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Chunk is Luna's roadie in The Loud House.

He made his first appearance in "Project Loud House", where he tries to help Luna to load her amplifiers and instruments inside of Vanzilla's trunk, although he did not speak.


Chunk is often seen hanging out with Luna, whom he seems to have a good friendship with. He often helps her with her equipment when she is getting ready to perform. He does not tolerate unsanitary conditions.

He appears to be very strong, as he is strong enough to pull a piano to the Loud house's second floor without assistance, as seen in "Roughin' It". He has a fairly thick accent.


Chunk is a burly man, with a big pierced nose and a balding scalp. He wears a white tank top, with a black vest, and buckled jeans. He also sports a purple checkered newsboy cap, and a bracelet on each wrist. There is a tattoo with a heart and crossbones on both of his arms.


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Total episodes: 5

Season 1


  • In "House Music", he can be seen on a van with stereos, and holding a guitar. Perhaps Chunk plays the guitar as well.
  • His Polish name is Mieczysław with nickname "Mietek".