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Roberto "Bobby" Alejandro Martinez-Millan Luis Santiago, Jr.[2] is a supporting character in The Loud House


Bobby is Lori's boyfriend and Ronnie Anne's older brother. He has many jobs, such as pizza delivery boy, a pool lifeguard, a mall security guard, and a grocery clerk. He often gets these jobs to satisfy Lori, as confirmed in many episodes.

Get the Message

Although he wasn't shown on screen, Bobby's voice was first heard in "Get the Message", where Lori sorted through the messages he left her.

Undie Pressure

S1E07B Lori Bobby drama moment

Bobby at Lori's window.

Bobby's first onscreen appearance was in "Undie Pressure". The Louds started a bet, where every member of the family had to give up something they were obsessed with. For Lori, this was talking to Bobby. After not calling him for so long, Bobby became very concerned and he ran through the rain, just to get to Lori's house, desperately wanting to communicate with her again. Eventually, Lori couldn't handle the tension anymore and she just started talking to him, losing the bet.

Save the Date

S1E15B Dates greet Clyde in disguise

Bobby, Lori, Lincoln, and Ronnie on a double date.

Bobby's first major role was in "Save the Date", due to Lincoln saying that he hated Ronnie Anne, along with other negative and crude comments about her character, Bobby broke up with Lori, saying that he doesn't want a relationship with a girl if her brother can't respect his sister. After having her heart broken, Lori forced Lincoln to take her on a double date, along with herself and Bobby at Jean Juan's French Mex Cafe. Bobby regretted dumping Lori the entire time because he was still in love with her. He had to refrain from doing anything loving to her because of his self-established sibling rule of dating. Meanwhile, Clyde was trying to keep Bobby and Lori broken up, so that he could have chances with her. Eventually, Ronnie and Lincoln bonded over their sibling rivalries for Bobby and Lori, respectively, so they got back together again.

A Fair to Remember

S1E22B Broshake at the fair

Bobby bonding with Lincoln.

In "A Fair to Remember", Bobby became great friends with Lincoln, and spent more time with him, than he did with Lori, making her jealous. To get back at him, she started hanging out with Clyde. The four of them went out as friends together and no matter how much she tried, Bobby didn't bat an eyelid over what she was doing. Lincoln had to break off their friendship to bring them together. Bobby was hurt by this, but Lincoln said they could still be friends if they didn't hang out as much as they used to.


S1E07B Bobby inside the house

Generally, Bobby has a relaxed and carefree attitude and is similar to Leni Loud. He is an easy-going boy, who likes to have fun and hang out with other friends. However, he can be altered if Lori doesn't message or call him, or if something bad occurred to his sister.

He's a little silly, as shown in "Undie Pressure" where he tells Lori that he would be in her house sooner, but he had to wait for a chicken to cross the road. He's so blinded by his affection to Lori that he failed to distinguish Lori from Lily disguised as Lori in "Cover Girls". He also didn't realise Luna's attempt to free Lincoln and Clyde and jeopardized it out of his silliness, as seen in the episode "For Bros About to Rock".

His absent-minded nature can come with some negatives, such as when he and Lincoln started hanging out more in "A Fair to Remember" where he ends up getting distracted so much by Lincoln that he forgets to pay attention to Lori, making her cry.

He has many jobs, and this may be because he wants to obtain more money, or just to impress Lori, like in "For Bros About to Rock" where he says to Lincoln that he took the mall security guard job, because Lori loves men with uniforms.

Nick Description

Bobby is Lori's super cool boyfriend and a man of many jobs. When he's not a pizza delivery boy, pool lifeguard, mall security guard, or grocery stock boy, he can be found texting Lori. Bobby may be dense, but he sure is smooth!


Bobby is as tall as Lori. He has tan skin, and black hair, with a tuft combed upwards. He wears blue jeans, brown shoes, a black belt with a gold buckle, and a cream-colored T-shirt, under a green unbuttoned shirt.

His original design was completely different from its current design. In this one, he has a more urban outfit, including a bonnet covering his eyes and headset. He also was going to have freckles on his cheeks, and a more scruffy hair.

Alternate Versions and Alter-egos


Main article: Bebe

Bebe is Bobby's female counterpart. She constantly chats with Loki (Lori). She doesn't appear physically in the episode, but her name was shown on the initial sketch for the boys.


Main article: Character appearances
Total episodes: 33

Season 1

Season 2


  • Although Bobby's first on-screen appearance is in "Undie Pressure", he can be heard through Lori's cell phone as a voice message in "Get the Message".
  • In "The Green House", he was on a vacation in France.
  • His original unused design resembles Wade from Disney XD's Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil (where the series creator worked).
  • Bobby's ideal superpower is telepathy, so he could always know what Lori's thinking.
  • "A Tale of Two Tables" reveals that his father had a hernia operation.
  • In "Study Muffin", Lori reveals Bobby's full name.
    • Just like Lynn, he is another character who has Jr in their name.
  • According to the episode "A Fair to Remember", Bobby has always wanted a brother--from that, it can be assumed that Ronnie Anne's either his only sibling or the two of them have at least one other sister.
  • His Polish full name is Robert Aleksander Ludwig Maliniak.
  • Both Santiago siblings have first name starting with R and second name starting with A.
  • Bobby is voiced by Carlos PenaVega, who took part of the boy band Big Time Rush and the namesake TV series.
    • His Latin American dubber Victor Ugarte voiced Logan in the same series.
    • Lori calls Bobby, Bobby Boo Boo Bear, which resembles Boo Boo's name from the Hanna-Barbera cartoon Yogi Bear.
  • Bobby's Russian dubber, Radik Mukhametzyanov, also voices Lynn Sr.
  • So far, four characters besides Lori have called him "Boo-Boo Bear". They were Lincoln and Ronnie Anne ("Save the Date"), The Manager ("Cereal Offender"), and Lisa ("Snow Bored").
  • So far, he is the only character who had the most mentions.
  • It's revealed in "Relative Chaos" that he also has a large family, just like his girlfriend.


  2. Study Muffin

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