This is a list of continuity errors, or events in certain episodes, that contradict what happened in other episodes.

Season 1

  • In "Get the Message", Lori told Lincoln to never call on her phone, but in "Cover Girls", he called her when he had trouble, and she had nothing against it (though she probably did not have a problem since it is an emergency).
  • In "Making the Case", Cristina switched classes, but she's seen in Lincoln's class in "The Green House".
    • This might be because she was either denied the class switch, simply chose to stay in Lincoln's class, or that the "The Green House" takes place before "Making the Case".
  • In "Making the Case", Lincoln has a single hair on his chest but in later episodes he lacks it.
    • Though it might be possible that the hair was removed from his chest some way or another.
  • In "Making the Case", the Louds have a grey pool, and in "Linc or Swim", Lincoln bought a new one.
  • In "Driving Miss Hazy", Leni had no problem with playing Total Turbo XXII to help her learn how to drive, but in "Changing the Baby", she refused to play video games with Lincoln.
    • It is possible that she either played the game just so she could practice for her test, or she only likes certain types of video games.
  • In "The Sweet Spot", Vanzilla was destroyed in a violent brawl with Lincoln and his sisters, but it is seen perfectly intact in later episodes.
    • It is possible that the van was fixed after the events of that episode (possibly a discontinuity).
  • In "A Tale of Two Tables", the elder sisters returned to the kiddie table, but in "Homespun", they and Lincoln eat at the grown up table and in "Brawl in the Family", Lincoln was seen at the grown up table.
  • "In Tents Debate" shows half of Lincoln's sisters enjoy Dairyland, also Lana is eager to go there in "Toads and Tiaras", but in "One of the Boys", they reject going there.
  • In "Sound of Silence", Luan is seen taking out the garbage, but in "Chore and Peace", it's shown to be Lincoln's chore.
  • In "Space Invader", Lucy states she hates wearing pink, but she wears Lola's dress in "Cover Girls".
    • However it's possible that she was just doing it to help her siblings.
  • In "Linc or Swim", Lincoln wasn't able to carry Lynn on his shoulders, but in "It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud, House", he could carry her on her head with no effort.
  • In "Undie Pressure", Lincoln said he reads comics in his underwear because clothes make him uncomfortable, but in "In Tents Debate", "Hand-Me-Downer", "The Loudest Yard", and "Funny Business", Lincoln has no problem with reading comics fully clothed.
  • In "Undie Pressure", Lola pleads with her sisters to be accepting of each others different hobbies, when it's revealed that she bought Lincoln the new underwear, despite him losing the bet, and they all agree. However, in "Sleuth or Consequences", they all laugh at Lincoln's makeshift Ace Savvy costume, and are really smug about the Princess Pony, which contradicts how they agreed to be accepting of each other's differences.
    • Though, they may have only accepted him reading comic books in his underwear.
  • In "Hand-Me-Downer", Lincoln gave his bike from Lynn to Lana, however, he uses the same bike in "Butterfly Effect", "A Fair to Remember", and "Shell Shock".
  • In "Hand-Me-Downer", younger Luna wears her rock clothes, but in "For Bros About to Rock", it's revealed she used to have long hair, and wore feminine clothes before 7th grade.
    • Or, it could have been Luna from the 8th grade, after 7th grade, and before the current events of the series.
  • In "Sleuth or Consequences", Lincoln has endured teasing from his sisters, but in the prologue and climax of "Save the Date", he couldn't endure teasing by his classmates.
  • In "The Green House", Lori doesn't seem to know what the Mona Lisa is, even though she understood Lincoln's reference to it in "Picture Perfect".
  • In "Chore and Peace", Lori said switching chores would destroy the balance, but she had no problem with this in "Driving Miss Hazy", as she made Lincoln do the laundry for her.
  • "Two Boys and a Baby" contradicts Lincoln's ability to take care of Lily as shown in "Project Loud House", "Linc or Swim", and "Changing the Baby".
  • In "Come Sale Away", Lori wears earrings in an old photo. In "Homespun", she said she received them from Bobby, but in "Undie Pressure", it's revealed they have only been dating for a few months, so she couldn't have owned those earrings a few years ago, before she met Bobby.
  • In "The Loudest Yard", Lincoln was unable to catch the ball during the training with Lynn, but in "Project Loud House", he had no problem with this.
    • It is possible that "The Loudest Yard" took place before "Project Loud House".
  • In "One of the Boys", Lincoln's sisters considered burping gross, even though they all enjoyed going to "Burpin' Burger", a restaurant whose it's name and song is based around belching, in "Out on a Limo".
  • In "A Tattler's Tale", Lola learns that tattling is wrong, but she does it to Lana in "One Flu Over the Loud House", when Lana drank juice from the carton and coughs on her.
  • In "The Price of Admission", Lincoln is said to have never watched horror movies, but in "One Flu Over the Loud House", he claims that he had watched millions of zombie films. He also watched a zombie movie in "Two Boys and a Baby" with Clyde.
  • In "Homespun", it's said that the walls are very thin, which contradicts "A Tattler's Tale", because if that is the case, Lola could have just listened in from outside the room, and wouldn't have needed a hidden microphone.

Season 2