• Arissa123

    (It all starts with all the siblings sitting on the couch. Then, Rita and Lynn Sr. enter the room.)

    Rita: Pack your bags, everyone! We're going to Disney world!

    (All the siblings cheer and rush into their bedrooms to pack their stuff. We cut to Lincoln's room.)

    Lincoln: (to viewers) I love going to Disney World! I haven't been there since I was 6 years old. I cannot wait to visit again. Also, this is Lisa and Lily's first time.They weren't born yet. Anyways, I'm so hyped!

    (Then, Leni walks into Lincoln's room)

    Leni: Hi, Lincoln. How's the packing going? 

    Lincoln: It's going great, Leni! Can you sit by me on the airplane?

    Leni: Sure!

    Lincoln: (to viewers) Leni is an awesome older sister I have. She's one of the few who are actually kind and nicer t…

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  • TheMaximumMatt

    Hey. Um...

    July 19, 2018 by TheMaximumMatt

    Sorry about my sudden inactivity.

    These past few days, I've been going through a lot of stress and feeling under the weather. I've been doing a lot of thinking about my future and unhealthily worrying about personal things I really shouldn't worry about. I'd rather not talk about it in greater detail... or at all for that matter.

    Just know that now, I'm okay, and everything should be back to normal. :)

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  • Stall Walt

    Summary: The Loudest Yard AU. Lynn Jr gets injured before she and Lincoln could pull off their switch plan. Will Lincoln be miserable for the season, or will he push himself to do something he never thought possible?

    Disclaimer: I don’t own ‘The Loud House.’

    Sometimes, life can be weird, and you can find yourself in places that you never thought you would be.

    I mean, take me for instance. Lincoln Loud, eleven years old, with barely any athletic talent or achievement in his life. If you told me a long time ago that I would be playing and enjoying football, and that my team would be depending on me to make a return touchdown happen during our final possession of the championship game of the state, I would say that you’re nuts!

    Me, Lincoln Loud, …

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  • CaptainCartoonFreak

    Luna is already a musician who can play multiple instruments, what instruments would fit Lori, Leni, Luan, Lynn Jr., Lincoln, Lucy, Lana, Lola and Lisa's personalities?

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  • AlexKawa

    Alright, I was worried about making this post. I will be getting slightly political here, so if that's something you're not too comfortable with, I understand. That said, this is very important for the future of this wiki, as well as that of the Internet in general.

    So, the reason I was scared to make this post was not only because I thought its political message (even though almost 9/10 Americans support the policy I'm talking about here) would rub people the wrong way, but because I worried I'd get in trouble for not writing something Loud House-related, as the blog policy states that it must relate to the show or the fandom in some way, or else it will be deleted. But, by stretching the boundaries, I found a way to make this about the …

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  • 007Jamesdean

    It starts out in the Simulator.

    (Intestinal Distress by Earthworm Jim OST plays)

    Me, Lana, Lincoln and Rita were shrunk down and we were crawling through the inside of someones intestines to see what it's like.

    Lincoln: Oh man. This is so disgusting!

    Me: I know. It smells like this this man swallowed something and it died.

    Lana: I think this is really cool!

    Rita: It sure is weird being inside a monster. 

    Me: I know Ms. Rita. You're a dentist but have you always wondered what it's like seeing other parts of the body?

    Rita: I sure have J.D. This is really cool though. I've always wondered what it would be like to go inside someones digestive tract.

    Lana: Well now you have mom.

    Lincoln: This is really cool.

    Me: It's gross but awesome.

    We went into the La…

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  • Luna352

    Not bad Luck

    July 18, 2018 by Luna352

    My 2nd FANFICTION.

    (it starts with the loud at the beach)

    Lincoln: Lynn, Why do you think I'm bad luck?

    Lynn: I Don't know. Maybe if you PUT COSTUME ON!!

    (he puts it on)

    Clyde: Hey Lincoln, Why are you in a costume?

    Lincoln: Because, my family thinks I'm bad luck.

    Clyde: Don't worry buddy. I don't think you bad luck.

    Lincoln: Thanks Clyde.

    (they hug)

    Lori: Hey Clyde, since your here can you put sunscreen on my back?

    Clyde: L-L-Lori? (nosebleeds)

    Howard: Clyde, Are you okay?

    (Clyde is still fainted)

    Harold: Let's go home!

    (They bring their son home)

    (The Louds come back from the beach)

    Luna: That was rockin'!

    Lincoln: Can I take it off now?

    All: NO!!

    Lincoln: I'm just Goning to my room. Oh... Right, I don't have stuff.

    Lily: Inkin'!

    Lincoln: (depressed) Oh, Hey …

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  • YoshiOrange15

    I just wanted to make this announcement that I am considering leaving The Loud House Wiki. I know I haven’t even been on here for a full year, but I don’t find the wiki to be a fun place anymore. I’ll give it some more time, and if my thoughts stay the same, I might leave. That’s all, have a good night.

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  • Luna352

    This is my first FANFICTION. Enjoy

    (it starts with a weatherman talking about the weahter)

    Weatherman: (sweaty) The degree in Royal Woods is 120 dergrees

    (The Louds complain)

    Lincoln: Can somebody turn on the AC?

    (Lana opens it, but it's busted)

    Lana: Can't fix it.

    (they complain again)

    Lori: This is Crazy!

    Rita: Yeah. Somebody has to buy something cold from the supermarket.

    (they complain)

    Lori: Dibs not!

    Others: dibs not!

    (Lincoln And Leni lose)

    Lincoln & Leni : Dang it! We always lose!

    (they walk to the supermarket)

    Leni: Why is it hot at the Supermarket?!

    Lincoln: (faceplams) Leni we're still outside.

    Leni: Oh...

    (They enter the market)

    Lincoln and Leni: Ah. Fresh Cold Air.

    Lincoln: IN YA FACE SUN!!

    Passengers: Shh!

    Lincoln: (silenty) OK. in ya face sun!

    30 M…

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  • YoshiOrange15

    A New Question

    July 18, 2018 by YoshiOrange15

    You all remember fanfics, right? It felt like a new one was added to the wiki every day, but no one really posts them anymore, and it feels like it’s a couple weeks every time a fanfic is posted on here. But I’ve been meaning to ask you all: What Is Your Favorite Loud House Fanfiction?

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  • Blackace27

    Hey my friends

    July 17, 2018 by Blackace27

    So how meny of you miss Epicness’s awesome rps, well they are back on the RP wiki

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  • Metool Bard

    I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm a Luna fan.  Along with Luan, Lucy, and Lisa, she's one of my favorite characters on the show.  However, I also like to take not-too-subtle potshots at people who claim Luna is the "nice" sister and that she can do no wrong, since I honestly don't see her that way.  Eventually, it got me to thinking: what would happen if Luna actually met someone who thought that?  And thus, this fan episode was born.  Strap yourselves in, as we dive into:

    Plot Summary: Luna is put through the wringer when she meets an obsessive fangirl who won't shut up about how nice she is.

    [We open at Banger’s & Mosh, where Luna, Luan, and Giggles are on stage.  Luna is jamming away on her guitar, Giggles is on the drums, and Luan is sim…

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    Hi, guys. I'm Jacob and I've come to talk about an OC Thomperfan made called Nolan. A year and a half ago when I first stumbled across his first re-write of "Brawl in the Family" I had to know more about him, and I became intrigued in what Nolan had to offer. Of course, I like to see the normal episodes as they are first, but while Nolan's takes on some episodes aren't better or worse, I still like them just the same, so I'm kind of on both sides. But in recent years, I've started to notice his criticism for being a Gary Stu, and for being too old to be in elementary school. All I can just say is, Nolan is not perfect. His relationship with the Louds is completely understandable. Ever since he saw the explosion, and entered the Loud House,…

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  • Mpatton17

    A Crotoonian lucky day

    (sequel to no such luck)

    synopsis:The louds go to the country of crotoonia and Lincoln meets ivor. 

    It had been a few days since the trip to the beach.

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  • Justsomeordinarydude

    Originally uploaded 2/7 on DeviantArt

    Ruthless People

    Wow, hasn’t this episode been amongst the centre of controversy with the Loud House fandom as of the past few days? Ruthless People, for me, is one of those stories which doesn’t really go one way or the other in terms of qualitative gradation. I neither hate nor like this story, for a number of reasons. As such, let’s dive in…

    The main focus of the episode is on Lynn Sr’s group (himself, Lori, Luna, Lynn Jr or ‘LJ’ as she’s now called, Lincoln and Lola) suffering from misfortune and trying to make the best of the situation after the whole family is forced to evacuate the house for a while after it becomes obvious there is a termite infestation.  While Rita and the other half of the siblin…

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  • Justsomeordinarydude

    Originally uploaded 30/6 via DeviantArt

    This was a passable if unremarkable episode. For those who have feared Lincoln’s presence in the show is diminishing and he is becoming less relevant as time goes on, this must have been a refreshing treat, as he is the sole star of this story (his name even being in the title and all). Lincoln, as always, is a fun and likeable, if flawed protagonist (he isn’t a saint, after all, in spite of what some fans may try to have you believe). It is discovered he has difficulty with completing practical tasks like woodwork construction (this may also extend to any physical job including constructing or inventing things, but this isn’t completely covered in the episode). Giving in to his fear, Lincoln opts fo…

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  • Justsomeordinarydude

    Originally uploaded 29/6 via DeviantArt

    This one was very entertaining. I can see some people perhaps being a bit sour on this episode because it involved the Loud siblings acting mean and aggressive towards one another, and also because they were trying to change Leni, the resident kind one, into another of them. And as we all know, that’s just the worst, isn’t it? (INSERT DECLARATION OF PREVIOUS STATEMENT BEING BLATANT SARCASM HERE) In truth, however, that’s the nature of the show. The very lyrics of the opening theme state as much. You’ve got to expect a certain level of presence of aggressive behaviour to be displayed by the sibling group against each other sometimes. That’s how sibling relationships conventionally are. Not perfect. Fu…

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  • Justsomeordinarydude

    Originally uploaded 28/6 on DeviantArt 

    I wasn’t overly fond of this episode, to be honest. While not exactly bad television and certainly not without merit, Pasture Bedtime comes across as mildly annoying, as well as a wasted opportunity. I’ll start by outlining what I did like. The highlight of the episode was Liam himself, who we got to see a lot more of, and we got to learn more about his life on the farm that he talks about all the time. He had his fair share of moments in the show, and I kinda liked the ending where he forgives his friends for sneaking behind his back to attend Girl Jordan’s party, though he does trick them into thinking he was eating their pet pig before revealing that to be a lit. Liam is a nice kid, but he isn’t s…

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  • Justsomeordinarydude

    It was… fine. How much you’ll enjoy this story depends on how much you’re invested in the Lori and Bobby relationship, and how much you like either of those characters, really. I like Lori and Bobby well enough, and I have nothing against their relationship, though I’m not overly into it in anything. It was nice to see Bobby and the Casagrande family again after a while, even if the other family members aren’t really in it that much. Except for, oddly enough, Carl, who keeps trying to convince Bobby to terminate his relationship with Lori while attempting to woo her with his wannabe machoism and romantic tendencies, despite the fact he’s only a small boy. Speaking of which, Carl is kind of a jerk in this episode, like when he sees Bobby cr…

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  • MrTyeDye

    I'm sure all of you are wondering about what I'm going to be doing for the 20th episode of Peeking Through the Fourth Wall.

    Okay, some of you are wondering. A few of you. At least one of you.


    Anyway, Episode 20 is going to be covering "Fury of Lincoln Loud" by WildKirbyAtrox. The reason I'm making this announcement is because I have something extra special planned for this one.

    What' so special about this one? Well, see, here's the thing...

    ...I'm not going to write it.

    You are.

    This is going to be the first fan-written episode of Peeking Through the Fourth Wall! Been thinking of doing something like this for a while, and I'm finally pulling the trigger.

    Here's how this is going to work: the fic they're going to read is provided in the link above. …

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  • Chanyhuman

    The fallowing is a genderbent version of A Tattler's Tail.


    [Episode begins at night with the Loud siblings in Loki and Loni’s bedroom. Lynn and Leif are having a pillow fight, Luke is bouncing Leon, Lane is doing Lars’s hair while he reads an Edel Allena Poe book, Loni is painting Loki’s toenails, and Linka is taking to Levi.]

    Linka: "So then, Bam! My remote control plane smashed right into Mom’s disco ball, and it broke into a million pieces!"

    Lynn: *gasps* "Oh no!" *ducks as Leif hits Loni with a pillow, knocking him off the bed. * "The one she got from winning the Royal Woods "Dance Your Pants Off" contest?! She’s so proud of that thing!"

    Linka: "I know. If she ever finds out, I'll be as dead as disco!"

    Loki: "Don't worry, you're not th…

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  • LoudHouseGamer1238
    • Note This is My First Fanfic So Be Nice*

    (It Starts With Me And My Family Going To The Airport)


    Dad:Yes Son?

    Me:Why Are We Going To Michigan,Royal Woods


    (My Dad Kneels To Me)

    Dad:Son Because Our Mother And I Wanted To Go There When We First Met

    Mom:How Could We Forget it?

    (Flashback To My Mom And Dad At 17 Years Old With Their Parents)

    Teen Dad:Father I Really Wanna Go To Royal Woods

    Teen Mom:Me Too

    (My Dad's Father Stares At Him)

    Father:Because Their Could Be Dangers or 

    Mother:Get Eaten By A Shark

    (My Mom Rasperries)


    My Mom's Mother:THAT'S IT GET OUT YOU TWO!

    Mom And Dad:Fine!

    (End Of Flashback)

    Dad:So That's Why We Will Go To Royal Woods

    Mom:My Mother Was Pretty Harsh

    Me:Yeah Aunt is Harsh

    (My Sister Walks)

    Sister:Hey Bro



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  • LoudHouseGamer1238

    Um Hello I Am LoudHouseGamer1238 And I Am New Here So I Hope You Will Like Me As Your New Friend And Some People I Meet Hope You Like

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  • 007Jamesdean

    Down With Abusers

    July 16, 2018 by 007Jamesdean

    It starts in the Living Room. We are having an arm wrestling tournament. I am arm wrestling Lady Tsunade.

    Me: Lets see who's stronger Lady Hokage.

    Lady Tsunade: You're on J.D.

    Lucy was the referee.

    Lucy: Ready?

    We're holding our hands and ready to go.

    Lucy: Set... Go!

    I go Super Angel and Lady Tsunade had a golden Chakra Aura flared up and we were really strong. We were really struggling but then I got the drop on her and pinned her.

    Me: Ha! I win!

    Lady Tsunade: You sure did J.D. 

    Goku: That was incredible.

    Me: Thanks Master Goku. 

    Lady Tsunade: You're really strong J.D.

    Me: So are you Lady Hokage and I think that you were only using 30% of your strength.

    Lady Tsunade: You're right J.D. 

    Me: I would hate to imagine how strong you are at full power. You w…

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  • 007Jamesdean

    Panda's VS Leopard

    July 15, 2018 by 007Jamesdean

    The Panda King and Laney are in the Simulator doing an exercise.

    Me, Varie, Lincoln, Linka, Nicole, Lisa, Rachel, Talia, and the Cooper Gang are in the control room.

    Panda King: For the honor of the Cooper Clan.

    Laney: Lets do this.

    The Simulator Activated and they found themselve in the world of Kung Fu Panda.

    Panda King: I sense trouble at that palace up there.

    He went up the steps to the Jade Palace and he was accompanied by Po - another Anthropomorphic Panda Bear.

    Po: Hey. You here to save the Valley too?

    Panda King: I am. I'm the Panda King.

    Laney: And I'm Laney Loud.

    Panda King: And you are?

    Po: I'm Po the Dragon Warrior. It's an pleasure to meet you.

    Panda King: You too. So what's going on at the palace?

    Po: Master Shifu is fighting his evil ado…

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  • Arissa123

    Ok so here's my opinion on the new Loud House episodes! I thought "Pasture Bedtime" was pretty good because Lincoln and his friends got to spend the night in a barn which I thought was pretty cool! I also loved Leni Loud's episode, "Shop Girl" I loved how she gave her stuff away to everyone at the end. "What Wood Lincoln Do?" was awesome as well. I enjoyed all the new ones and I can't wait for more episodes!

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  • TheMaximumMatt

    Due to a lack of motivation to write for this, I'm putting Camp Bluebell on hold. I'm also thinking about cutting it short so it's only 18 stories, as 28 stories is too much for me.

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  • 007Jamesdean

    It starts with us in the living room having a nice chat with Lincoln, Cleo, Rikki, Emma and Bella.

    Alexis: It's amazing that you all have awesome powers and Mermaids forms.

    Cleo: It sure is Alexis.

    Rikki: How did you and Jaden meet?

    Alexis: We met at a place called Duel Academy. It's a school where kids go to learn how to become professional Duel Monster players. 

    Cleo: That's interesting.

    Me: It's really cool. And the Duel Monster cards are awesome. I've been collecting them for over 10 years. Wait here.

    I go into my room and I come back with a huge 12 inch binder filled with cards.

    Me: This is my entire collection.

    Alexis: This is a huge collection!

    Cleo: Look at all these cards!

    Emma: I've never seen so many of them.

    Lincoln: I've seen this collect…

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  • CircularBoat742

    Title says it all...Hello everybody, CircularBoat742 here and I wanna's been a while....again....To anyone wondering about my absents, i'm sorry about going quiet once again. I don't got time to say why fully I wasn't available on here but let me just say it's been lack luster for me. I just wanna get to the point here....I can't promise that i'm fully back, but i'll say this...I got a fanfic in the works, but I gotta ask you guys if you want it. Why? Well it's because the plot is about the "New Girl's" first few days in Royal Woods with the help of Lincoln and Clyde. Now I just wanna make sure from you guys if you want it or not because i'm not trying to make people angry for my interpretation of the "New Girl's" personality. …

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  • The Sponge House

    I hate this episode a lot, and a lot of other fans hate it. But I'll still give all my thoughts about it.

    First off, I'll say the first half is good. I like Lincoln's plan and arrangements to help everyone get seats they'll be happy in. I especially like him asking Leni to sit next to him, as well as her agreeing.

    But then of course, things get bad when the second half comes. It's awful. The kids argue and fight over something very little and meaningless, Luna pulls on Lincoln's mouth, the sisters laugh cruelly at the thought of Lincoln loosing the spot (Leni and Luna are also the last ones we see at that part), Lynn bites and pulls on Lincoln's head, Vanzilla falls apart, they can't go on their road trip, they're only upset about that and n…

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  • Aartistboy714

    Today's my B-Day!

    July 14, 2018 by Aartistboy714

    Hey, everyone! Today's my birthday and do I got some exciting news to tell you!

    Today, me and my mom are going to theaters to see...


    It's going to be so amazing!

    Also, to the people who I told you that we're going out to my grandma's to have a cookout on my birthday, there's been a change of plans today. It was raining earlier and my grandma has some visitors coming over, so we postponed the cookout for tomorrow!

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  • Nflemingful

    Main Cast

    Johnny Yong Bosch as Lincoln Loud

    Catherine Taber as Lori Loud

    Liliana Mumy as Leni Loud

    Nika Futterman as Luna Loud

    Cristina Pucelli as Luan Loud

    Jessica DiCicco as Lynn & Lucy Loud

    Lara Jill Miller as Lisa Loud

    Grey Griffin as Lana, Lola, & Lily

    Rickey D'Shon Collins as Clyde McBride

    Supporting Cast

    Brian Stepanek as Lynn Sr.

    Jill Talley as Rita

    John DiMaggio as Mr. Grouse, Flip, and Additional Voices

    Carlos PenaVega as Bobby Santiago

    Breanna Yde as Ronnie Anne

    Wayne Brady as Harold McBride

    Michael McDonald as Howard McBride

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  • MrTyeDye

    Thanks to Thomperfan for the cover!

    [We open on the couch. This time, Lincoln and Lisa are joined by Luan, Lynn and Lana.]

    Lincoln: Hey, everyone! Welcome back to Peeking Through the Fourth Wall. Today, we'll be revisiting an author we haven't seen in a while. This is "Snowmageddon" by Harburton81.

    Lisa: If memory serves, this is the author who decided to designate five of us as "nice" sisters and five of us as "mean" sisters.

    Lynn and Lana: Which one was I?

    Lincoln: [To Lana] You were nice. [To Lynn] You were mean.

    Lana: All right!

    Lynn: Hey! How is she nicer than me?! She let her stupid snake eat all my protein bars!

    Lana: Yeah, well, calling my pet "stupid" isn't very nice, either!

    Lincoln: Guys, guys! It doesn't matter, okay? We've moved past that. It's ove…

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  • AlexKawa

    So, yeah. The title says it all. I am canceling my multi-part fanfiction, The Loudest Beach Party. There are a couple of reasons why. 1) I feel like I've lost interest in it, and 2) I feel that it will end up just a rehash of Attention Deficit or Friendzy, what with too many people at the beach house, and then someone (Principal Huggins in this case), would have to shut it down. So, for anyone who was looking forward to the rest of the story, I'm sorry. But I feel confident that this will give me leeway to write new fanfictions that I actually am excited to write that feel more original. Thank you to everyone who viewed the two parts of this fanfiction, and thanks to SuperSmoshX for the idea. That's all for now, take care, and I'll…

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  • Enderdudegaming1

    (It Starts With Me Building A Portal And Lana Sees it And Asks)

    Lana:Brother What is That?

    Me:Oh It's A Portal To The 90s

    Lana:90s What is 90s?

    Me:Lana 90s is A Old Year Like How You Are Born  Some Like That

    Lana:I Wanna Try It

    Me(building The Portal):Sorry Lana This is For All Of Us 


    Me(Fixing The Portal's Wires):It's ok You Will Be Here Too (Winks)

    Lana:Ok (winks)

    (Cuts To Me Walking To The Stairs With Lana The Loud Family Are Doing Their Things)

    Me:Guys I Have An Annoucement 

    Lincoln:What is it Dude?

    Me:Were Gonna Travel To The 90s

    Lori:I'm Literally not Going I Was Already Born in 90s 1999

    Me:But It's Diffrerent

    Lisa:Well You Seem A Smarty Pants Than Me

    Me:I Know Now Move it Girls (I Go To Lincoln) You Too Lincoln |:(


    (Cuts To Me Te…

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  • Thomperfan

    No, I really am sorry. I’m sorry I get so defensive whenever you guys try and help me, I don’t know why I do it, I’m probably just being really stupid. Look I have to be real with you guys, I’m unoriginal, because I feel like all the good ideas have been taken, every time I think of something, there’s always someone else who’s done it already done it, I’ve also been inspired by a few unoriginal YouTube users, like Missoliverandblossom, Trainlover476, Samthethomasfan1 and AckleyAttack4427. When I saw you guys writing stories, it looked so cool, like you could write whatever you wanted as long as it was appropriate and you loved it, looking back it was probably stupid of me to think that. It’s moments like these when I really envy LoudFanWo…

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  • Blackace27


    July 13, 2018 by Blackace27

    Well it seems that the is a War brewing. I am going to stay neutral and stay out of this fight. Goodbye.

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  • LPCDDude

    Lincoln: It's me Lincoln and I'm trapping Big Billy from the Gangrene Gang on the railroad tracks. Billy: SOMEONE HELP ME! BILLY HELP!
    Lincoln: Literally, Billy no help!
    Lori: Now you're literally reminding me of someone else I know! ME!
    Lana: Hey guys! Me and Lily are now names of Pokémon characters! C'mon!
    (Lana, Lincoln, and Lori leave! Meanwhile, Thomas chugs along and crashes into Billy)
    Thomas: CINDERS AND ASHES! You're causing me confusion and delay Big Billy.
    Billy: Ooh! A shooting star. (Walks over and it comes near him. Billy runs away and screams. The box opens up saying Poké-Trix which resembles the Omi-Trix from Ben 10) Woah! Is like Ben 10 (PokéTrix strap on him) Or BILLY 10. (Time card says To Billy Continued!)

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  • IronRaphRa

    If you can't handle the criticism here, you're not going to make it on DeviantArt or any other places on the internet.

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  • Chanyhuman

    The fallowing is a genderbent version of Undie Pressure.


    [We start off an outside view of the Loud House on a rainy day; Leif runs down the walkway, opens the front door, and enters the living room carrying mud.]

    Leif: "In a couple more hours, this mud will be perfect to play in!" *splashes the mud all over his face. *

    [Leon is sitting on the floor, crying, and Lane is folding laundry on the coffee table, while Lexx, Levi, Loki, and Loni are on the couch; Lexx is admiring himself in his pocket mirror, Leni is looking back and forth at a clipboard and a set of test tubes, Loki is talking to Bebe, and Loni is doing Loki’s nails.]

    Lane: "Hey, guys, why can't a comedian tell a dirty laundry joke? 'Cause it always comes out clean!" *laughs*


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  • 007Jamesdean

    Note: This is gonna have a 2 part theme.

    It starts with us watching TV and reading books. When a portal opened up above us on the ceiling.

    Me: A portal! 

    Lincoln: But where is it coming from?

    Me: We'll find out now.

    A basket came through and Luan caught it. 

    Varie: A Basket?

    Rachel: I wonder what's in it.

    Luan opened it and in it was a baby. It was a little girl around six months old and she had Luan's ponytail.

    Natilee: That girl looks like you Luan.

    Luan: She sure does. There's a note too.

    Luan picked it up and read it.

    Luan: "Dear Luan of 2018,

    This is your daughter from the future, Lensay Loud. She's 6 months old and we're sending her into the past to be with you to protect her. She's from the year 2030 and there's a huge war so we don't have much …

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  • 007Jamesdean

    It starts with us in the Living Room eating an afternoon snack, watching TV, reading books and playing cards. I'm playing cards with Mandy.

    Me: So Mandy if I may ask how did you and Grim meet?

    Mandy: That is a story we'll never forget. We were going to meet Billy's hamster, Mr. Snuggles. That's when Grim appeared. We made a bet with him that if we beat him at a game he would not take Mr. Snuggles and Billy said he would be our best friend forever. 

    Billy: Yeah, yeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeye yeah! And we won!

    Me: Whoa! What game did you beat him at?

    Grim: It was my favorite. The Limbo.

    Me: That's a tough one. I may be flexible but I'm not that flexible.

    Mandy: It was easy for us but we won.

    Varie: Way to go Mandy.

    Mandy: Thank you. (Reveals her cards) Royal fl…

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  • That Engineer

    I'm gonna speak for myself and quite a few others on this, so if you question the use of plural words, you'll know why.

    Given the comments we've all been seeing in Nolan's new fics over the past few days, it's quite clear those who like this stuff don't have much experience when it comes to building a good story. The reason why some of us keep telling Nolan why his stories aren't good is because we're able to pick out the plot holes quite easily and notice how some of this stuff doesn't make any sense. Yeah, it is his work, but that's no excuse to be lazy when you're writing to impress people.

    Now, most of us didn't start out as the talented authors we are today. Back then, we were doing things similar to what Nolan does currently: copy/past…

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  • MrTyeDye

    LUAN: Hello, my dear brother.

    LINCOLN: Hello? Hello to yourself! Why are you always doing these snow-related pranks?

    Luan: Why does a bird fly? Why does a bee sting? Why does a Tumblr blogger spread misinformation?

    Pranking is what I do, Linc. It's just my nature.

    LUAN: It's all prank and war, brother! You better hide because there's "snow" way out! (laughs) Later!

    (Luan signs off. Lincoln is left there, scared)

    LINCOLN: Oh, man. I wonder how the others are doing.

    (It shows Sunset Canyon Retirement Home where the other sisters are drinking hot chocolate in Pop Pop'a living room)

    ALBERT: How's the hot cocoa, girls?

    LORI: It's literally the best cocoa I've ever tasted!

    LUNA: Dude, this was a rocking idea to come to Pop Pop's place!

    Lincoln: Yeah, so goo…

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  • EnglishBoy3

    Category: The Loud House

    Type: Canon

    Characters Involved: Lori, Leni

    Note 1: It's been a while but I'm back with a different account. I couldn't log into my previous one for some reason not because I got the password wrong, I had it saved and so it was correct but I'm locked out. Guess it was because when I initially created the account, I cancelled it because I had decided I wasn't going to join, only to then change my mind again. Anyway, the guidelines said that I wouldn't be able to log in if I chose not to log in for 20 days but I logged in right the day after and thought it was cancelled. Oh well, anyway here's the battle between the two eldest Loud Sisters. 


    Leni: Let’s do this Lori once and for all, 

    I’m glad we’re totes gonn…

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  • Thomperfan

    And this is the other my version I wanted to get out. I hope you enjoy it as well.

    Act 1

    (It starts out during daytime in the Loud House, in Rita and Lynn Sr.’s room, where we see Lincoln, his sisters and Rita seeing Lynn Sr. putting money in the plastic jug.)

    Loud Sisters, Rita, and Lincoln: 1,797, 1,798, 1,799...1,800!

    Lynn Sr.: There it is, gang! 1,800 smack-eronis of the savings jug! And you know what that means!

    Loud Family: [singing while in a conga line that carries throughout the house] 🎝We're going on Vacation! We're going on Vacation! We're going on Vacation!🎝

    (Just then I come through the front door.)

    Me: Hey, guys! (notice they’re not in the living room) Uh, guys? Guys? (Just then I hear them singing) Hm, they must be in the kitchen. …

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  • MarioMania34

    It's this:

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  • LoudFanWolf

    Letting him down easy a story by LoudFanWolf.

    PART 1

    For at least two and a half months, Luan Loud has been dating a great guy by the name of Derek Gabriel. Derek is funny, smart, witty, and full of love. Luan practically has the perfect boyfriend. However, there is actually one problem, during those two and half months Luan has repeatedly forgotten to break off her budding relationship with Benny, Luans former crush who has noticeably been starting to like her back recently, having sent her flowers about a week ago. Luan then realized that it was time to tell Benny that she was seeing someone else now, and that she didn't have romantic feelings for him anymore. But how could she do that? Before Derek, Luan Loud had never dated anyone before,…

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  • WildKirbyAtrox

    This new drawing is a crossover so it shouldn't be posted here..... But who's to say I cannot share it via link that you can click on, such as this one?

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    This list complies some familiar tracks and not so familiar tracks (that haven't been posted on blogs yet) used on the Loud House. Feel free to notify me of new discoveries. Also, I am badly looking for the emotional piano piece that appears in "Frog Wild" near the end of Lana's film. If anyone knows it (or knows if it even is APM music), let me know.

    Vibe Link (b) - Richard Myhill

    Cold Fear - Dick Walter

    O Makalapua (b) - Kapono Beamer

    Comic Capers (b) - Norman Mamey and Charlie Brissette

    Search Party 1 - Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin

    Search Party 3 - Harry Bluestone and Emil Cadkin

    Caped Crusader - David Farnon

    Alone in the Old House - Gregor Narholz

    Fight! Fight! Fight! (a) - Will Schaefer

    Abject Terror - Paul Lewis

    Hawaiian Breeze - Jon Jelmer


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