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Dairyland Amoosement Park is an amusement park with a farm-like theme in The Loud House.

The park was first mentioned in the episode "In Tents Debate", as one of the two different places Lincoln proposed to his sisters for their vacation (the other place was Aloha Beach). Luna, Luan, Lynn, Lana, and Lisa were the five sisters that choose to go to the park, and like the other five sisters that chose Aloha Beach, they try to convince Lincoln to go to the park, and to the beach respectively. At the end, the siblings end up going to Scratchy Bottom Campgrounds, because Lincoln couldn't decide where to go, and to avoid his sisters arguing.

In "Toads and Tiaras" the park makes its debut. Lincoln tries to obtain two season passes to Dairyland, but to win them Lola must win the "Miss Prim & Perfect" pageant. Lola gets injured, so Lincoln replaces her with Lana. At the end, Lana wins the pageant and she and Lincoln go to Dairyland, where they mount to the newest attraction of the park, that is the "Milk Shaker" roller coaster.

It is mentioned again in "One of the Boys". In one of Lincoln's flashbacks about the ordeal of living with ten sisters, he suggests that they spend the day by going to Dairyland, but all of his sisters, even the ones who wanted to go there for their vacation, turn down the idea. Later, in the alternate dimension where he has ten brothers, they all go there, and have a fun time.

In "Kick the Bucket List", Lincoln and Clyde tried to ride the park's newest attraction, "Fly Me to the Moo", as it was on Lincoln and Clyde's list of activities to do during the spring break. However, the line was incredibly long, and not wanting to waste their time waiting, the two cut in front of everybody else under the guise that they're ride inspectors. Despite getting on the ride, the two boys are kicked off the ride, and out of the park, for cutting in line.


S1E14A Milk Shaker
  • "Milk Shaker": It is the newest roller coaster of the park. It first appears in "Toads and Tiaras". According to Lincoln, you must keep your mouth closed in order to avoid throwing up. If you don't, your vomit will fly out, and you will get hit in the face with it.
  • "Fly Me to the Moo": It's the park's newest roller coaster.
    • The ride's name is a parody of the phrase "Fly Me To The Moon".


  • Its name is a parody of the now closed Fairyland Park. It could also be a parody of Disneyland.
  • It was revealed in "Toads and Tiaras" that Dairyland's full name is Dairyland Amoosement Park.
    • The made-up word "amoosement" is a combination of the words "amusement" and "moo", which is a reference to the park's cow and milk theme.
  • According to Lincoln's Q&A, there's a Dairyland in Europe called Euro Dairyland. The only known attraction there is called the Brie Fall.
    • This is a reference to Euro Disneyland, now known as Disneyland Paris.


Tippy the Cow is the mascot from Dairyland, and has only appeared in the episode "In Tents Debate". Luan disguises herself as Tippy, in an attempt to convince Lincoln to go to the park instead of Aloha Beach. Lucy Loud then dresses up in a deranged mad cow version of the costume to chase Lincoln around, so that he'll side with Aloha Beach over Dairyland.


Tippy is an anthropomorphic Holstein cow. She has white fur with black spots, and only wears a light blue ballet skirt.



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