S1E11A Lori with Clyde

This page is a comprehensive list of moments highlighting Clyde McBride's crush on Lori Loud, sorted by episodes from Season 1, Season 2, and Season 3.

Season 1

Left in the Dark

  • He looks dreamily at a drawing of Lori.
  • He notices her when he comes to help Lincoln turn the lights back on and acts like a robot when he can't focus and leaves.
  • Clyde not only apologizes for bailing on Lincoln but also asks if Lori's ready to date younger men, to which Lori denies.

Get the Message

  • He is happy to know that Lori stepped on Lincoln's gaming glasses.
  • He faints in shock when Lincoln leaves a scathing and hateful message on her phone.
  • In the dramatization of getting Lori's phone to erase Lincoln's message, he puts on a tuxedo and draws a fake mustache on his upper lip. He proceeds to charm her and she falls for him.
  • In reality, Clyde is standing shirtless while grinning at Lori nervously. This causes him to get a nosebleed.

Heavy Meddle

  • Lori's advice to Clyde is to never be himself.

Making the Case

  • He enjoys the sound of her farts.

A Tale of Two Tables

  • During Lincoln's training for the grownup table, he accidentally takes the bread off the cardboard Lori's plate. Clyde then swoons over the Lori dummy.
  • When Clyde shows Lincoln flashcards of dinnerware, he accidentally has a candid picture of Lori in the mix. Even he doesn't know how it got there.

Space Invader

  • Clyde's idea of getting Lucy and Lynn to stop fighting is to have a nice dinner for two; he then visualizes him and Lori having dinner together.

Overnight Success

  • Clyde smells the shampoo in the bathroom, thinking it's Lori's alone, until Lincoln corrects him saying they all use it, much to his disappointment.
  • Clyde faints every time he sees Lori.


  • When Lincoln says the bike is a hand-me-down from Lori, Clyde caresses it and calls her thoughtful when she gave Lincoln his own custom license plate.
  • He imagines how Lori makes her hair and teeth the way they are.

Butterfly Effect

  • In Lincoln's fantasy of what would happen if he didn't tell Lisa the truth about her chemistry equipment getting destroyed, one of the events is Lori breaking up with Bobby and Clyde being the rebound guy, and they go skydiving together.
  • Despite the fantasy having ended, they can be seen pedaling on Clyde's dads' tandem bike with a "Just Married" banner hanging at the end.

Chore and Peace

  • When Clyde gets Lori's message meant for Bobby by mistake, he dresses up in a wedding tux and confesses his love to her. He continues to pester her with his incessant flirting until she tells him she and Bobby got back together.

For Bros About to Rock

  • He wants his first kiss to be with Lori.

Two Boys and a Baby

  • He tells Lily a bedtime story about him as a knight saving princess Lori while Bobby ends up getting eaten by a monster.

Cover Girls

  • When Lincoln misses curfew, Clyde believes Rita and Lynn Sr. won't let them hang out anymore and mourns that he'll never see Lori again. He even states that she made him a better man and he remembers every dress she wore.

Save the Date

  • When he hears that Bobby broke up with Lori because Lincoln hurt Ronnie Anne's feelings, Clyde does whatever he can to ensure they stay broken up on the date.

Attention Deficit

  • He made a volcano with models of him and Lori climbing down it when Bobby fell into the lava.
  • When Lori is at his house, he faints upon seeing her.
  • He looks over Lori's answers in her magazine and tries to change himself to the point that he would be Lori's perfect guy.
  • He asks his dad Howard what he thought of Lori.

April Fools Rules

  • He volunteers to clear Lori's room of Luan's pranks.

Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru

  • When Lori asks about the situation he and Lincoln got in, he starts hyperventilating when he sees her.

The Waiting Game

  • He does everything he can to avoid her while she's working at Gus's Games N' Grub.
  • He wants to win her a prize with his tickets.

Dance, Dance Resolution

  • He tells Haiku that his heart belongs to an older woman, that older woman being Lori, and slow dances with her while imagining his dream girl.

A Fair to Remember

  • He goes on a date with Lori to the county fair to make Bobby jealous, but remains unconscious after having been captivated by her beauty.
  • On Lori's request, Lucy delivers the pictures from the photo booth to Clyde as thanks for their time at the fair. This makes him once again get a nosebleed and faint.

One of the Boys

  • When he hears about her health food phase, he visualizes her in a bikini running on the beach at sunset.

One Flu Over the Loud House

  • He laments over the fact that Lori fell victim to the flu.

Season 2

11 Louds a Leapin'

  • He thinks that Bobby got taken by Mr. Grouse, him and Lori run off together.
  • He receives a Christmas kiss from Lori under the mistletoe.

Baby Steps

  • The best news in the world to him is Lori finding out about his love poems dedicated to her and falling in love with him.
  • He finds being the best husband to Lori is more important than being the best big brother.
  • He nose bleeds and faints when Lori walks through the door.

Brawl in the Family

  • When Lincoln tells him to get the trundle bed ready, Clyde asks if it's for him or Lori.

Cheater by the Dozen

  • Throughout the episode, he tries to workout and get in shape so he can "fight" Bobby and win back Lori's honor.

Lock 'N' Loud

  • Lori vouches for Clyde.

The Whole Picture

  • While trying to get into Lori's "character", he pretends to act like she's breaking up with Bobby and moving onto him.
  • Just the very sight of him dressing up as her is enough to make him do his usual reaction.
  • After inflating the bounce house for recreating Lincoln's seventh birthday party, he plans to lie down on Lori's bed.
  • When Lincoln went into a panic over not remembering his seventh birthday, his sisters came to check on him and Clyde fainted at the sight of Lori.
  • When her name is mentioned in his vicinity, Leni tells them not to say it so loud, as it makes him nervous even in his unconscious state.

Pulp Friction

  • He remembers the day she and Bobby became a couple.

Change of Heart

  • He nosebleeds on Lori's shoes and acts like a robot every time he sees her.
  • It also shows flashbacks of him giving lots of gifts to Lori.

Not a Loud

  • While trying to find Lincoln's baby book, Clyde finds Lori's baby book, and claims that Lori was perfect since day one, despite the deformities she has (pointed head, no hair, and webbed toes).
  • When Lincoln asks Lori if she remembers his birth story, Clyde, who was eavesdropping on them, made a comment, causing Lori to say "Hi" to Clyde, resulting in him going full robot mode.


  • Clyde tried to think about Lori so he can suffer a massive nosebleed in order to scare the big kids, but Lincoln stopped him, saying he had a better idea.

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