Carlos Jr. (CJ) Casagrande is a minor character in The Loud House, who made his first appearance in "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos".

CJ is the oldest son, and the second oldest child of the Casagrande siblings. He also has Down syndrome.


Carlos Jr. is a portly Latin-American teenage boy with black hair. He wears a yellow shirt, a black bow tie with red outlines, dark blue shorts, white socks, blue shoes with green laces, and a short red cape.


S2E13 Linc and CJ playing as pirates

Lincoln and CJ playing pirates.

Carlos Jr. has Down Syndrome, and this can easily be spotted by his child-like actions, while in his teen years. He loves to play children's games like pirates and superheroes, and he can easily befriend any person, like Lincoln.


Season 2


  • He is the first character in the show to have Down Syndrome.
  • Just like Lynn, Bobby, and Bumper, he is another character who has "Jr." in their name.
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