Burpin' Burger is a burger joint, that is located in Royal Woods.


It first appears in "Out on a Limo", where Lincoln promised to take his sisters there after his ride in a limo, but abandoned them after experiencing the high life, thanks to Tetherby. At the end of the episode, Lincoln takes his sisters and Kirby there as a way of apologizing to them for the way he treated them the previous day.

The restaurant's jingle goes:

Hungry y'all? Look no further!
Come on down to Burpin' Burger!
Grade B beef and special spice!
When it comes back up, it's twice as nice! [belch]

It appears for the first time in Season 2 in the episode, "Vantastic Voyage", where Lori and Leni tricks Steve into getting a test ride with a convertible after Lynn Sr. refuses them to drive the new van.

It appears in "Snow Way Out", where Lana convinces the siblings to go there to meet her racing hero, Bobbie Fletcher for a contest. She then buys burgers to find the winning wrapper. Unfortunately, Burpin' Burger was snowed in, trapping the siblings. At the end, Lana realizing that she was selfish about the contest and seeing her siblings suffer, she decides to give the winning wrapper to Flip in exchange for a ride back home.



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  • Burpin' Burger may be a pun on Dunkin' Donuts.
  • The character on the sign closely resembles the burger kid from the restaurant Big Boy or Steven Universe.
  • Burpin' Burger can be a reference to another fictional bar "Nasty Burger", from another Nick show Danny Phantom.


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