• Maplacher1012

    Glenn Quagmire

    September 22, 2018 by Maplacher1012

    Glenn Quagmire is Maria's Boyfriend and has moved into the city. He was selected in a poll because ha had the most votes. He was a character from Family Guy.

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  • Maplacher1012

    Maria's new boyfriend

    September 21, 2018 by Maplacher1012

    Hey everyone, I made a poll and the choices were:

    Bill Dautreave (King of the hill)

    Mr.Gus (Uncle Grandpa)

    Glenn Quagmire (Family Guy)

    Skips (Regular Show)

    Moe Szyslack (The Simpsons)

    Ned Flanders (The simpsons)

    Greg Universe (Steven Universe)

    Martin Write (Big Nate)

    The votes have been counted and the winner is Glenn Quagmire! But hey! If you're user and want Moe or Martin or ect. To be Maria's (Bobby and Ronnie Anne's mother) Boyfriend, you can make a fanfiction of it. Just make sure you give me criedit, though.

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  • Curious Poker Chip

    I regard a recent episode “House of Lies” to be on par with, if not worst than what many fans consider to be the absolute worst Loud House episode, “No Such Luck”. But why is this, well...

    The episode has a moral that tells its audience that it's okay to lie. I feel that this is a terrible moral, especially since it's directed at young kids. I was raised with the mentality that lying of all kinds, even white lies, are bad. I was also taught that instead of telling the blunt, honest truth that could be incredibly hurtful and harmful to another individual, that you should instead try and use your words to try and “soften the blow” of the hurtful words. An example that I like to use is that when you have your dinner, people often times like to…

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  • JKC14

    I found it so heartfelt that I barely cried through it. 71.68% out of 100%. 

    Please tell me your thoughts in the comments below. Give me any number out of 100% just like shown above. 

    I think I'm finally starting to feel better. And on the bright side, who's also excited for Rise of the TMNT coming up next!!?? WOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Zman12346

    It always seems that a character on this show is either kind or clever but never both. (Unless maybe you count Lincoln, but I know a lot of you don't like Lincoln the same way I do and that's completely fine.)

    Leni would be an obvious example of a character who is "Kind" but not clever. She makes very basic mistakes that create more problems than they solve so in this situation, her kind and friendly nature doesn't help make her much of an attractive character for me at least.

    Then we have Lisa, a character who is clever but not kind. Sure she's a genius and all that but she does a lot of not very nice things. For instance: In the episode "Suite and sour" she poured a very toxic chemical into the swimming pool just to "Sanitize it". In "Snow…

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  • Metool Bard

    Anyone who has followed my work for a long time knows that I get inspiration from the weirdest places sometimes.  This fan episode is one of those times, as it's based in part on something of a running inside joke in the Loud House community.  I'm sure you'll pick up on it once you read the summary.  Anyway, enough waffle.  Here is:

    Plot Summary: Lucy is nudged out of her comfort zone when she's invited to Rusty's laser tag birthday party at Spunk E. Pigeon's.

    [We open in the attic of the Loud House.  It’s so dark that it’s hard to tell if anyone’s around.  A flash of lightning illuminates the room, revealing Lucy writing in her journal.  She looks up at the audience and clears her throat.]

    Lucy: [reading from her journal] I sit here in my comf…

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  • SF12

    Question for users

    September 20, 2018 by SF12

    I was thinking if i could make a category called "Redeemed antagonists", because some characters like Wilbur Huggins redeemed himself in "Pulp Friction" and Flip redeemed himself in "Intern for the Worse". I just wanted to make and add the category like My Little Pony Wiki. So what do you think?

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  • JKC14

    I kinda find today's episode meh. 79.01% out 100%. 

    Please tell me your thoughts in the comments below. And tell what number point any hundredths digit of percentage out of 100%. Just only 4 more episodes until Ronnie Anne, Bobby, and Maria, their mom, and the Casagrande Family disappear. :'-(

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  • Thomperfan

    Something Amazing!

    September 19, 2018 by Thomperfan

    RaccoonBroVA finally posted his response to my response, and guess what? He likes it! He really likes it, and he likes me! If you wanna see what I'm talking about click the link below:

    Also, Adish, when you get the chance, message this guy on DA. I'm sure he'd really like to meet you.

    But I do have to respond to some things he said.

    • You should check out a few episodes of Hey Arnold!, it's a pretty good show.
    • Okay, I will admit the ending in CoH was less than great.
    • Oh, my mistake.
    • Oh. Good point.
    • I like episodes that are funny, and use all of the characters in a clever way.
    • Okay, yes. What Lincoln did was wrong, but I think the sisters should've…
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  • Pokefan700

    -bye bye collin dean. we might see you again but i'll miss you. : (

    -lincoln: lol your new hair is terrible. leni: >:O WHY WOULD YOU S A Y THAT? I'M BEAUTIFUL! >:'(

    -lynn sr holding lisa is what i needed. now i will remember this moment forever.

    -lynn sr's little "weeee" was cute holy guacamole!

    -next time on the loud house: lisa makes fart detecting glasses.

    -i'm going to be honest. lynn sr's cabbage casserole does sound gross. and this is coming from someone that loves vegetables.

    -lori: the earth is flat. earth chan: *screams of the darned* (sorry for dead meme plz don't kill me :ccc)

    -1+1=6 confirmed.

    -i really like this episode. i give it a 8/10.

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  • Aartistboy714

    Enough Already!

    September 18, 2018 by Aartistboy714

    This is just a one-shot.

    [The kids were outside playing in the backyard, except Lincoln, who's just sitting by the tree reading his comic books and drinking his water bottle.]

    Lynn: [dribbling her soccer ball] She kicks! She scores!

    [Suddenly, Lincoln's water bottle tips over and spills water everywhere on the ground.]

    Lynn: She- [slips on the spill, wailing]

    [Lynn crashes near the wall as stars float around her head.]

    Lynn: [dizzy] ...sees stars. [shakes her head] Lincoln! Watch where you keep your water bottles at!

    [Lincoln gives the viewers a deadpan expression; wipe to the living room where everyone's watching T.V., except Lincoln, who's just sitting on the chair playing his video game. Enter Charles as he walks over by the chair where Lincoln's sitt…

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  • JKC14

    I kinda found it mediocre. 86.79% out of 100%. 

    Give me your critic rating in comments below. (Must be done in percentage. Must add hundredths, too (if you feel like it).) 

    It was a little okay. 

    But on the bright side, WHO'S EXCITED FOR RISE OF THE TMNT COMING UP NEXT!!?? 


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  • Aartistboy714

    Remember the episode "Scales of Justice" where Lana tries to protect her favorite fish's home from getting demolished? Well, it was a really great episode! But I was really worried about Lana's way of protecting one of her animal friends (I mean I know she was only doing it to protect her friends), what would've happened if the crowd didn't take this as an awesome event, but turned into one of those angry mobs with torches?! I know that never actually happened but that was what really worried me.

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  • Aartistboy714

    To be honest, I'm feeling neutral with this episode because I have a bit of mixed feelings:

    • On one hand, I agree that it was really creepy and unnecessary of Lisa to reveal what her family's really saying in their minds. Sometimes, we have our own secrets and we wish to keep it that way.
    • On the other hand, I also agree that it's not okay to lie all the time even though you don't want to admit it. I know it's okay to tell a little white lie to avoid hurting another person's feelings, I can relate to that. But I wish they could've been just a little honest and let them down a little gently.

    So furthermore, I thought this was a mediocre episode.

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  • LoudFanWolf

    Adventures in Lily-sitting

    September 18, 2018 by LoudFanWolf

    Adventures in Lily-sitting, a story written by LoudFanWolf.

    Derek was at home (STOP THE PRESSES!) playing one of his favorite video games, Assassins Creed, when suddenly his cell phone started ringing. Derek picked his cell phone up to see that person who was calling was Rita Loud, whom Derek always called "Mama Loud." Seeing that it was his 2nd mother figure who was calling him, Derek quickly answered his phone, put it up to his ear, and cheerfully said "Hey, Mama Loud, what's up?"

    "Hey, Derk sweetie, how are you?" the motherly voice of Rita Loud asked on the other end of the line.

    "I'm doing alright, how are you?" Derek replied.

    "I'm doing okay, it's just that, um, I need to ask you something." Rita said, sounding a little nervous.

    "Oh, okay,…

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  • Seffderrffrt

    Hi guys. So I've watched House Of Lies and Game Boys, I've gotta say, those to are good episodes! About when I firsted watched Game Boys, I realized that Lincoln's voice sounded different. I've gotta say this "How do you feel about Tex Hammond?" Is he a good voice actor, or he is a bad actor? Btw, I think Tex is a little bit better then Collin Dean.

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  • JKC14

    I kinda missed "House of Lies." I wasn't payinng attention to the time. 

    Game Boys: 105.56% out of 100%! 

    Tell me your thoughts in the comments below. 

    I'm gonna have to watch "House of Lies" tonight since I have school tomorrow. 


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  • Hua Ja Frol

    Lincoln was in the front yard. He was able to sneak out in the backyard though.

    Lincoln: I missed something here. (Suddenly a portal opens up out of nowhere) Huh? (hides behind a tree)

    (Some Furby-like toys were present when they came out of the portal)

    Tattletail 1: Oh come on! This isn't Waygetter Town! We're at a house!

    Lewis Tattletail (red fur and with glasses): And how should I judge? Smokes is the one to blame!

    Smokes Tattletail (wizard Tattletail): Why would I be the one to blame? The three Tattlings are messing it up!

    The Tattlings (three Tattletails glued and stacked onto each other): Oh come on! The stuff is like playtime!

    Smokes: Oh please! Maybe a human in this area knows what to do!

    Radartail (green fur with a radar replacing the rig…

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  • The Twelvth Loud

    My second fanfiction. Enjoy!

    Lisa wakes up at 7:00AM with an irriating Lily peeing on her bed. She gets up and takes off her pajamas and tries to poop but the toilet is clogged after a big poop by Lily. So she takes a shower but that is also clogged too. At brekfast, Lisa eats her cereal and gets a memory erasing ring and gives her an idea.

    Lisa: I know just the thing that will rid all my troubles. 


    Lisa: Oh Lily I have a surprise for you. [pulls out her memory erasing ring and points it at Lily's eyes] Look at the ring. [the ring starts to move] You will lose-- I mean get your reward. [Suddenly, Lily catches a glimpse of the rings movement and starts to lose her memory] You have no memory anymore. [Lily loses all of her memory and gets …

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  • Brandonmcabee

    Be Gone

    September 17, 2018 by Brandonmcabee

    Lincoln wakes up one morning to find that everyone in Royal Woods is gone - even with all his friends!

    • Lincoln Loud
    • Lily Loud
    • Lisa Loud
    • Lola Loud
    • Lana Loud
    • Lucy Loud
    • Lynn Loud
    • Luan Loud
    • Luna Loud
    • Leni Loud
    • Lori Loud
    • Lynn Sr. Loud
    • Rita Loud
    • Clyde
    • Cliff
    • Charles
    • Geo
    • Walt
    • Hops
    • Mr. Grouse
    • Ronnie Anne
      Bobby Saninago

    • [Episode starts at The Loud house. Lincoln is sleeping, and his alarm clock wakes him up, he struggles to turn it off, yawns, then gets out of bed, puts his clothes on, then walks into the kitchen to get food for Cliff and Charles, he accidentally trips because of the heavy bag of food, and there's a big pile of food on top of Pet's bowl.]
    • Lincoln: Cliff and Charles, come and get it! [Cliff and Charles doesn't come to get the food. Outside SpongeBob's pinea…

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  • The Twelvth Loud

    My first fanfiction. Hope you like it.

    Today was Sunday, 7:00AM, Lincoln woke up. Suddenly a knock on his door was heard. 

    Lincoln: Come in.

    Lori: Lincoln, can you do my toenails?

    Lincoln: No.

    Lori: YOU WILL DO MY TOENAILS OR I'LL [cursing]

    Lincoln: Watch this video.

    [plays a video of 50 Ways to Die in Minecraft]

    Feeding the Hunger

    Admiring Your Nice Things

    Playing Tennis With A Ghast


    Calling Your Friend a Bonehead

    Lincoln: That went well.

    Leni: Lincoln, help! My clothes are refusing to come on!

    Lincoln: Solve that problem on your own.

    Luna: [strums her guitar and it breaks] Lincoln, fix my guitar string!

    Lincoln: No.

    Luan: What do you call a sad ol sister? A wet girl. Wait, that…

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  • JKC14

    My 15th fanfiction. *PLEASE NOTE:* I haven't started my other fanfiction, "The Wild Lunch." So, anyway, I'll start working on the other one ASAP. This is first fanfiction to feature a video game. In this case, (can't believe I'm gonna say this,) Fortnite.


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  • The Twelvth Loud

    Me! Unfortunately my account was created on 5 September 2018 but sadly no access to the wiki but now it's all changed.

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  • Jay Jay Viglirolo

    More Fanfic Ideas

    September 16, 2018 by Jay Jay Viglirolo

    Here are some more fanfic ideas of mine:

    Dreams: We see the dreams of The Louds and Other Characters,

    Lincoln dreams of being a famous video game and comic book designer and making his own store filled with video games and comic books.

    Lori dreams of being CEO of her own phone company and being married to Bobby.

    Leni dreams of being a famous fashion designer and model.

    Luna dreams of being a famous rock star.

    Luan dreams of being a famous comedian.

    Lynn dreams of being a famous olympic athlete.

    Lucy dreams of being an immortal witch.

    Lana dreams of being in a world where everything is made out of mud.

    Lola dreams of being queen of her own land.

    Lisa dreams of being the most famous scientist in the world.

    I don’t know what Lily’s dream should be, give …

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  • Lucasthewikiguy13

    Hey guys Lucas here. Now I haven't been on the wiki for around half a year and I been wondering how things have been. I hope things have been going good and that this wiki has gotten better as I personally have lived through very dark times on the wiki.

    I'm not saying I'm going to be an active member on here again, "heck I would have to catch up on a lot of Season 3 episodes," but I do still like this show and want to see this show still do well.

    Not saying you have to explain everything that's happened while I wasn't online here, "MuppetSpot kind of kept me up on some details such as people who left and certain drama," but I would like the general gist of the condition of the wiki and whether or not if it's a much funner place then when I l…

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  • Jay Jay Viglirolo

    Fanfic Ideas

    September 16, 2018 by Jay Jay Viglirolo

    Here are my Loud House Fanfic Ideas:

    Freaky Louds: When Lincoln and Lori drink water which is actually an experiment from Lisa, they switch bodies the next day. To make matters worse, Lincoln has a big comic book convention to go to and Lori has a big date with Bobby at the newest restaurant and all this is happening the next day. So Lincoln and Lori must find a way to get back in their bodies before their big day.

    Brawl in the Family (Alternate Ending): What if the events of Brawl in the Family were all just a bad dream Lincoln had?

    Escape from The Prankster: Lincoln hatches up a new plan to avoid Luan's pranks for this year's April Fools Day. Lincoln believes that the family can be safe from Luan's pranks is if Luan has a distraction and if…

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  • SirSeraphim

    What is going on?

    September 15, 2018 by SirSeraphim

    I've made two comments on the "Driving Ambition" page. The first was my guess as to what the episode was about and the second was asking what happened to the first comment. Both have vanished. Would someone mind explaining?

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  • SirSeraphim

    If anybody who makes music videos is interested, I have a song that might make a good Loud House video with the Loud Family, as well as their friends. And since I can't find the correct lyrics anywhere, I'm posting them here for conveniece, as well as dialogue that could border the song.

    "Your Heart Will Lead You Home" by Kenny Loggins

    Lincoln: "Sometimes, it's about being there together. All of us."

    Sunny days and starry nights

    And lazy afternoons

    You're counting castles in the clouds

    And humming little tunes

    But somehow right before your eyes the summer fades away

    Everything is different and everything has changed

    If you feel lost and on your own

    And far from home

    You're never alone, you know

    Just think of your friends

    The ones who care

    They all will …

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  • LongNick20

    Now that I have done Season 1, here are my thoughts on the Season 2 episodes in 10 words or less, here it goes:

    Season 2:

    "11 Louds a Leapin'": What a beautiful Christmas special with a heartwarming tone. (10/10)

    "Intern for the Worse": Lincoln vs Clyde? This, I gotta see. (9/10)

    "The Old and the Restless": This shows that old people are really cool. (9/10)

    "Baby Steps": Aww.. too bad it wasn't a baby sibling Clyde got. (8.5/10)

    "Brawl in the Family": This is total horrendous I've been seeing! (1/10)

    "Suite and Sour": Hey, the Loud kids are innocent this time! (10/10)

    "Back in Black": So much blood jokes... goodness! (8/10)

    "Making the Grade": Lincoln is not entirely innocent when Lisa changed herself. (7/10)

    "Vantastic Voyage": Don't get too carrie…

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  • LongNick20

    I've been wanting to do this for a long time, but now here it goes everyone, here is what I think of the episodes in 10 words or less, and my score to these episodes.

    Season 1:

    "Left in the Dark": The episode's edginess can keep me rolling! (9/10)

    "Get the Message": Yeesh! What is Lori's problem in the episode? (4/10)

    "Heavy Meddle": Bullying someone that shows love? How dumb. (4/10)

    "Making the Case": Why?! Just Why?! (1/10) (The WORST episode I saw in the show)

    "Driving Miss Hazy": It's time to put Leni's driving skills to the test. (9/10)

    "No Guts, No Glori": I expected better from this episode. (5/10)

    "The Sweet Spot": A boring episode that nothing came to light. (3/10)

    "A Tale of Two Tables": More like "A Tale of forgetfulness". (4/10)

    "Project L…

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  • AenimaNerd

    I know you're expecting a self-insert but to be truthful, my username came way before the character. Ænima is a one-eyed, red-haired guy who is meant to be a parody of edgy anime/game protagonists and the center of a rather... grim story. In the year 2020, Royal Woods has been being surveyed by a group of people ran by Carol Pingrey. Carol has huge plans, starting a cult in college and having people work at an underground facility originally run by her father, Darin. With that, she trapped our titular hero and after being freed by Lori, the two make a deal where if Ænima is able to help her forget about the loss of Lincoln and her parents, then he can in return possibly kill Carol and free RW from this terrorist threat. They, of course hav…

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  • Asdfgrew

    So I made these fanfictions that are Halloween fanfictions that is a parody of Treehouse of Horror

    And I want your ideas.

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  • Austria-Man

    "Loud House" Jokes

    September 13, 2018 by Austria-Man

    NOTE: I've seen and read so much funny scenes and moments in my life, so I thought: „Some of them would perfect work with the Louds.“ So here they are:

    (three-year-old Lincoln hands Lori a chocolate)
    Lincoln: „Happy Valentine's Day; sister!“
    Lori: „Valentine's Day? Today isn't Valentine's Day. It's on 14th february; not on every 14th day of the month.“
    Lincoln: „Oh. So could you give me the chocolate back?“
    Lori (innocent): „What chocolate?“
    (Leni is sitting in the bath tub and looks angry)
    Leni: „This medicine is silly! I must take ten drops in warm water every day!“
    (Luna is in the backyard and makes music with her e-guitar)
    (Mr. Grouse appears on the garden fence)
    Mr. Grouse: „Luna! Could you borrow me your full music equipment for tonight, please?“
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  • Purpledetective200

    My First Fanfiction

    September 12, 2018 by Purpledetective200

    This is my first fanfiction If you think it's bad I totally agree. Anyway, Enjoy.

    (It starts out with Me walking to the LKs house)

    Me: Oh, Hi. As you can see I am currently walking to the LKs house. I have a List of what I'll do there.(I pull out a long list)

    (I arrive at the Loud House,I knock on the door, and Lincoln opens it.)

    Lincoln: Hi Atina

    Me: Hi Lincoln, are your sisters around, I have a list of things to do with them.(I pull out that long list)

    Lincoln: They went to the mall, and do you need help clearing that list.

    Me: Of course, you could help me with it Lincoln.

    (I hand the list to Lincoln, He starts reading it in his head)

    Lincoln: Wow! You really do need help! But, while we wait we could play video games.

    Me: Ok


    (The sister…

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  • Purpledetective200

    My Firs Fanfiction

    September 12, 2018 by Purpledetective200
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  • American Titan

    Author's Note: Today, me and my cowriter, Muppetspot, bring you another impromptu idea for a fanfiction that we wrote entirely within about 1 1/2 hours. Based solely on a stupid little joke, this one quickly turned into an expanded plot when I figured out that this story could extend beyond simply two victims. Rocky and Maggie were initially the only two people on the chopping block here, but I was looking over my old atories and thought to myself, "Huh, maybe I could kill off some of the characters I've created over the years!" As such, there are some characters you might not recognize here. Several of them come from roles in my older fanfictions on my Loud House wiki blog, such as Luigi, Nathan's family, Meat Bowl, Greedy, and Prisoner B…

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  • Austria-Man

    The winners are official!

    September 12, 2018 by Austria-Man

    Finally the winners for Primtetime Creative Arts Emmy Award 2018 are official.

    The winner for Outstanding Short Form Animated Proram is "Freshly Baked: The Robot Chicken Santa Claus Pot Cookie Freakout Special: Special Edition" (Robot Chicken).
    The winner for Outstanding Animated Program is "Pickle Rick" (Rick & Morty).

    To be honest: I'm a little bit disappointed that "Big Hero 6" hasn't won. I hope, "The Loud House" will be nominated next year. I hope also, they will nominate "Reunited" (Steven Universe) next year.

    So what do you think?

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  • Aartistboy714

    Trash Creature: (grabs Lori by the shirt; threateningly) Listen to me, you pathetic, flatuent, arrogant snob! If you ever lay a finger on me or my brothers with your "human pretzel" threats, so help me I'll shave off all of that mopheaded hair from your head, tear your texting limbs apart, and smash your phone into a million pieces and make you swallow them whole until you start to choke! DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR?!

    Lori: (completely stunned; shakes her head rapidly) Yes.

    (Trash then throws Lori on her bed, much to her relief and discomfort.)

    Trash Creature: (stomps out of Lori's bedroom) It's all I asked. (slams the door behind him, causing her to flinch)


    Listen, I apologize for making this scene, but before someone calls me out, I have somethin…

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  • Curious Poker Chip

    I Am Done.

    September 12, 2018 by Curious Poker Chip

    Done that is with my annoying comments on my thoughts on Luna and Sam. I want to try to never do it again and not have people have the wrong impression of me and block me on whatever site it is I mention it.

    I may not like it, but you keep on liking it and enjoying it. It's just a silly show.

    Full Story Here: [1]

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  • The Smarter, Wiser King Dedede

    PLOT: Lynn Jr.'s competitive and roughhousing nature reaches its peak when she fights a young man...for his toaster. That she fell in love with.

    (SIDENOTE: Yes this is a joke fic.)

    It was a bright, summer day in Royal Woods. The Loud kids we all doing their own thing. For example, Lincoln was in his room sticker grinding in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Elsewhere, Leni was doing the tide pod challenge even though it's been dead now for the past few months. But, what Lynn Jr. was doing was going to cause many people to question humanity in modern times.

    LYNN JR.: Time to hit the skateboard rink with Margo! But not before wolfing down all these meat subs I bought from that weird shady guy with all the tattoos! I--

    It was then that Lynn Jr. stopped dea…

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  • Aartistboy714
    • A fanfic where the animals speak but in their own perspectives (like Garfield).
    • I know Lincoln's never done this in the show, but I want to see a fanfic where Lincoln's the one taunting/teasing/laughing at one of his sisters' expense for his own amusement for once; I know you guys think he wouldn't do that, but I think he can be very blunt/threatening if he wanted too.
    • A fanfic where everything's the opposite!
    • A fanfic starring Myrtle from "Insta-gran."
    • A silent fanfic where no words are spoken but actions are described.
    • A fanfic where everyone sings instead of actually talking normally like a musical.
    • A fanfic where the Louds were babies/are grown-up or elderly.
    • A fanfic where Flip's the main focus.
    • A fanfic where one of the Louds' friends are the…
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  • Metool Bard

    When it comes to TLH, I don't sail that many ships.  That is, I only ship stuff that has been demonstrated in canon.  Now, I know what you're thinking.  If that's my criteria, where do I stand with characters who have multiple ships in canon?  Well, hopefully, this story will explain that.  Without further ado, here is:

    “Tristan?  I-Is that really you?  Omigosh, I thought you were—”

    “Dead?  Yeah, I get that a lot.  I really missed you, babe.”

    “OMG, I am literally getting goosebumps right now.  There’s nothing more beautiful than seeing two lovers reuniting.  Don’t you think so, Lucy?”

    Lucy simply shrugged her shoulders.  She remembered a time when Lori and Leni’s inane questions about her favorite show would annoy her to no end.  But after wat…

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  • Seffderrffrt

    Next fanfic title

    September 10, 2018 by Seffderrffrt

    Hello guys. I ran out of ideas for my next fanfic. So I need someone to give me the title for next one.

    NOTE: Ice Cream Monday is still in production.

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  • EnglishBoy3

    Theory on Lynn Loud Junior

    September 10, 2018 by EnglishBoy3

    I’m probably walking into dangerous territory by doing this but after some thought and consideration I decided, you know what, let's do this. Now AnimationFan15 made a post earlier about a fan asking Jared Morgan about Lynn’s lack of development, and the response was that Lynn had some untapped potential. But what exactly did he mean by that?

    It’s no secret that Lynn is one of the more misunderstood characters on the tv show, and this theory is something I came up with by looking back on past episodes. Now in the episode Insta-Gran, one line that stood out to me was the exchange between Lynn and Myrtle. Lynn was unhappy about the luck being washed out of her clothes and Myrtle said ‘Who needs luck, when you have skills like yours’ before p…

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  • LoudFanWolf

    Please Stay

    September 10, 2018 by LoudFanWolf

    Please Stay, a story written by LoudFanWolf. A/N: This story is actually a (sort of) sequel to another story of mine, titled, "We'll Be There For You." So, I suggest you read that one before you read this one.

    Derek Gabriel was laying on the Loud family couch, looking up at the ceiling with a neutral expression, one that seemed to show no emotion whatsoever. As Derek was still staring at the ceiling, the upside-down but beautiful face of his girlfriend, Luan Loud, obstructed his vision.

    "Hey, Derk! What're you doing, honey?"

    "Oh, nothing, Lulu. Just thinking about stuff." Derek deadpanned.

    Luan noticed her boyfriends almost emotionless facial expression quickly.

    "Hey, are you alright, Derk?"

    "Oh yeah, I'm fine. Dont worry."

    But worry Luan did, and…

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  • MrTyeDye

    Thanks to Thomperfan for the cover!

    [We open on the couch. This time, Lincoln and Lisa are joined by Luan, Lynn and Lola.]

    Lincoln: Hey, everyone! Welcome back to Peeking Through the Fourth Wall. Today we'll be taking another dive into the world of deviantART. This is "Truth or Dairy" by fishprom2955!

    (It starts at night; Lincoln and his siblings are playing Pictionary)

    Lynn: Is it… a football?

    Lisa: Negative.

    Lynn: Lisa's drawing? That's a recipe for disaster.

    Lola: We're probably gonna be guessing for an hour. At least.

    Lisa: Are you denigrating the artistic skills of a four-year-old?

    Lynn: A Nobel Prize-winning four-year-old.

    Lisa: ...fair enough. Still, I must concede that the visual arts are my Achilles' Heel. Stubby fingers.

    Lana: Ooh! I know! It's a rea…

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  • Seffderrffrt

    Lincoln loud

    September 9, 2018 by Seffderrffrt
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  • Maplacher1012

    (It has been less than a year scence Lincoln became friends with Mr. Grouse. It's the last day of school before Christmas break. At school, 12 year old Lincoln has his back pack on and is standing near his locker, suddenly, Clyde and Girl Jordan approach him)

    Girl Jordan: Hey, Lincoln, do you want to come to my Christmas party tomorrow night?

    Clyde: Yeah, you might have a great time.

    (Clyde and Girl Jordan kiss)

    Lincoln: I can't. (Bumbed out) Tomorrow is our yearly white elephant gift exchange.

    Clyde: Why are you sad about that?

    Lincoln: Because Luan will be there. If you think you're going to get something go, show swoops down and swipes your gift, then you're stuck with her prank one. (Walks away) Well, see ya.

    (At the loud house in the parents…

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  • The Smarter, Wiser King Dedede

    Like, can we seriously stop dragging people's opinions and issues from DeviantArt, or any other site for that matter, onto this site? I feel it's disrespectful to basically bring their opinions and issues onto this site, when they probably don't want that to be happening. Almost all the time they don't even know their opinions/issues are being posted onto here, so it's almost like posting behind their backs.

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  • Asdfgrew

    It starts with Lana and Lola holding a container with goggles in them, approaching a dug hole


    It feels so good to be back. You look nervous.

    Screen moves over to Lincoln, sitting on the seat attached to the slingshot, which is used as the launching pad. In the distance is a very tall tree.

    Lincoln: Do I? 'Cause I'm not. I mean it's not like we're not going to do this.

    Lola: You're the one who wanted to do it.

    Lincoln: I'm the one who wanted to do it. 'Cause we gotta know when it's coming out, and that's important.

    Lana: It's not that important.

    Lincoln: It's a slug.

    The twins throws the container away.

    Lola: It's THE slug.

    The Twins walk forward and look at the hole.

    Lana: I'm sure it's gonna come out soon, it's in the book.

    Lincoln: Yeah, it's i…

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