David is a minor character in The Loud House. He makes his first appearance in "L is for Love".


He has fair skin, black hair, wears glasses, and has freckles. He wears a yellow sweater with lines, a white lab coat, blue-gray pants, and brown shoes.


  • David's voice actor, Richard Horvitz, also voices Chaz and Skippy.
  • He is named after the show's prop designer, David King.
  • His appearance is similar to Mandark from Dexter's Laboratory.
  • In "L is for Love", David is seen attending Lisa's class, but in "Friend or Faux?", he isn't seen in Lisa's class.
    • This could mean two things:
      • Either "Friend or Faux?" takes place before "L is for Love"
      • Or David was absent in class for some reason.
  • His buck teeth looks similar to Lincoln's, even having a chip in them.
    • This makes him the third character to have Lincoln's chipped teeth.
  • His hair is the same color as Maggie's hair.

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