Dr. Feinstein is a minor character in The Loud House.


He is a dentist and Rita's boss in the dental office. He first appears in "A Novel Idea", where he is constantly asking Rita to help him with the patients.

He made a non-speaking cameo in "No Spoilers". He was seen at Rita's party and made appearances in a few scenes.

He was mentioned in "Net Gains", when he sponsored one of the basketball teams.

He was mentioned in “Pipe Dreams”, when Rita mentions his toothbrushes as a bathroom warming gift.


Dr. Feinstein is an old man with very little hair and a white mustache. He wears a light blue dentist gown over a white shirt. Inside of the gown's pocket, he has two pens, one is green, and the other is red.


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  • It is implied in "Dance, Dance Resolution" that Dr. Feinstein is of Jewish heritage, as the DJ in the aforementioned episode said that he was attending a Bar Mitzvah at Dr. Feinstein's.
    • A Bar Mitzvah is a ceremony held by Jewish people when a person's son has reached the age of 13, and are ready to observe religious precepts, and are eligible to take part in public worship.
    • Also, typical Jewish names end with "-stein".
  • He looks similar to Albert.

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