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Classmate#4 is a minor character, and Lincoln's classmate, who first appeared in the episode "Save the Date".


Classmate #4 appears in "Save the Date", when Lincoln finds a sloppy joe in his pants at lunch, with a note from Ronnie Anne. He and the others mock Lincoln, and this causes Lincoln to badmouth Ronnie Anne, which she listens to, unbeknownst to them that she was around. He later appears at Jean Juan's French Mex buffet, when he and the other classmates are there, and Lincoln tried to hide the fact that he's on a date with Ronnie Anne. They find out, and tease him again, but this time Lincoln admits that he does like Ronnie Anne, and he and the others continue to tease Lincoln at school. Later, Ronnie Anne tells Lincoln that she doesn't like him, and his teasing turns into sympathy.


He is a dark-skinned boy who has dark brown hair. He wears pearl earrings, a yellow t-shirt, with a white long sleeved shirt, dark blue pants, and white shoes with green laces.


  • He is the only male character who has earrings (not counting Luke, who's a genderbent version of Luna).