This is a list of the characters seen in The Loud House.

Main Characters

The following characters are the major characters seen in most of the episodes.

Picture Name Description
S2E10A What a night
Lincoln Loud The series' protagonist, an 11-year-old boy who is the only son in his family.
S2E04B Lori misses
Lori Loud The oldest sister in the family. She is 17-years-old, and while sometimes pushy and abrasive, is truly a caring sister, and leader at heart. She often leads sibling meetings and, spends most of her time on the phone with her boyfriend, Bobby Santiago.
S1E13B Leni found it!
Leni Loud The second-oldest sister in the family. She is 16-years-old, and kind-hearted, but also not very bright.
S1E17A Luna's suggestion
Luna Loud The third-oldest sister in the family. She is 15-years-old, a free-spirited and caring musician, with an interest in rock and roll music.
S2E04A Luan telling a joke
Luan Loud The fourth-oldest sister in the family. She is a funny 14-year-old comedic prankster.
S1E21A Lynn playing horseshoes
Lynn Loud The fifth-oldest sister in the family. She is an athletic 13-year-old.
S2E11A Lucy
Lucy Loud The fifth-youngest sister in the family. Lucy is an 8-year-old goth girl with a tendency to suddenly appear out of nowhere, which often frightens her siblings.
S1E14A Lana back in her normal clothes
Lana Loud The fourth-youngest in the family, 6-years-old and the older of the family's two twin girls. Lana loves to play in mud, much to her twin Lola's annoyance.
S1E21A Lola playing badminton
Lola Loud The third-youngest sister in the family, 6-years-old and Lana's polar-opposite identical twin sister. Lola is a conceited and bratty girl who often assumes the role of an antagonist whenever her siblings anger her.
S1E24B Lisa with chart
Lisa Loud The second-youngest sister in the family who, despite being only 4-years-old, is very smart.
S1E03B Lily about to go over the edge
Lily Loud The youngest sister in the family. She is only 15 months old, and her diaper has a foul smell, which she takes off mostly.
S2E09A Clyde riding home on a sheep
Clyde McBride Lincoln's best friend, who is also 11-years-old, serves as a wingman to him in his exploits, and has an unrequited crush on Lori.

Supporting Characters

The following characters have appeared in several episodes often playing large parts, though sometimes appearing only as cameos.

Picture Name Description
S2E01 Chow time in five, people
Lynn Loud Sr. The Loud siblings' father. Luan inherited her sense of humor from him, as revealed in "Cover Girls".
S2E05B Rita thanks Lynn Sr. for giving up Veronica
Rita Loud The Loud siblings' mother, who works as a dental assistant as revealed in "A Novel Idea".
S2E03A Howard and Harold look at each other
Howard and Harold McBride Howard and Harold McBride are Clyde's dads. Howard is the neurotic and overemotional one with buck teeth, and Harold is the calm and athletic one.
S1E07B Bobby inside the house
Bobby Santiago Lori's boyfriend, who often works at various locations. He is not very bright, but he is still friendly.
S2E10B Ronnie Anne's eager to do the project
Ronnie Anne Santiago Bobby's younger sister, and Lincoln's former bully and current love interest.
S2E01 Mr. Grouse welcomes the Loud family inside
Mr. Grouse Mr. Grouse is the Loud's next door neighbor. He often calls out to Lincoln, and says "Hey Loud", and then says something random.
SOL Charles about to eat
Charles Charles is the Loud family's pet dog, and is the pet the Loud kids seem to interact with the most (particularly Lincoln).
Cliff on his litter box
Cliff Cliff is the Loud family's pet cat, and out of all the pets, has been the one who's interacted with the Loud family the least.
S1E03B Geo notices Linc
Geo Geo is the Loud family's pet hamster, and is always in his hamster ball.
The Loud House Walt
Walt Walt is the Loud family's pet canary, and for some reason, has a really angry expression most of the time.

Recurring Characters

Recurring characters have appeared in more than one episode, but not in enough to qualify as one of the other major characters.

Picture Name Description
S2E05A I'd like to introduce our new student
Agnes Johnson Lincoln and Clyde's fifth grade teacher.
S1E09A You're not on the list
Chunk Luna's roadie, who helps out Luna at times.
S2E02A Two for one?
Flip Flip is the owner of Flip's Food & Fuel, and could be seen at times as a vendor at various locations.
S1E21A Liam playing basketball
Liam Liam is a classmate, and acquaintance of Lincoln.
S1E17A Mick Swagger in Luna's fantasy
Mick Swagger Mick Swagger is a rock musician, whom Luna idolizes.
S2E10B Penelope smiling
Penelope Penelope is a classmate of Lincoln and Clyde.
S1E10A Rusty introduces himself
Rusty Spokes Rusty Spokes is a classmate, and acquaintance of Lincoln. Thought at first seeming like a mean kid in "Hand-Me-Downer", when he makes fun of Lincoln for his girly bike, he later seems like one of the nicer kids, and seems to be on good terms with Lincoln.
S1E09A Zach
Zach Zach is a classmate, and acquaintance of Lincoln.

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