This page describes all of Bobby Santiago's relationships with his family and friends.

Ronnie Anne

S2E10B Bobby hugging Ronnie Anne

Bobby hugging Ronnie Anne

Bobby is a loving and protective big brother, similar to how Lori treats Lincoln. If something bad happens to Ronnie Anne, he will do anything he can to defend her, even if that means breaking up with Lori as shown in "Save the Date".

In "Shell Shock", Ronnie Anne helps Bobby remove a splinter stuck in his finger and she washes his work uniforms.

Ronnie Anne is annoyed by Bobby's cutesy relationship with Lori and is especially grossed out when they kiss.

Casagrande Family

Bobby gets along well with his cousins, aunt, uncle, and grandparents as shown in "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos".


S2E13 Hector hugs Bobby

Hector hugging Bobby.

His grandfather sees him as a successor of his store because Bobby is a very competent store worker. He complimented his grandson for his grocery trick that helped in earning more money. Also, Bobby wears the same boxers as his grandfather.


Rosa thinks Bobby should not be thin so she feeds him a lot.

Carlos Jr.

S2E13 Bobby carrying CJ

Bobby carrying CJ.

Bobby likes hanging out with Carlos Jr. and he treats him like a younger brother.


Carl likes bossing Bobby around and he accepts with no objection. Carl also likes tricking Bobby and pulling pranks on him.

Loud Family

Bobby seems to be on good terms with all the Loud siblings and enjoys being with them.


S1E22B Bro handshake

Lincoln and Bobby making their bro handshake.

Bobby and Lincoln seem to be good friends. Bobby sympathizes with Lincoln living with just sisters and no brothers, as he also only has a sister.

In "Save the Date", Bobby is mad at Lincoln for making his sister cry, but after they reconciled he forgave him.

As seen in "A Fair to Remember", they treat each other like "bros", and see one another as the brother they never had.


S2E13 Bobby And Lori Goodbye Embrace

Bobby and Lori saying goodbye.

Lori is Bobby's girlfriend, and they love each other very much. Lori is constantly seen either messaging or chating to him on the phone. If one of the two doesn't call or message the other for a long time, they will get extremely upset. This is prominently shown in "Undie Pressure", where she can't endure not talking to Bobby and lets him into the house even though it lost her a bet.

In "Project Loud House", they get into a fight over a tux that Lori picked out for him and he refused to wear. This upset Lori so much that she didn't want to go to school at all. Lincoln tried, and actually managed, to trick her into coming out by posing as Bobby over the phone and apologizing for the fight and accepting to wear the tux. Since this wasn't the real Bobby, it is unknown if Lori found out Lincoln tricked her. It is likely they got it cleared up eventually.

In "Save the Date", when Bobby found out Lincoln (unintentionally) hurt Ronnie Anne's feelings, Bobby got furious at this and decided to break up with Lori for this, leaving her devastated and heartbroken over losing her man and furious and vengeful at Lincoln for what he said to his sister. She forced him on a double date to make up for it, and eventually, she and Bobby got back together.

In "Cheater by the Dozen", Bobby plans a date for Lori by making a reservation in Giovanni Changs Italian Chinese Bistro, asking help from his old co-workers for purchasing her a dress, find good romantic locations, getting a new tuxedo, learn how to dance and order food in Italian Mandarin. At the end they dance in the restaurant.


S2E09B Don't feel bad, Babe

They don't have many interactions, but they seem to get along very well. In "Party Down", they both help Lori in organizing her party and both are supportive with her when she is questioning why the party isn't a hit.

If "Butterfly Effect" is any indication, Lincoln apparently thinks that Lori's secretly afraid that Bobby might leave her for Leni.


S1E07B Luna shoos Bobby

Luna telling Bobby to go away.

His relationship with Luna seems to be unclear, but Bobby does seem to enjoy Luna's company and music. However, Luna may not be on as good of terms with him.

In "Undie Pressure", when he was begging to be let into the house to see Lori, Luna tried to shoo him away.

In "For Bros About to Rock", he easily recognized her in her Mom disguise, and got her locked up with Lincoln and Clyde.


S1E15B Lobby reunion selfie

Clyde's envy to Bobby about Lori.

Due to his obsession with Lori, Clyde seems to despise Bobby for being Lori's boyfriend. In "Two Boys and a Baby", Clyde's story about him and Lori as a knight and a princess ends with Bobby getting eaten by a monster. In "Save the Date", Clyde tries to humiliate Bobby, while he was on his date with Lori.

However, in "A Fair to Remember", Clyde seems to enjoy spending time with Bobby, and treats him like a "bro", despite his distaste for Bobby.

In "Cheater by the Dozen", Clyde was angry with Bobby, because he thought that Bobby was cheating on Lori.