• Nflemingful

    My First Blog

    May 21, 2018 by Nflemingful

    My name is Nicholas Fleming, but anyone calls me Nick. It's been two years since I watched this show and seen its FanFiction by making series of crossovers from films and television shows by creating a fantasy my own. But I met some other FanFic users of the show by creating a world we never seen before.

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  • 007Jamesdean

    It starts in the Living Room as we all were watching TV, Reading Books and playing card games and board games.

    I was on my computer and a strange article caught my eye from Florida.

    Me: This is really unusual guys. "Mysterious Gruesome Attacks kill 25 men in 3 months. Police are baffled as 15 men were savagely attacked on Full Moon nights and ripped apart into pieces. Hundreds of eyewitnesses say that mysterious human shark-like creatures mutilated and killed these men."

    Lincoln: Human-sharks? That's weird.

    Lisa: Ach! Poppycock. There is absolutely no way that Sharks can walk on land and do all that.

    Hercules suddenly gasped as he knew what was happening.

    Hercules: Oh no. The curse has resurfaced.

    Varie: Curse? What curse Hercules?

    Hercules: It's …

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  • 007Jamesdean

    Danger of Gotham

    May 21, 2018 by 007Jamesdean

    It starts with Leni coming in to the mansion.

    Leni: (Screams in Excitement) O.M. Gosh you guys! Look at all these beautiful dresses I bought at the mall!

    Leni showed us all some beautiful dresses of every color.

    Me: Ooh! Those are beautiful Leni.

    Varie: They sure are.

    Eddy: The Yellow one would be perfect for Luan.

    Luan: Aww. Thank you Eddy-bear.

    Laney: I would look good in the red one.

    Leni: Well these are all for us to share.

    Lori: Thanks Leni. I literally would look good in the blue ones.

    Zoe: Black is a good color for me.

    Suddenly without warning something smashed through the ceiling and stuck into the floor.

    Me: Whoa! 

    Aylene: What was that!?

    Vince: I don't know.

    When the dust cleared we saw that the object was a sword. 

    Me: That is a nice sword.

    I pi…

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  • Zman12346

    So for some time I’ve been thinking about how I rank the sister’s in the Loud House.
    Which one do I personally find to be best after basically watching the entire series of episodes back to back and closely analysing each one of them.
    Looking at not just how the sisters of the Loud family interact with Lincoln but each other and outsiders should the Loud family happen to encounter any.

    Before I begin this analysis which I’ve spent practically a century or more gathering the material and energy for, I would first like to state that I find Lincoln as a main character to be a saint.
    A good and likeable yet non Mary-Sue that sets a benchmark for all future protagonists.
    I personally believe that Lincoln as a character is good in almost every settin…

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  • Thomperfan

    (It starts with a car pulls up into the Loud House)

    Loud kids: "They're here!"

    (They run to the door and Lincoln falls down. Just then I come in.)

    Me: Hey, Linc! What’s going on today?

    Lincoln: It's a big night at the Loud House. Pop-Pop's coming to dinner and he's bringing a very special guest!

    Me: Cool! Who?

    (Doorbell rings)

    Pop-Pop: Hey, family, I'd like you all to meet my main squeeze, Myrtle.

    Rita: "Nice to meet you, Myrtle! Let me introduce everyone."

    Myrtle: Oh, no need. Let's see if I have this right: Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan, Lynn, Lincoln, Lucy, Lana, Lola, Lisa and Lily.

    Lily: (laughs)

    Dad: Wow, in birth order! That's impressive.

    Myrtle: Well, what's impressive is raising such delightful children. Although, I have to ask (points to me) Who is…

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  • 007Jamesdean

    Note: This will be 2 different Chapters in one

    Me and Lincoln are playing basketball with Lynn and Anna in the front yard and Varie, Laney, and Sailor Mercury are reading books.

    Lynn jumped and Anna stole the ball and passed it to me and I passed it to Lincoln and he made a slam dunk and won.

    Lynn: Whoo! Way to go bro!

    Sailor Mercury: Wow! That was great.

    Varie: It sure was.

    A moving truck suddenly drove up and they were moving in 2 doors up.

    Me: Looks like someone is moving in 2 doors to up.

    Lincoln: They sure are.

    Me: Lets gather everyone and go see.

    Anna: Okay.

    Me, Varie, Vince, Aylene, Cody, The Loud Siblings, Lilly, The Eds, Jeri and the Lion Guard, Naruto and the Girls, Sasuke, Kakashi, Kate, Riley, my Children, The Sailors, The Teen Titans, Pr…

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  • Dragonzako

    Consider this as a history of me in the wiki. Also this will be controversial, but when is nothing controversial, am I right? (cricket sounds) Ok fine, here’s the story. Some events won’t be mentioned since in the long run they aren’t that important.

    Pre-November 2016 (Loud Fever): Even though I was watching the show, it was more of background show/free time show than me being that invested in it like today. To be honest, the wiki’s first impression came off bad. The first fanfics here or the ones I saw were pretty bad since they used the terrible fanfic clichés over and over and then just added their little biased agenda of what episodes they disliked over and over and when they weren’t complaining about in the fanfics it happened outside. …

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  • RadicalPatMan

    Hi everyone, time for round 4 of part 10. 

    Leave your votes and remember:

    • One vote per user.
    • No edits.
    • Have fun
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    Voting ends on May 20th, 2018 7:30 PM UST.

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  • IronRaphRa

    “Thanks for letting me come to your presentation Lisa,” Darcy said as she, Lisa, and Lincoln walked to the presentation hall at St. Alexander High School.

    “And I appreciate your presence too Darcy,” Lisa replied, “and I appreciate you being our chaperone elder brother.”

    “It’s no problem,” Lincoln stated, “I got some good favors out of it too.”

    “Trust me, sibling favors are worth an exceptional amount at our house,” Lisa whispered to Darcy.

    “I can’t wait to see you!” Darcy cheered as a big smile grew on her face.

    “And I will appreciate the loud support you will give me,” Lisa stated as she smiled, “I will see you two after my presentation is done.”

    “Bye,” Darcy replied as Lisa walked away.

    “Come on Darcy,” Lincoln said as he looked down at Darcy a…

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  • Francy07

    spooky TV announcer: You're watching fright TV,up next,the season of vampires of melancholia.

    Lucy: this is it, edwin. A whole new season of our favorite show, can't wait to watch it, just you and me.

    COMING SOON........

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  • TheLoudPurist

    I've decided to officially start my very first blog post on any Wiki. I figured, why not start things off with a little Q and A segment.

    RULES 1. Ask me whatever questions you like, but please do not spam. I will get to them soon enough, and then you can ask another individual 2. If I don't feel comfortable responding to a question, I will let you know 3. Pardon if I do take a while to answer a specific question. Trying to word things in more specific isn't necessarily my strongest suit. 4. Please do not use this to start arguments with me

    So, go ahead my fellow Loud House Wiki users, ask me your questions.

    (just thought this would be an appropriate image considering what Wiki this is).

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  • 007Jamesdean

    It starts out with me, Varie, Vince, Carol, Lincoln, Lilly and Ronnie Anne relaxing in the meadow in the park.

    Ronnie Anne: This meadow is beautiful and really relaxing.

    Vince: I told you Ronnie Anne.

    Me: Lincoln found this meadow a while back and it is so tranquil.

    Varie: Yeah.

    We were watching the clouds and the Eds, Naruto and the girls, The Loud Siblings, Kate, Aylene, Sector V, Jeri and The Lion Guard, The Sailor Soldiers, The Teen Titans, Star Girl, Yuko, Maleficent, Star, Marco, Riley, Hulk and my Children were with us.

    Jared: This is relaxing dad.

    Shanan then heard some rustling in a huge tree from 200 yards away. She saw a treehouse in the tree.

    Shanan: Hey guys look over there. There's a treehouse in that tree.

    Me: You're right Shanan. 


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  • Eweiss53

    Summary: Lori invites Lincoln to join her and her friends for a trip to the mall, and thus Lincoln gets a chance to know Carol, Becky, Dana, and Teri better.

    It was a sunny Saturday afternoon in Royal Woods, Michigan. In the Loud House, 11-year old Lincoln was walking into the living room, holding one of his comic books.

    LINCOLN: Aah. A sunny Saturday afternoon. There's no better time to be reading a brand new "Ace Savvy." (turns to the readers) Now I know what you're probably thinking: "Lincoln. It's Saturday. Isn't that usually the day when everybody's home and your family gets a little hectic? Reading comics in peace would be impossible!" Well, yes, that is true. EXCEPT on days when the majority of your sisters have plans of their own out…

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  • Nick mick

    Now, seeing how The Loud House is finally coming in Greece, this is the perfect time to introduce myself to other users!!!!

    Hello, I'm Nick mick, and I'm a huge fanatic of animation in general! I grew up with Warner Bros., Disney, and russian animation, and I have been constantly watching Nickelodeon since 2013!! Oh, and I live in Athens, Greece!

    My favorite hobby is (you guessed it) sketching!! I love doing it so much, that I even draw a bit during school time! The genre of animation I'm focused on is slapstick (huge fan of Ren and Stimpy), and as of that, I'm making such sketches, with wild expressions, big eyes and tongues etc. I also want to become an animator when I become an adult. Because of that, I have started making amateurish of c…

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  • Rageman82

    Author's Note: The following story is role reversal of Making the Grade episode.

    (Before we get into story, we treat ourselves with South Park-style intro.)

    Mick Swagger: Goin' down to Royal Woods, gonna have myself a time.

    James and Normand: Friendly faces everywhere, humble folks without temptation.

    Mick Swagger: Goin' down to Royal Woods, gonna leave my woes behind.

    Lincoln: Ample parking day or night, people spouting: "HOWDY, NEIGHBOR!"

    Mick Swagger: I'm headin' on up to Royal Woods, gonna see if I can't unwind.

    Clyde: I like blonde girls with gorgeous shape, I like blonde girls with beautiful voices.

    Mick Swagger: So come on down to Royal Woods, and meet some friends of mine.

    (3 weeks after the events of Making the Grade... The Loud residence, day. L…

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  • PMF11

    One Loud Life

    May 18, 2018 by PMF11


    One Loud Life is a 2D-animated, comedy-drama film produced by Nickelodeon Movies and distributed by Paramount Animation. Based off the hit animated television show, The Loud House created by Chris Savino. Unlike the show, the film brings in a much darker and tear jerking tone to it than the show does. The film was released in July of 2026. Ten years after the show was released on Nickelodeon.

    In the beginning, God created the heaven and the Earth and put people on it. Families were a huge part of his creation. And now, …

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  • Zman12346

    One thing I never understood was why many people were so quick to like the three April fools episodes which were

    -April Fools rules. -Fools Paradise. -Fool me Twice.

    Especially after reading a very detailed worst episoes list from deviantart by BlackMoonPaladin (Who by the way has also watched MLP and Family Guy which are both very similar to Loud house) who made very good points about how this is a Slice of LIfe show and not a "superhero Vs Bad Guy" show. 

    A lot of people defend the April fools episode very hard, and it might just be me in the minority but I fail to realize why. Luan was cruel and chose to do very hurtful things to her family like leading Leni into a very dangerous part of the city.   She also refused to listen when her sibl…

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  • 007Jamesdean


    The day of reckoning has finally come. It was time to take the fight to Father and rid the world of his evil once and for all.

    Yuko: Get ready Father. We're coming for you and you will pay for everything you've done.

    Team Adult Genocide was on their way to Father's house, the Delightful Mansion. 

    Father was having a nice nap in front of a cozy fire.

    Father: (Snoring) 

    Suddenly an explosion blasted through the door into his living room and Father was awokened by it.


    When the smoke cleared Team Adult Genocide and some members of the Kids Next Door and the Teens Next Door were standing ready. They saw Father! 

    Yuko: So we meet at last Father.

    Father: So you are the pathetic Team Adult Genocide that's been ruining everything…

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  • 007Jamesdean

    Teenage Years are Murder.

    In the Briefing Room at Sector V Team Adult Genocide was having a meeting.

    Numbuh 1: Good morning Team Adult Genocide. We just received word from Global Command that the Teens at McClintock High School are readying a dangerous weapon that will destroy all the children in Sector V and we have to stop them at all cost.

    Numbuh 5: Cree what are you all planning?

    Yuko: Who is Cree?

    Numbuh 5: She's my big sister and she wants to destroy us. 

    Lola: She's a rogue Kids Next Door Operative and she is working with Father to kill all the kids.

    Yuko: We have to destroy all the Teens and make sure that they can't hurt anyone. We also have to help save Cree.

    Numbuh 1: Exactly. I've gonna give this to you Yuko.

    Numbuh 1 gave Yuko a specia…

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  • 007Jamesdean

    The Coming of Sherwood Forest.

    Team Adult Genocide was having lunch at Gallagher Elementary School.

    Numbuh 362 and Numbuh 86 were with them.

    Suddenly there was a charge horn that sounded and a bunch of men busted in throw the windows and began swiping lunches.

    Lola: Oh no you don't!

    Team Adult Genocide blasted all the men to dust and destroyed them.

    ?: YO-HO!

    They turned and saw ROBIN FOOD! 

    Lola: Robin Food!

    Robin Food: That's right my dear. It is I Robin Food.

    Yuko: You bear a striking resemblence to the legendary hero outlaw Robin Hood. Are you here to steal food from the adults and give it to the kids?

    Robin Food: Ah thank you my dear princess but it's actually the opposite. Me and my Hungry Men are stealing food from the children and giving it t…

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  • 007Jamesdean

    Bad Plumbing

    It was a quiet day at Sector V treehouse until...

    Toiletnator: Kids Next Door! Prepare to be flushed by the mighty TOILETNATOR! 

    Lola: Oh brother! Not this worthless bum again.

    Numbuh 2: Unfortunately yes.

    Laney: Who is the Toiletnator?

    Lola: He's the stupidest, most pathetic and lamest villain the Kids Next Door knows. He's a toilet master and he wants to punish kids for writing on the bathroom walls, misusing toilet paper and not flushing the toilet. 

    Numbuh 4: That freak is the dumbest villain ever known.

    Ashley: He sure sounds like it.

    Lenny: Either the adults are getting weaker or some guys are just that stupid.

    Lincoln: What a freak.

    Lilly: You said it Linky.

    Hulk: Hulk will take care of him.

    Star Girl: Me and Lola will face him sinc…

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  • 007Jamesdean

    Vampire VS Spank-Happy Vampire

    It was a dark and stormy night and Team Adult Genocide was watching TV and playing video games. They were watching Vampires of Melancholia

    Lucy: This is my favorite show guys. 

    Laney: I love Vampires of Melancholia.

    Lincoln: Me and my sisters usually watch The Dream Boat and I like watching Rip Hardcore.

    Numbuh 4: Those sound like interesting shows Lincoln.

    Lincoln: They are.

    Hulk: Hulk like good shows like that.

    Star Girl: Me too.

    Suddenly there was a power outage and everything went dark. The back-up power turned on but the TV didn't turn on.

    Yuko: Sounds like a power outage.

    Suddenly a swirl of darkness came in and it was COUNT SPANKULOT! 

    Count Spankulot: (Transylvanian Accent) Those who kill other adults are bad and…

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  • RadicalPatMan

    Hi everyone, time for round 3 of part 10. 

    Leave your votes and remember:

    • One vote per user.
    • No edits.
    • Have fun
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    Voting ends on May 18th, 2018 7:30 PM UST.

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  • Thomperfan

    Special thanks to TheMaximumMatt for requesting this idea and for some story assistance. Enjoy!

    (It starts during a dark and stormy night at the Loud House. Lucy and Edwin are getting ready to watch their favorite show.)

    Spooky TV Announcer: You're watching Fright TV, up next, the season premiere of Vampires of Melancholia.

    Lucy: This is it, Edwin. A whole new season of our favorite show, can't wait to watch it, just you and me.

    (Just then I appear)

    Me: Hi, Lucy!

    (Lucy screams and falls off the couch.)

    Lucy: Now, I really am starting to realize how my siblings feel. (to me) Nolan, what are you doing here?

    Me: I came to watch Vampires of Mollycel-, No, uh, Mellycol, no, uh, that vampire show with you.

    Lucy: It’s called Vampires of Melancholia, and w…

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  • 007Jamesdean

    Note: No operation names will be done throughout the rest of the series.

    "Eradicating The Rhinovirus"

    In a local park Team Adult Genocide was fighting the Common Cold. 

    Common Cold: Surrender Kids Next Door! There is no cure for the Common C.. Gyah... (Gears up to sneeze) I'm the Common Cold. (Sneezes)

    Yuko: Try this on you mucus buttface!

    Yuko fired a blast of fire at him and it burned his jet pack and he crashed to the ground.

    Lincoln fired a stream of lightning and electrocuted him.

    Lincoln: That oughta shock you.

    Lucy fired a blast of black lightning.

    Lucy: Let fear consume you completely.

    The Common Cold saw everything covered in decongestant, chicken soup, cough drops and orange juice and he screamed like a little girl as well as cough, gag an…

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  • IronRaphRa

    Lately, I've been seeing people talk about how Ronnie Anne is a huge bully, how she mistreats Lincoln, how it's an abusive relationship etc. But is that really the case?

    The first thing I noticed is that they have toned down her bullying a lot since Heavy Meddle. She doesn't beat Lincoln up or do anything that's no different from a prank. And that leads to my next point; practically all of her actions aren't that different from the actions of the Loud sisters. Lynn punches Lincoln, Luan pranks him, even Lincoln has pulled a few stunts of his own and nobody has a problem with that.

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  • Rageman82

    Guys, don't you think that if only Nickelodeon learned from FOX when they regretted Brian's death in Family Guy, then wouldn't they make at least improved sequel to No Such Luck? If FOX were successful with making things right about Brian, then Nickelodeon could've easily followed their footsteps. Also, that way NSL wouldn't have been critically panned in the first place.

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  • 007Jamesdean

    Operation C.O.W.G.I.R.L.

    Numbuhs 1 through 5 had stolen a strange glowing dome from their enemies Mr. Fibb and Mr. Wink and were running away from them. 

    Yuko flew in and clotheslined them off of their chairs.

    Hulk: HULK SMASH!!!!

    Hulk smashed their chairs into matchsticks.


    Mr. Fibb: Our precious chairs have been destroyed by that big behemoth Mr. Wink.

    Mr. Wink: Indeed Mr. Fibb. They will pay dearly for this.

    Mr. Fibb: Agreed Mr. Wink.

    Lola: The only ones that will pay are you two. 

    Laney: How would you like that Walrus Butt!?

    Lucy: That would be a good death for you too Yak Face.

    Lincoln: Lets see what shocks you the most.

    Lincoln fired a blast of lightning and electrocuted them.


    Mr. Fibb: Ouch. That hurt Mr. Wink.

    Mr. Wink: It di…

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  • 007Jamesdean

    Operation: P.I.R.A.T.E.

    It was a quiet day in Sector V and Numbuh 5 was getting her special chest of candy for them to enjoy. When suddenly a gumball pierced through the wall and stuck to Numbuh 4.

    Numbuh 1: It's a gumwad.

    Lola: Stickybeard is behind this.

    Candy pirates bursted in and Team Adult Genocide was killing them all by blasting them with fire, black lightning, poison barbs and lightning.

    Then the Chief Pirate came in. It was STICKYBEARD! 

    Stickybeard: You lads and lassies destroy all of me crew I see. But ye be no match for Stickybeard!

    Lola: I knew you were coming Stickybeard. You have a tremendously bad disrespect for all candy you diabetic poophead!

    Yuko: Yeah!

    Laney: I love candy as much as anybody else but you give all candy lovers ev…

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  • 007Jamesdean

    Operation T.E.E.T.H.

    Team Adult Genocide was fighting Big Brother. He was the Archetype of the abusive older brother.

    Big Brother: Give me back my stuff you punks!

    Lincoln punched him in the face and kicked him in the stomach.

    Lincoln: You give big brothers everywhere a bad name!

    Lola: Yeah! What Linky said!

    Big Brother: I will destroy you filthy punks!

    Suddenly the ground shook and a whip of thorns grew and slashed him in the back and drew blood. A giant Red Rose came out and it bloomed and out came Laney.

    Laney: Hey guys.

    Yuko: Laney! You arrived just in time.

    Big Brother: That hurt you little brat!

    Laney: Then this will hurt even worse!

    Laney formed a vine fist of thorns and punched him in the face with a powerful spiked punch. He was holding his f…

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  • Newbieuser

    It Gets Louder

    May 16, 2018 by Newbieuser

    Season 1 Volume 2: It Gets Louder comes on DVD 1 week from today. I'm planning on preordering it because I already have Volume 1, and because Volume 2 has most of my favorite episodes of Season 1. You can pre-order it now for about 11.99.

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  • 007Jamesdean

    Operation N.O.-P.O.W.U.H.

    Sector V's Treehouse was under attack by the P.T.O.O.E.Y. Squad. 

    Principal: Parent Teacher Organization Of Eradicating Youngsters, attack!

    The Principal flew over the Treehouse and Yuko flew to him.

    Yuko: You give all Principals everywhere a bad name.

    She fired a blast of fire and incinerated him in an instant.

    Numbuh 1: We're under attack! Team Adult Genocide, battlestations!

    Lola: Right.

    Numbuh 4: We're on it Numbuh 1!

    Mad Dad came in. He is the archtype of the abusive father.


    Lola: That is not his report card you BUTTSMOOCHER!!!!

    Niumbuh 4 smacked him with the S.P.L.A.N.K.E.R. and Lola fired a blast of fire and incinerated Mad Dad.

    Numbuh 4: Nice shot Lola.

    Lola: Thank …

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  • ReidoBandito2

    I have not been here in a while but I found out that article commenting came back? 

    What else have I missed?

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  • FreeSpirit98

    Another of my blog updates. As the title says, the staff are going to be doing more cleaning up in the wiki. A list of deeds we are doing at the moment.

    • Removing old, toxic article comments. We’re going to start fresh with the article comments. That beinb said, we are clearing up article comments from most articles. Special bonus, BITF, NSL, and NAL article comments are no longer over 1,000 comments. We’ll be doing that to clear up and start fresh. Be sure to check the new article commenting policy. (We might do blog comments, idk maybe)
    • Deleting all images and videos from the Games and Fun Board Threads. Since our proposal is passed and Forums will be dead anytimw soon, all Forum content will be migrating to Discussions and any images and …
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  • Blackace27

    He is gone

    May 15, 2018 by Blackace27

    Welp this is bad,

    TMNTdude1987 left the wiki and killed off all of his Fanfictions.

    I don’t know why he left

    If he left because of the toxic community, then you have only yourselves to blame. You know who you are.

    May Rodney rest in peace

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  • RadicalPatMan

    Hi everyone, time for round 2 of part 10.

    Leave your votes and remember:

    • One vote per user.
    • No edits.
    • Have fun
    • Vote for what's worse

    Voting ends on May 15th, 2018 7:30 PM UST.

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  • Zman12346

    I sometimes wonder if I'm the only one who sees this resemblence or I'm just a crazed idiot. But if anyone here knows about the Five Night's at Freddy's series (The one where you have to watch the security camera's to make sure the Animatronics don't come after you) then you might get where I'm coming from.

    So here is where I see the resemblences between Loud House and Fnaf.

    Lincoln = The security guard.  The security guard is a very poor worker who gets paid very small wages for risking his life to work at Freddy's.  Yet for some reason he always comes back every night.  It might be because the Security guard can't find another job and desperately needs money (Unlikely, there are probably other jobs to choose from) or because he loves the A…

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  • 007Jamesdean

    Yuko, Lincoln, Lilly and Lola were in the Simulator doing a long exercise. They were gonna journey through the entire KND Universe and help the Kids Next Door fight all the adult villains one by one and destroy them.

    Operation: I.-S.C.R.E.A.M.

    The exercise began and they found themselves in Sector V in Virginia.

    Yuko: So this is Sector V of the Kids Next Door.

    Lola: This is it.

    Lincoln: You know more about this better than we all do Lola.

    Lilly: So you're gonna have to help us.

    Lola: Okay. 

    They saw an ice cream truck drive by them and they saw the Kids Next Door jump into it.

    Yuko: That must be them! Lets go!

    They spread their wings and flew onto the truck and Yuko grabbed the Ice Cream Man and held him at gunpoint.

    Numbuh 1: All right Mr. Ice Cream…

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  • Dragonzako

    Fanfic Ideas II

    May 15, 2018 by Dragonzako

    I know I haven’t posted the first fanfic out yet. Trust me; it’ll be done in a few more days. But until then, enjoy my last fanfic ideas, there’s a lot. Some of these are serious, and some aren’t. Also some of these aren’t that long.

    6. Babysitting Horror: Lori and Lincoln have to look over three kids, but the three kids are more than meets the eye. (I know MaximumMatt made a fanfic like this, but that was my idea given to him. I do think he did a good job, but I really wanted to do my own version of my idea.)

    7. Heart of Music: When Luna has to perform a concert she gets stage fright and can’t play.

    8. Lab Partners: When Lisa needs help in doing an experiment, Lincoln volunteers to help her, but things go bad when the two start to get on eac…

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  • TheMaximumMatt

    The following fanfiction was requested by wiki user, Dragonzako. Special thanks goes to him for the request and assistance.

    Synopsis: Lincoln and Lori offer to babysit three kids who end up being more than they bargain for.

    [Lincoln is searching through his comic book pile in his room, feeling quite bored]

    Lincoln: No. No. No! Come on! I've already read all of these! (to the audience) Usually in the Loud House, weekends are like a holiday celebration to us, but today, that feeling is gone. There is absolutely nothing to do today, and we have a serious case of boredom.

    [The rest of the Loud siblings are sulking in their respective rooms]

    Lori: (to Leni) I am literally so bored right now, I don't even have the strength to pick up my phone...

    Leni: (to …

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  • MrTyeDye

    [Part 1]

    [Part 2]

    [Part 3]

    Lana woke up at around 10:00 the next morning in a surly mood. Not only was she still steamed about what happened last night, but her headache hadn't gone away; in fact, it had gotten a little bit worse. With a low grumble, she slumped off of the bed and lumbered out of the room. As she walked out the door, a momentary glance over her shoulder revealed that Lola was nowhere to be seen.

    I bet she ran off to bunk with someone else, thought Lana. What a baby.

    She trudged through the hall with a chip resting on her beefy shoulder, ready to pulverize anyone in her way. She hadn't forgotten the vow she made last night - "if everyone's gonna treat me like a bully, I'll start acting like one" - and she intended to keep it.

    Her …

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  • Whitehorse24

    Nicktoons Return

    May 14, 2018 by Whitehorse24

    A revival of the Nicktoons video games series.

    When Lincoln Loud wakes one day to read comics, he suddenly finds portals that make people disappear. When trying to run away he encounters a dog, beast, boy with snake, bird, and older girl. They take him to see a wise old crab and discover that they are the new generation of chosen ones, the previous six have gone missing. A new syndicate has risen and plans on taking over all worlds. It's up to Lincoln and his friends to find out who these six syndicate leaders are, stop their felonious plan, and find the six previous chosen ones.

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  • 007Jamesdean

    Note: This takes place before The Light Shines Forth

    It was March 31st and tomorrow was the most feared day in the Loud House: April 1st, A.K.A. April Fools Day; The Day where Luan tortures her family with deadly pranks that can land people in the hospital and she gets a good laugh from all of their pain.

    [A Bus stops in the middle of a street and Lincoln comes out, wearing a coat, a hat, and a glasses with a fake mustache, he then hides behind a dumpster, then in a tree, (which he accidentally falls out of) then he rides a scooter to a local highway.]

    Lincoln: [Makes a bird call] Ca-ca! Ca-ca! [Me, Varie, The Eds, Woody, Jessie and The Loud family sans and Shannon and Luan appear out of our hiding places in our disguises]

    Lynn Sr.: [slowly an…

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  • Thomperfan


    May 14, 2018 by Thomperfan

    Hey guys, guess what? We can comment on episode and character pages again! Let’s celebrate! 🎉

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  • MightyCameron269

    My 1st (real) fanfiction. Enjoy!

    (alarm beeps) Luna: OH NO! I'M LATE!

    (he brushes her teeth, gets breakfast, gets clothes on, goes to school)

    Luna: WHOA! I made it to school, maybe I will be on time for the concert coming live! (dreaming about her playing her guitar) Oh yeah, dudes!


    Luna: I'm in the concert! Now time to get my... whe.....where's my guitar? Help, please? (gasps) Maybe I left it at...home.

    (Luan walks outstage)

    Luna: Luan, have you seen my guitar?

    Luan: No, I was just going to perform my funny jokes. Hey, did you...(cuts because Luan's jokes are punny)

    Later, By Sheer Coincedence

    Luna: Hey mom! 

    Rita: Hey, Luna! 

    Luna: Mom, have you found my guitar? 


    (Luna then frowns) 

    Rita: Hey, if your looking for something los…

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  • 007Jamesdean

    It starts in Lucy's room and Lucy was having a strange dream. She saw herself at a strange camp in Minnesota. It was called Camp Lakebottom and its staff was a German woman named Rosebud, a Sasquatch named Armond and a zombie named Sawyer and the campers there were a boy named McGee, a goth tomboy named Gretchen and a chubby boy named Squirt. They also had a squid tentacle friend named Slimey. Across the lake was Camp LakeBottom's rival camp - Camp Sunny Smiles. That camp made Lucy gag. It was owned by spoiled brat rich kid Jordan Buttsquat who is Camp LakeBottom's archnemesis. The campers in the camp weren't having any fun at all and they were bored out of their skulls. McGee's big sister Suzi is in Camp Sunny Smiles. Jordan thinks he can…

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  • 007Jamesdean

    Lily was at her job in the Krusty Krab 2 and she was having a great day.

    Lily: Karen, 4 Krabby Patties with extra onions coming your way.

    Lily put the order on the window and Karen took them handed them to the customers.

    Lily: Really hungry today aren't you sir?

    Fred: (Laughs) You know it Lily.

    Fred took his order.

    Nat was up next.

    Nat: 3 Krabby Double Deluxes with extra cheese please.

    Lily: Coming right up.

    Lily made the order and completed it in 4 minutes. 

    Lily: Ready.

    Nat: Thanks Lily.

    Karen: You sure know alot about Fry Cooking Lily.

    Spongebob: (Laughs) She is learning fast from me.

    Lily: Thank you boss.

    Mr. Krabs called on the intercom.

    Mr. Krabs: Attention Krusty Crew. Report to me office immediately.

    Spongebob, Karen and Lily reported to Mr. Krabs …

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  • MeGa eXal
    < Previous chapter | Next chapter >
    [[User blog:MeGa eXal/On the Run: A Loud House Story - Chapter 1|
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  • RadicalPatMan

    Hi everyone, time for round 1 of part 10.

    Leave your votes and remember:

    • One vote per user.
    • No edits.
    • Have fun
    • Vote for what's worse

    Voting ends on May 14th, 2018 7:30 PM UST.

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  • RadicalPatMan

    After four rounds of competing, we've finally reached our winner (or loser) for Part 9 which is:

    Sound of Silence-11, Making the Case-13

    Congrats on Making the Case for making it to the worst episode finals.

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