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Episode Information

"Cover Girls" is the twenty-ninth episode of The Loud House.


When all 10 of Lincoln's sisters ask him to cover for them on the same day, Lincoln has his hands full.


The story starts with Lincoln and Clyde watching "ARGGH!", but Lincoln realizes that he missed curfew. He then calls his sisters and asks them to cover for him. They do so and Lincoln makes it home without his parents knowing he missed curfew.

The next morning, Mom calls the kids downstairs because it's time for Spring cleaning, much to the kids chagrin. Before Lincoln can start, he is asked if he can cover for Lynn. He agrees and before he can clean again, Lori and Lily have Lincoln covering for them as well. Then when he is covering for Lily, Leni asks him to cover for her. He agrees, but because Leni was covering for the other six sisters he must cover for all ten sisters now.

Lincoln manages to make his parents think all eleven of the kids are cleaning, but when Lincoln thinks he has done it his Pop-Pop wants to talk to all eleven of them, much to Lincoln's shock. Lincoln goes down and says that his sisters were busy cleaning and lies that he was nominated to talk for all of them.

However, Pop-Pop wants Luna to sing him a song. Lincoln calls his sisters and says it is an emergency. While his sisters are on their way home, Lincoln disguises himself as Luna and Luan, and while he is disguised as the twins Luna and Lana show up. They laugh at him for a second before he dresses them up as Leni and Lynn, and the cycle continues as more and more of the sisters show up and need to dress as each other.

S1E15A Loud siblings cheering

Everyone cheers in excitement after a successful talk with Pop-Pop.

Finally, Pop-Pop wants to say bye to all 11 of them as a group. They do this and when they think they've won, their parents see them dressed as one another and demand to know about the situation. They were angry at first, but appreciated that the siblings had each other's back. So they were allowed to go back to their activities if they wore what they were wearing at the moment.

Of course, everyone gets their comeuppance for sneaking out of spring cleaning and they all have a terrible day. Lincoln claims that he's lucky because all he is doing is watching ARGGH! with Clyde, dressed as Lily, but Clyde invited the whole class, embarrassing Lincoln as the episode ends with him saying Lily's catchphrase.


Luan has no lines in this episode, but was heard complaining with her siblings about having to do spring cleaning. Mall Cop Captain also has no lines in this episode.


  • The ending where Lincoln's classmates point, laugh at, and record him resembles the opening scene of "Heavy Meddle".
  • This episode shows that each Loud kid (except Lily) has a smartphone.
  • This is the second time where Lana wears a dress, the first being in "Toads and Tiaras".
  • Lynn wears her PJs from "A Tale of Two Tables".
    • Also, Luan is seen in her bathrobe again.
  • This episode most likely took place after "Making the Grade" since Lisa Loud can see without her glasses.
  • This episode marks Pop-Pop's first physical appearance; he was mentioned before in "Chore and Peace".
  • This episode shows Lucy in her PJs for the first time, but for a brief time.
  • In "Space Invader", Lucy claims that she hates pink. In this episode, she wore Lola's pink dress to cover her.
  • As of this episode, Lincoln, Luan, Lucy, Lana and Lily have all had their ears pierced, thus making Lynn and Lisa the only Loud siblings who have never been seen wearing earrings.
  • Lola is in the Miss Cutie Pie Pageant which Lincoln also tried to win in "Making the Case".
  • Lori doesn't say "literally" in this episode. Instead, Lincoln and Lucy say it while impersonating her.
  • Lincoln, Luan, Lucy, Lola, and Lisa are the only siblings to dress up in more than one outfit.
    • Lincoln: Lucy - Lynn - Luna - Luan - Lana & Lola (at the same time) - Lily
    • Luan: Leni - Lucy
    • Lucy: Lori - Lola
    • Lola: Lucy - Luna
    • Lisa: "Lancy" (a combination of Lana and Lucy) - Luan
  • In the title card Lori was using a Lincoln wig, which possibly foreshadows her impersonating Lincoln in a later scene.
  • Lincoln didn't dress up as Lori, Leni and Lisa, but he did impersonate both Lori and Leni by talking like them. This makes Lisa the only sister who Lincoln didn't impersonate in any way.
  • During production, the sister who would dress up like Leni and do the mirror routine with her was originally Luna, but it was changed to Luan in the final version.
    • Also, in the scene where all 10 sisters receive Lincoln's text, Lola was in a dance academy rather than a beauty pageant, Luna was with her band playing music, rather than practicing guitar in the garage, and Lori was having the picnic with Bobby near a waterfall.
S1E15A SB animation Leni and Leni (Luna)

It was originally gonna be Luna as Leni.

S1E15A Leni and Leni (Luan)

But now it's Luan.

  • The second time when the appearance of the show ARGGH! was shown the first time since "Left in the Dark".
  • Like in "Picture Perfect", Lana and Lola put marshmallows in their mouths to make it look like they have their two front teeth.
  • Leni and Lana were the only two siblings who were pretending to be each other, while Lincoln, Lori and Lily were the only three pretending to be each other. Everybody else could of been pretending to be each other on their own.
  • This is the first time a top view of Rita's head is seen, but the laundry blocks her face as usual.
  • This is the second time Leni thought Lily turned invisible. The first time was in "Changing the Baby".
  • When Leni says "bye" to Lincoln, it sounds similar to the way she said it to Lisa in "Butterfly Effect" except without the arrogance in her voice.
  • This is the second episode where Lisa is seen without her glasses, with the first being "Picture Perfect". The third time this happens is "Raw Deal" and the fourth is "Making the Grade".
  • Some of the people in Lisa's lecture were cartoon depictions of the writers for The Loud House.
  • The final outfits and punishments endured by each of the Loud siblings at the end of the episode:
S1E15A final disguise moment together

The Loud siblings as each other.

    • Lincoln - Lily (Gets embarrassed when Clyde brings their classmates over to the Loud residence to watch ARGGH!)
    • Lori - Lincoln (Gets humiliated when Lily dressed as her throws up in front of Bobby at the picnic, causing him to faint)
    • Leni - Lana (Isn't allowed to enter the mall while covered in mud)
    • Luna - Lynn (Isn't able to play her guitar while wearing Lynn's sports equipment, causing her to break her guitar strings and fall down)
    • Luan - Lucy (Scares the children at the birthday party, making her sad)
    • Lynn - Lisa (Isn't able to hit the baseball while wearing Lisa's glasses)
    • Lucy - Lola (Doesn't get taken seriously at the poetry reading and is boo'ed at by the audience)
    • Lana - Leni (Isn't allowed to play in the mud as a "girly-girl")
    • Lola - Luna (Scares the other girls at the "Miss Cutie Pie" pageant, getting her disqualified)
    • Lisa - Luan (Gets annoyed when her prop pointer reveals flowers and her squirt flower douses a member of the audience)
    • Lily - Lori (Vomits after she doesn't receive the necklace Bobby gives her, as it might be a choking hazard)

  • This is the second time Lily vomits on screen, the first time was in "Changing the Baby".
  • Irony: When all 11 of them are finally at the house, they could've change back into their regular clothes, instead of still changing into different outfits.
  • Karma: While all of the sisters end up having a bad day, Lincoln thought he would get off scot-free, only to end up having a bad day himself.
  • Moral: People have to look out for each other.


  • Cover Girls - The title of this episode could be an allusion to the makeup brand Covergirl.
    • The episode's title might also be an allusion to The Cover Girls, a freestyle girl group popular in the late 1980s and early 1990s.
  • SpongeBob SquarePants - This story has a similar premise to the episode "Overbooked", where SpongeBob has to do favors for Sandy, Mr. Krabs, and Patrick all at the same time.
  • Duck Soup - Luan and Leni's reaction to being dressed like each other is a nod to the "mirror routine", which was made famous by the Marx Brothers in the 1933 film.
    • Macarena - The two perform the infamous popular song and dance craze.
  • The Fairly OddParents - Lily's crying sounds similar to Poof's crying.
  • Apple - The Loud's computer somewhat resembles an iMac.


  • On the title card, Lucy is taller than Lincoln.
  • When Rita says "Linc? Are you okay? We're coming in," the closed-captions says "Ladies, are you okay? We're coming in."
  • When Lana reads Lincoln's text, the eyelashes from her right eye are missing.
    IMG 2013

    Lana missing her eyelashes

  • Lincoln text all his sisters to come home, despite the fact Luna was actually in the house's garage.
  • There are several continuity errors as the Loud kids are covering for each other:
    • Lucy is seen getting dressed as Lola, but is seen dressed as Lori while talking with Pop-Pop.
    • Lola is seen getting dressed as Luna, but is seen dressed as Lucy while talking with Pop-Pop.
    • Lisa is seen getting dressed as Luan, but is seen dressed as "Lancy" when she walks away out of Lincoln's room.
    • Lincoln is seen getting dressed as Lily, but he has his normal clothes when he talks with Lisa about her "Lancy" outfit.
    • In the first scene of the Loud children searching in the trunk, Lynn has her normal hairstyle instead of Lisa's.
    • In one scene, Lincoln puts marshmallows on Lana's mouth despite the fact she has already put them before for impersonating Leni.
  • Luan is shorter than she is when she meets Leni in her disguise as the latter.
  • When Lincoln was dress like Lola and Lana, his hair color change between blonde and white.
  • When Luna and Lana laughs at Lincoln wearing his half Lana and half Lola disguise, the stripes of the left shoe is red. When Lincoln says "You can make fun of me later!", the stripes of the left shoe is blue.
  • When the Loud kids are caught by their parents, Lynn's glasses disappear between shots.
  • Bobby was unaware that Lily was dressed like Lori, yet in "For Bros About to Rock" he knew Luna had disguised herself as Rita.
S1E15A Lisa guiding Linc on his jump

Lisa opens the window in a side-way

S1E02A steak thrown at Linc

Lincoln opens the window in a lift-way

  • The stool Lily (as Lori) was sitting on for the final goodbye to Pop-Pop fell over when the kids were caught by their parents disappeared in the next episode.
  • When the Loud kids' parents are going to Lincoln's room, Lisa and Lily's bedroom door is closed, but then it's open when Lily starts to cry.
  • When talking with Pop-Pop as the twins, Lincoln has black marker on his canines, when Lana and Luna arrives, the black marker has vanished from his teeth. However, when he told them he already has covered them, it once reappears.
  • If looks closely, when Lana was imitating Leni, her hair was the same yellow as Leni's. But when she was about to play with her friends, her hair was with its normal yellow tone.
  • Lisa fails to Lincoln by telling he has to jump in an angle of 63 degrees, and then corrects herself stating it was 62 degrees; but since Lincoln hits with the house wall in a 63° jump then she should've said a 'high degree measure than 63' rather than saying a less one.
  • When Lisa talks to Lincoln from his bedroom window, it's open to the outside, but in other episodes like "Heavy Meddle", "Ties That Bind", "Hand-Me-Downer" and "For Bros About to Rock" his window doesn't open that way.
  • When Lincoln is speaking like Lori, before entering in Lisa and Lily's room, it shows that it is night outside.
S1E15A final disguise moment together
  • In the final shot of the Loud Kids dressed as each other before they said goodbye to Pop-Pop, Lily's eyelashes for her left eye go over her Lori wig.

Running Gags

  • Lincoln is getting asked to cover for his sisters many times in the episode.
  • The sisters and Lincoln keep having to dress up as different people since some sisters were not at the house when they were talking to their Pop-Pop, even with all the siblings at home.
  • Pop-Pop asking to see a sister that wasn't home at the moment.

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