S2E14A Chess club

The Chess Club is a hobby club for chess players at Royal Woods Elementary School. Lincoln and Clyde tried to join the club for the group photo.



  • In "Changing the Baby", Lincoln knows how to play chess, and even teaches Lily how to play. It's unknown why he couldn't join this club.
  • One of the members of the club looks like Mandark from Dexter's Laboratory.
    • He also looks similar to David, Lisa's love interest.  
  • One of the members with a yellow shirt and brown hair over their eyes had buck teeth and braces similar to Luan's.
  • One of the members' earrings look similar to Lola's.
    • Coincidentally, they both have gaps in their teeth.
  • Andrew's teeth look similar to Ronnie Anne's.
  • One member has bangs covering her eyes, similar to Lucy's. She also looks a bit similar to Luna's favorite musician Mick Swagger.
  • One of the member's hairstyle looks similar to Luna's.
  • It's unknown why Liam is in the club and would attack his friends for destroying the club's chess board.

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