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"Cereal Offender" is the thirty-sixth episode of the first season of The Loud House.


Lincoln decides to do the grocery shopping for his mother, but when his sisters (except Lily) tag along, they make his shopping experience difficult.


The episode begins with Lincoln watching TV while eating a bowl of cereal. Suddenly, a TV announcement is presented showing a new cereal called "Zombie Bran". Excited, Lincoln runs towards Rita, who is unclogging the kitchen sink, and asks her if they can get the new cereal. She denies, telling him that they have a very tight budget and that also they have a very big shopping list so there's no money left for treats. But Lincoln convinces her saying that he can do the shopping and still have enough money for Zombie Bran and while he does that, she can do all the things she wants to during her free time which she agrees to. As Lincoln prepares to go shopping, he is stopped by his sisters who want to accompany him. He tries to get rid of them until Lynn says that they will help him to shop, so Lincoln accepts and all of them (except Lily) go shopping.

At the supermarket, the Loud kids are warned by the supermarket's manager. If they get caught making a mess, they'll be kicked out. Lincoln then begins to find all the products of the shopping list taking only the products that are half priced or in offer, but during his path he is forced to stop his sisters' antics and avoid being caught by the manager.

Later, Lincoln manages to find all the products on the list and manages to leave enough money to buy Zombie Bran. But when he's going to grab the last box of cereal, another kid (who wears similar clothes like him) takes it and mocks Lincoln before running off to the cash register. Lincoln proceeds to chase him and at the same time avoid being caught by the manager. In the end, the manager catches the bratty kid and kicks him and his mother, allowing Lincoln to finally get the cereal.

After that, he brings all of his sisters to the cash register to pay for all the stuff he bought. They ask him why he is in such a hurry and he says that he's too close to obtaining his cereal thanks to the deal he made with their mother, making all the sisters begin to argue about it and subsequently begin fighting. During the brawl, Lincoln is pushed towards a stack of cans accommodated by Bobby, dumping all of them to the floor. The manager then kicks out the siblings without their purchases. Rita picks them up back to home and says to Lincoln how disappointed she is because he couldn't do the shopping, making his sisters feel guilty and sorry for him for their reckless actions.

S1E18B Lily doing her zombie impression

Lily is acting like a zombie.

The next day, Lincoln is watching TV at his house while eating the same boring cereal alongside Lily, feeling sad about what happened yesterday. After seeing another Zombie Bran announcement and turning it off, his sisters enter the house imitating a horde of zombies. Lincoln believes it's a joke, but then he's glad to see they bought the cereal. They apologize to him, saying that it was the least they can do as it was their fault that he couldn't get it. In appreciation of what they had done, Lincoln imitates a zombie and then begins a food fight with his sisters using the cereal. The episode ends with Lily making a zombie sound towards the audience.


The Farmer has no lines in this episode.


  • The episode takes place in February, as calendar on the fridge has 28 days.
S1E18B Haiku and Feb

Haiku and February

  • On the fridge is a haiku with A+. It says:
    A house full of kids
    Mostly girls (except Lincoln)
    Chaos will ensue
    This poem has been mentioned online before.
  • Rita's full face is shown for the first time in her spa fantasy, though her eyes are covered by cucumbers and she has facial cream applied.
  • This is the second episode where Lincoln doesn't speak to the audience.
    • The first instance was in "House Music".
    • This is also the first time where he doesn't speak to the viewers in an episode that focuses on him.
  • The farmer from the episode "Hand-Me-Downer" makes a cameo in this episode, as well as the athlete from the same episode.
  • When the siblings stop fighting after the manager tells them they are kicked out, they are in the same pose they were in "Slice of Life" when Lynn Sr. tells them to stop fighting, and in "Changing the Baby" (except Lincoln) when the latter whistles to them when they were fighting over Lily.
  • Lily breaks the fourth wall at the end of the episode by imitating a zombie's groan towards the audience.
  • This marks the first time Rita appears in an episode without Lynn Sr.
  • This is the second time someone other than Lori calls Bobby "Boo-Boo Bear", in this case it was the manager.
    • In fact, the manager only refers to Bobby as "Boo-Boo Bear" and not once as his actual name (probably to mock him).
  • The bad things that the girls did in the store:
    • All of them: Taking away Lincoln's cereal after they didn't think it was fair that he was getting a treat; this got them all kicked out
      • Lori: Admiring Bobby's employment and stocking skills
      • Leni: Setting the lobsters and the grilled chickens free
      • Luna: Jamming on the PA
      • Luan: Juggling and balancing eggs
      • Lynn: Riding a shopping cart at a high speed
      • Lucy: Sculpting a cake monster
      • Lana & Lola: Fighting with produce hoses
      • Lisa: Sitting in a freezer to test for her cryogenic studies
    • Lily was the only one not to get in trouble with the Manager, as she did not go to the supermarket with her siblings.
  • Irony:
    • The sisters (except Lily) promised they will help Lincoln with the shopping, but instead they just left him alone with this problem by running to create a huge mess.
    • The sisters should've explained to their Mom that it was their fault, not Lincoln's, for causing trouble in the supermarket and Lincoln was being serious. However, she probably wouldn't have listened to them either.
  • Karma: The sisters (except Lily) and the Bratty Kid were messing around in the supermarket so they were all kicked out.
  • Moral:
    • You must be on your best behavior when you're in a public place.
    • Never act selfish and be considerate towards other people.
    • Next time, think before you act.
      • This is the second episode to use this moral, with the first being "The Sweet Spot".
  • Timeline: Before "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos", "Back Out There", and "Garage Banned", since Bobby still lives in Royal Woods.
  • This episode revealed that the last time Rita had a pedicures was seventeen years ago, meaning this was before Lori was born or when she was a baby.


  • Cereal Offender - The title of this episode is a parody of the phrase "serial offender".
  • Peanuts - The bowl in the title card has the same design as Charlie Brown's shirt.
  • Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil - The episode's plot is very similar to the episode "Not Without My Cereal".
  • Die Hard - When Lynn says "Yippie ki-yay, market shoppers", she references John McClane's catchphrase "Yippie ki-yay, motherf***er".
S1E18B Lincoln and Leni

Hey, look! Pringles!

  • Pringles - When Lincoln is talking to Leni, there are some chips which have a logo resembling the potato chip brand.
  • Eggo Waffles - The advertisement that says "Hands Off My Waffles" is a parody of Eggo Waffles slogan, "L'eggo My Eggo!".
  • The Simpsons - When Bratty Kid says "Ha Ha!" at Lincoln covered in pineapples, it is a reference to Nelson Muntz's infamous catchphrase, "Ha Ha!".
  • Bob's Burgers - When Leni is setting the lobsters free, it is a reference to the episode, "Lobsterfest".
S1E18B Lincoln searching for zombie bran

If only they were chocolate frosted.

  • Sugar Bomb - When Lincoln finds the last Zombie Bran, there's an another cereal called "Sugar Bombs", which is a real cereal.


S1E18B Zombie Bran Lincoln

Lincoln got a haircut.

  • Bratty Kid put his shoes under the fake snowman, but he's wearing them in the same scene.
  • When Lincoln started acting like a zombie after he splatters the cereal all over his face, his sideburn and his bags were missing. Also, in one part, the cereal in his face was cut off by his eyes.
  • The lobsters in the supermarket are red, although lobsters are usually blue and are only red when you cook them.

Running Gags

  • Lincoln and his sisters acting like zombies.
  • Lincoln's sisters (except Lori and Lily) causing disasters at the supermarket.
  • The Manager calling Bobby "Boo-Boo Bear".
  • The Manager calling the culprit a "hooligan".
  • The Manager getting into different situations.
  • Lincoln avoiding the Manager.
  • Lincoln mentioning Zombie Bran.
  • Lincoln dealing with the Bratty Kid.

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