 219B July 28, 2017

Tired of Lynn's poor sportsmanship during board games, the siblings decide to team up to take her down.

Yes Man Yes Man 220A September 19, 2017

The Loud sisters need help from the "master of persuasion", AKA Lincoln. He will teach them how they can ask Mom and Dad for money.

Friend or Faux Friend or Faux? 220B September 20, 2017

Lisa gets her kindergarten report card back to discover she's gotten an F in social skills. To bring up her grade, she must make a friend.

NotitlingMatter No Laughing Matter 221A September 21, 2017

When Luan realizes how her siblings complain about her jokes, she gives up her passion. But the others feel bad about it, so they have to show Luan that she is funny.

No Spoilers No Spoilers 221B October 16, 2017

Knowing Leni’s history of spoiling surprises, the kids decide not to tell her about Mom’s upcoming party. But keeping Leni away is no easy task.

TitlecardLegends Legends 222A November 11, 2017

Lincoln and Lynn Sr. go on Legends of the Hidden Temple, and cannot wait for a whole day of father and son bonding.

Mall of Duty Mall of Duty 222B November 11, 2017

Lincoln wants to go to the mall, but has to watch his younger sisters, so he decides to take them to the mall.

Read Atitle Read Aloud 223A October 17, 2017

The family embarks on a reading challenge at the library, but Lola refuses to participate.

Not Atitle Not a Loud 223B October 18, 2017

When Lincoln discovers the first page of his baby book is blank, he worries his parents are hiding something.

Tricked title card Tricked! 224 October 13, 2017

For Halloween, Lincoln and Clyde have scoped out a fancy neighborhood to make their dreams of scoring full-size candy bars a reality. Meanwhile, Lucy puts on a haunted maze, and the younger girls scheme to get maximum candy.

The Crying Dame Square Titlecard The Crying Dame 225A November 24, 2017

The children give Lily an old singing toy from the attic to help her stop crying, but it quickly drives them crazy.

Anti-Social Square Titlecard Anti-Social 225B November 24, 2017

The kids try to convince Dad of the wonders of modern technology after he declares war on their electronic devices.

Snow Way Down Snow Way Down 226A December 1, 2017

When Lincoln goes on vacation with Clyde, he realizes how overprotective Clyde's parents are.

Snow Way Out Snow Way Out 226B December 1, 2017

Lana convinces her siblings to go to the Burpin' Burger to meet her racecar driving hero, despite the heavy snowfall.

Season 3 (2018)

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Title Card Name Code Premiered
NoImage Road Tripped 301 2018

Everyone in the family has worked hard to save for family vacations. But as they drive to their destination, almost everything goes wrong that can go wrong for the family.

White Hare White Hare 302A February 2, 2018

Lincoln has a plan for introducing himself to a new girl.

Insta-gran Insta-gran 302B February 2, 2018

Pop Pop introduces his new girlfriend to the family, and she seems great until she starts showing up unannounced.

Roadie to nowhere tc Roadie to Nowhere 303A January 19, 2018

Luna learns Chunk was like her in high school and worries her ambition to be a rocker is unrealistic.

A Fridge Too Far A Fridge Too Far 303B January 19, 2018

Lincoln wages war after his food is filched from the refrigerator.

Selfie Improvement Selfie Improvement 304A January 26, 2018

When Carol Pingrey's photograph gets more "likes" on social media than Lori's, she tries to one up her.

No Place Like Homeschool No Place Like Homeschool 304B January 26, 2018

Thinking it looks like fun, the other kids try to get in on Lola's home-schooling.

City Slickers City Slickers 305A February 9, 2018

When Lori and Lincoln visit the city, Lori struggles to be a city girl, while Lincoln finds out that Ronnie Anne has changed.

FoolMeTwice titlecard Fool Me Twice 305B February 9, 2018

In order to avoid Luan's relentless April Fool's Day pranking, the Loud family hire stunt doubles.

NoImage Net Gains 306A 2018

Lynn is desperately trying to win a basketball championship, but unfortunately she is assigned to a terrible team.

NoImage Pipe Dreams 306B 2018

Mom and Dad are tired of standing in the long queue in front of the bathroom all the time. That's why they are building a secret bathroom.

NoImage Fandom Pains 307A 2018

Lucy is upset that Lori and Leni started watching their vampire series just because a new character was introduced.

NoImage Teacher's Union 307B 2018

To make physical education more enjoyable for them, Lincoln and Clyde pair up teachers Mrs. Johnson and Coach Pacowski.

NoImage Rita Her Rights 308A 2018
NoImage The Mad Scientist 308B 2018
NoImage Head Poet's Anxiety 309A 2018
NoImage Missed Connection 309B 2018
NoImage Friendzy 310A 2018

Lincoln realizes he can get extra privileges at home if he has a friend over, but when his sisters catch on and each invite one friend over, Lincoln invites more friends, then the sisters do the same.

NoImage Deal Me Out 310B 2018
NoImage Pasture Bedtime 311A 2018
NoImage Shop Girl 311B 2018
NoImage Gown and Out 312A 2018
NoImage Breaking Dad 312B 2018
NoImage Ruthless People 313A 2018
NoImage What Wood Lincoln Do 313B 2018
NoImage Scales of Justice 314A 2018
NoImage Crimes of Fashion 314B 2018
NoImage Absent Minded 315A 2018
NoImage Be Stella My Heart 315B 2018
NoImage Sitting Bull 316A 2018
NoImage The Spies Who Love Me 316B 2018
NoImage Really Loud Music 317 2018
NoImage House of Lies 318A 2018
NoImage Game Boys 318B 2018
NoImage Everybody Loves Leni 319A 2018
NoImage Lesson Plan 319B 2018
NoImage Udder Terror 320A 2018
NoImage Tea Tale Heart 320B 2018

Episode Compilations (2017-present)

  • After premiering the episodes "Legends"/"Mall of Duty", Nickelodeon has been airing compilations (or marathons) of episodes from Seasons 1 and 2 that usually focus on a certain character or theme.
# Title Released
1 "Mission Loud" November 17, 2017[1]
Lincoln Loud, his sisters and his friend Clyde embark on everyday missions around town.
2 "The Adventures of Lincoln and Clyde" November 24, 2017[2]
Best friends Lincoln and Clyde take on their most epic adventures.
3 "Loud Family Gets Loud" December 1, 2017[3]
Lincoln and his family shake things up with their craziest family moments.
4 "Christmas at the Louds" December 24, 2017[4]
The Loud family gets into the Christmas spirit.
5 "Laughing Out Loud" January 14, 2018
Jokes and pranks constantly embroil the Loud House.
6 "Lovin' the Louds" January 19, 2018
Everyone loves the Loud family, and there are lots of Louds to love.
7 "Rockin' Out Loud" January 26, 2018
Catching the beat with favorite superstars from the Loud House.
8 "The Loud Crew" February 16, 2018
Although things may get a bit crazy, the Loud squad sticks together through crazy and lovable sibling moments.


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