• Thomperfan

    I saw this status on AndrewBrauer's DeviantArt and if you want to check it out, click here. And he did make some good points. What do you guys think?

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    Toys coming this fall

    February 21, 2018 by CAPRAFILMS

    I heard the news that US toy manufacturer, Wicked Cool Toys will be launching a line of collectible figures and plush toys inspired by the cartoon.

    I would love to see a Loud Family set, that would be fantastic.

    Which toys do you think you plan on buying? Which one is your favorite?

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  • Thomperfan

    Oh, so two episodes in and we’re now going to school. Interesting. So Lincoln is trying to get through his school day, but someone keeps on pranking him and embarrassing him in front of all his classmates, who take delight in taking embarrassing pictures of him. At the end of the day, Lincoln says he’s finally had enough.

    [Lincoln and Clyde are walking home from school.]

    Clyde: "So, you really confronted that bully?"

    Lincoln: "That's right. I said to meet me at 3:30 in front of my house, and we're gonna settle this."

    Clyde: [worried for his friend] "Whoa! You're gonna fight?!"

    Lincoln: "I'm not an animal, Clyde. I'm going to deliver a strongly worded soon as I write it."

    Ah, that’s Lincoln. Always trying to be as rational as he can. Clyd…

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  • 007Jamesdean

    Vince's Journey P6

    February 21, 2018 by 007Jamesdean

    Vince, Naruto, Sakura, Fu and Jiraiya were on their way to find Tsunade of the Sannin. They decided to rest in a hotel and Jiraiya was away doing his thing.

    Naruto: That is so typical of Pervy Sage. 

    Sakura: Yeah, he is a pervert isn't he?

    Vince: He's a self-proclaimed super-pervert and he writes those cruddy books that Kakashi-sensei likes.

    Fu: That's weird.

    Naruto: No kidding.

    There was a knock on the door.

    Vince: I sense two powerful energy signals. It's the Akatsuki. Let me handle this.

    Vince opened the door and Naruto, Sakura and Fu were hiding. The Akatsuki members at the door were Kisame and Konan, just as Vince first thought.

    Vince: Konan and Kisame Hoshigaki. It's an honor to meet the Scourage of the Mist and the most powerful member of th…

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  • The Epicness9000

    My first shortfiction. Enjoy. Somehow inspired by LoudFanWolf.

    The windows were dark. The lights were out. The halls were empty.

    It was nighttime in the Loud household. However, a gradient of red can be seen over the horizon. Dawn.

    Luna woke up to her alarm blaring through her headphones. She slowly woke up with a yawn. Calmly, she changed into her lavender plaid dress, purple shirt, and indigo boots. Now ready for the morning, she silently went downstairs to the kitchen, gazing over to a digital clock on the stove.


    Quietly, she walked over to the counter and opened the medicine cabinet, looking for a bottle of Deplin to help her keep focused for the day. She had to take it at an early time to feel its effects during the day.

    Work in progr…

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  • MrAnimatedToon

    Loud House Question 13

    February 21, 2018 by MrAnimatedToon

    If you could imagine a genderbent name for the other Loud House characters (the ones outside the Loud siblings), how would you call them?

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  • Movie&TVfan000

    A fanfiction idea

    February 21, 2018 by Movie&TVfan000

    It's Eric here everyone, and you know what ticks me off? Fortnite. I LOATHE Fortnite, every teen is like addicted to it and won't stop talking about it. I was thinking, maybe Lincoln could be one of those annoying kids who are obsessed with it and his sisters get annoyed. I think this is a good idea, but I wanna hear your thoughts. Rate my idea down below.

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  • Blackace27

    In Lynn’s Defense

    February 20, 2018 by Blackace27

    Hi Wiki Nerds, it’s your main man Ace.

    So I was on a three and thought of something, ever since NSL, lynn has been portrayed as a complete A hole.

    So I am going to list the 5 best things about lynn

    After the events of “Lynner takes all”, (not a good moment for lynn granted) at the end she saw her errors and started to become a better sport. That takes courage to admit you are wrong.

    In “along came a sister” lynn willingly risked being poisoned by the exterminator’s toxic gases, just to help her brother keep his social status.

    In Tattler’s tale, she went along with being lola’s Slave, even though she could have beat Lola into silence or done something worse. She could have did that to Lori in “no guts, no Glori” yet she didn’t.

    Even though I said…

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  • MrTyeDye

    [We open on the couch. This time, Lincoln and Lisa are joined by Lynn, Lana and Lola.]

    Lincoln: Hey, everyone, welcome back! Today, we're gonna be trying something a little different. Instead of reading one story, we're going to be reading three short ones!

    Lynn: Yeah! So, it's like, instead of serving you a big meatball sub, we'll be serving you a plate of jalapeño poppers, and then a plate of mozzarella sticks, and then a bowl of fully loaded nachos, with salsa and guacamole and sour cream. [Closes eyes and smiles dreamily while rubbing her tummy] Mmmm...

    Lisa: You could have just said we're serving three appetizers instead of a main course.

    Lynn: Where's the fun in that?

    Lisa: ...point taken. But Lincoln, I'm curious; will these three stories be uni…

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  • MrAnimatedToon

    You know?

    February 20, 2018 by MrAnimatedToon

    Since my first fanfic has been getting a real positive reception lately, I might continue making fanfics.

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  • That Engineer


    February 20, 2018 by That Engineer

    Time sure flies when your busy with life and work. The date almost creeped up on me when I realized it's been about a year since Syngenesophobia was published. While I do wish that today's chapter could've been about something everyone had waited for since 21, an extra long chapter is just as good. Pretty soon Worth will be a year old as well (a week after the date of a certain episode). 

    Anyway, I'm sending a thanks to everyone who supported the story all the way up to now and felt the emotion of not just Lincoln, but every other character in the story. I probably wouldn't have kept going with it without that encouragement. It still surprises me how quickly that story caught fire on the first date it was out. I might even have another subp…

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  • Zman12346

    I think "Change of heart" is a very underrated episode.
    I honestly expected it to get much more popularity than I see it get.
    It's the one episode I always watch first whenever I go back to Loud House and it never seems to get old however many times I watch it.
    So let me justify myself.

    First of all I like the fact that this episode shows the Show staff addressing the complaints and comments of the viewers.
    For the first time in perhaps the entire run of the show, Lori is not mistreating Clyde or just taking him for granted anymore. (Unless you count "A fair to remember" but in that episode she dragged him through a lot of things when he was still unconscious and needed medical attention and all she did to redeem herself for that was to give po…

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  • YoshiOrange15








    I think it would’ve been pretty hilarious if they used Ode to Joy as the title card theme.



    Luna: [playing her guitar and singing] I love to do nothing and hang out and waste time

    Luna is singing about the main problem with the episode.



    Come on, it doesn’t take that much money or effort to make the new family drive in slow motion. Yeah, lets just flash some frames to make it look like it’s slow motion.



    Lola: They look so… so… perfect.

    They’re probably no better than you, Lola.



    Lynn Sr: On it! [blows the leaf blower at his wife, getting her clean.] Good to go.

    That’s clever, but still no way to treat a lady.



    Rita: "Wow." [chuckles] "How did you do th…

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  • YoshiOrange15

    Worst Loud House Titles

    February 20, 2018 by YoshiOrange15

    Read Aloud - By the title, the fans obviously may think it would be an episode about Rita Loud, but no, it's mainly about Lola, besides Rita only has 8 lines in the entire episode. (And yes, I looked at the episode's transcript and found that she only has 8 lines.) The only memorable line Rita has in the episode is when she is actually willing to lock up Lola in the attic just because Lucy suggested it.

    Garage Banned - By the title, you'd expect, "Wow! The writers finally make a Season 2 episode focusing on Luna!" Nope, it's a Season 2 episode focusing on Lori. The only memorable thing about this episode is when Luna punches Lincoln in the throat. No, Luna only shakes her fist threateningly at him, but that's what everyone treats it like.


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  • YoshiOrange15

    I don't care if they didn't get cookies. They didn't deserve them anyway. They only cared about their own personal benefits. I also didn't see them supporting Lola and Lana.

    This was a joke blog...Even though these are my real thoughts.

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  • 820BienvenedaAve

    I know the above title card in this image is a fake (as it was drawn using digital paint software), but are the credits in it real, as if it was from an upcoming episode that was leaked?

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  • 007Jamesdean

    Vince's Journey P5

    February 20, 2018 by 007Jamesdean

    It was the month long break before the finals of the Chunin Exams. Vince was training Naruto, Sakura, Fu, Rin and Yugito at an extremely vigorous and powerful level. He was training them in all the fields and more.

    After an intense week of training Vince and Naruto walked around and they saw a man with long white hair peeping into the bath house.

    Vince: (Sigh) Master Jiraiya you just will never learn.

    Naruto: Watch this Vince.

    Naruto tip-toed up to him from behind and he kicked him in the butt and sent him crashing through the wall and he landed in the springs.

    Woman: (Screams) You disgusting old man!

    They slapped, bit, punched and kicked him.

    Jiraiya: Now ladies plea... (Slap) OW!

    Naruto: Sorry about that ladies. Pervy Sage just doesn't know how …

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  • IantheVeggieFan1998to2017

    (It starts with Lincoln and Ian riding in Vanzilla with Lori driving)

    Ian:Thanks for inviting me on your trip to the big city. I've never been to a city before.

    Lincoln:You're gonna love it Ian.

    Lori:Me and Lincoln have some friends that live there.

    Ian:(is surprised)You do?

    Lincoln:Yep. Of course one of our friends is her boyfriend.

    Ian:Who is it?

    Lincoln:Oh you'll see.

    (Later Lincoln,Lori,and Ian arrive at the Casagrande Apartment,')

    Lori:Here we are.

    (the Casagrandes notice Lincoln,Lori,and Ian)

    CJ:Lincoln and Lori are here! Hooray!

    Lincoln:(hugs CJ as he hugs him back)How've you been?

    CJ:I've been fine.

    Lincoln:This is my new friend Ian.

    Ian:Pleased to meet you. (shakes CJ's hand)

    (After meeting some of the other Casagrande family)

    Lincoln:Now here's a…

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  • LoudFanWolf

    Just as the title says, I have finished writing my most recent story "We'll be there for you." Please go read it, and comment, tell me what you think! :)

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  • TXToonGuy1037

    The art page to my recent favorite episode, City Slickers!

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  • TheSuperKoopaBros11

    Hi Everyone!

    February 20, 2018 by TheSuperKoopaBros11

    Hi, Everyone. I'm new to this wiki...

    but I have a question: Does your Wiki Discord  have anything against Raiding? 

    Does this wiki have a twitter account?

    I'm just checking the Wiki rules... right now because you guys might have a Supicious mind on me. i guess.

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  • LoudFanWolf

    We'll be there for you

    February 20, 2018 by LoudFanWolf

    We'll be there for you, a story written by LoudFanWolf.

    WARNING: The following story contains discussions/conversations about the dark topics of depression and suicide; if you are sensitive to these topics, I suggest that you do not read this story, but it's ultimately your decision. And before you ask, NO, this story does not revolve around Lincoln being depressed due to his sisters treating him badly. This isn't any kind of episode-criticizing fanfic either. Anyway, reader discretion is advised.

    It was an average Friday afternoon at The Loud House, well as average as it could be. After finishing her homework, Luna Loud was ready for another awesome band rehearsal with her amazing girlfriend/bassist Sam, her rocking drummer/brother Lincoln,…

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  • MrAnimatedToon

    Note: This fanfic includes a headcanon my DA friend, Eweiss53/Ezmanify came up with.

    [It was a sunny day in Royal Woods, Michigan. And in the Loud House, the young genius of the family was expecting a visit from her friend, Darcy Homandollar. She was in her room with her baby sister, Lily.]

    Lisa (with an unusual good mood): This is a very special day, my youngest sibling.

    [Lily coos in confusion.]

    Lisa: Why? Because today my friend from kindergarten, Darcy Homandollar, finally comes to visit me! Normally we can only get to see each other at school, but now her parents let her come to my house so we can have a playdate.

    [After that, Lily was giggling over the fact of how happy her older sister was. And at that moment, the others, sans Lori, came…

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  • MrTyeDye

    [We open on the couch. This time, Lincoln and Lisa are joined by Lynn, Lana and Lola.]

    Lincoln: Hey, everyone, welcome back! Today, we're gonna be trying something a little different. Instead of reading one story, we're going to be reading three short ones!

    Coach: Lynn, because of your bruised hand, I would like you to be the shag.

    Lola: The what?

    Lynn: The shag. That's the player who goes and fetches the ball whenever it gets out of bounds.

    (Lynn gasps. She could not believe what the coach had said.)

    Lynn: (hurt) The Shag?!

    Coach: Yes, the Shag.

    (Lynn thinks that being the shag is the smallest job on the team and not a job for her.)

    Lynn: Well, I wouldn't mind doing it for just one practice...

    Lana: Wait a minute, though. Because you hurt your hand, you can…

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  • Thomperfan

    Episode 2 is here!

    February 19, 2018 by Thomperfan

    Episode 2 of Loud House episode commentaries is finally here. Click the link below to watch it.

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  • Justsomeordinarydude

    Fool Me Twice

    This was a passable episode. How much you enjoy will ultimately depend upon how you view Luan’s character when she becomes the villain and decides to play pranks on the rest of the family. Basically, if you liked April Fools Rules and Fools Paradise, you’ll probably be fond of this one. If you disliked them, then you’re probably going to find this story off-putting. Early on, it seemed as if the plot would mainly revolve around the idea of the Louds trying to pull off the plan of having their stunt doubles impersonate them for the duration of the episode until near the end when Luan figures out (or revealed that she knew all along) that they weren’t the real deal. Instead, that reveal is executed early on, and the majority of …

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  • Skskssjsus

    Lets begin.

    Cappy: is that a house?

    Mario: mama-mia.

    (Cappy and Mario look through a window).

    Cappy: (sees Loud family) woah. 11 people?

    (Siblings notice them.)

    Mario and Cappy: *gasp*

    Lola: what are you doing? (all louds come outside)

    Linc: whoa is that an airship?

    Cappy: its the Odyssey.

    Lori: aaah! A talking hat!

    Cappy: im cappy!

    Lori: who is that then.

    Mario: its-a-me Mario!

    Luna: whats your hat gonna do mario? It looks like it could do anything.

    Cappy: look what i can do! *captures Cliff*

    (louds gasp)

    Cappy: *uncaptures Cliff* see?

    Mario: have you-a-seen the princess?

    Lola: me?

    Mario: no, Princess-a-Peach.

    Lola: oh.

    Luna: wanna hear me rock out?

    Mario: yes.

    (luna rocks out. The theme is from super mario bros 1.)

    Mario: awesome!

    (Night approaches)

    Mario: (walks …

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  • LoudHouseFan19

    Happy Birthday Me!!!

    February 19, 2018 by LoudHouseFan19

    Pretty self-explanatory title, but still, happy birthday to me!!

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  • TheMaximumMatt

    Joke Blog

    February 19, 2018 by TheMaximumMatt

    Someone try explaining this...

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  • TheMaximumMatt

    Remember this series anyone? Yeah. I’m still doing it. It ain’t dead.

    Here’s a bit of an update. Remember how I said No Such Luck was going to be the next analysis? Yeah... there’s been a slight change in plans. No Such Luck will not be the next episode I will review. Why? Two reasons:

    1. I am very mixed about the episode itself. So much so that putting it into words is a bit hard for me.

    2. Everything that has been said about the episode has been talked about to death. If I were to review it at this point, I’d just be acting redundant.

    In fact, the second reason is one that I want to talk about when it comes to the future of this series. This series will not be covering every single episode on the show.

    I’m not gonna do an episode where:

    1. Everyth…

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  • 007Jamesdean

    Vince's Journey P4

    February 19, 2018 by 007Jamesdean

    Vince and Team Thunder Angel, and numerous Genin Shinobi from various villages were walking over to Training Ground 44 and they arrived in 10 minutes and Anko was waiting for them.

    Anko: Welcome to Training Ground 44 or as I affectionately call it The Forest of Death.

    Horrifying music plays and everyone gulps in fear.

    Vince: Me and Naruto have been in here before guys and we know this forest like the backs of our hands.

    Sakura: I can believe it Vince.

    Akiko: Me too. 

    Samui: That is cool.

    Fu: This is gonna be awesome.

    Anko threw a kunai at Vince and he bent his head to the left and he grabbed the blade with his fingers.

    Anko: Good catch Vince.

    Vince: Thanks Anko. 

    Anko: Also Sakura that was a great prank you pulled in the Academy during your test. I d…

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  • IronRaphRa

    An Odd Idea

    February 19, 2018 by IronRaphRa

    Well, I've heard that Sam's going to have a brother named Simon. I know it's just a wild guess, but what happens if Simon ends up being the bratty kid?

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  • Thomperfan

    Something disappointing

    February 19, 2018 by Thomperfan

    I went to play the new Nickelodeon champions of the chill game, expecting it to be better than the last one. I was especially looking forward to the Loud House section but I was pretty disappointed when I actually played. It was just the same as the first COTC game, except with different characters, and SpongeBob takes up half off the games, and they didn't even make any new music or anything or even come up with any new games. I also would have liked to see the other Loud sisters.

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  • TheFlyTeen

    So on Sam's page, it says she has a brother named Simon. I wonder what he looks like...

    Also in the comments, you can guess his age, I guess he might be around 11-14 years old.

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  • BatSam247

    Lynn's Losing Streak

    February 19, 2018 by BatSam247

    [The episode starts with Lincoln playing "Super Smash Bros. for Wii U" on the living room couch.]

    Lincoln: Yeah! Another victory for the Linc! And to think I was almost KO'd at the last second.

    [Enter Lynn.]

    Lynn: Hey, bro! Whatcha playin'?

    Lincoln: Just playing some Smash Brothers.

    Lynn: Can I play? I've got nothing else to do since basketball season's over.

    Lincoln: Sure. Why not? Go ahead and grab a controller.

    Lynn: Alright. [goes off to do so and comes back with a Wii U Pro Controller] Got my controller! [sits down next to Lincoln] So, what's next?

    Lincoln: Just go ahead and type in your name, pick a character, and we'll be all set.

    Lynn: Hmm-mmm. First it's the name... [types in her name] Lynn... [presses "OK"] Now, to pick a character.


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  • Gumball2

    Lincoln: Hello and welcome back to "Let's Watch".

    Leni: Now that the dark and scary stuff is done, we can get on with the real show!

    (Lincoln turns to his big sister)

    Lincoln: You didn't like the first two episodes?

    Leni: I did. But now things aren't scary.

    Lucy: The real terror now is...emotion.


    Lincoln: So Lucy, who's your favorite character?

    Lucy: You actually wanna know?

    Lincoln: Of course I do. Why wouldn't I?

    Lucy: 'Cause no one cares.

    Lincoln: I do.

    Leni: Yeah! We all do, Lucy!

    (Lucy slowly brings her arms to her chest. She flicks her hair before allowing her arms to rest in a crossed position. The silence is as awkward as this description)

    Lucy: Twily is my favorite.

    Leni: Ooooo! Why her?

    Lucy: What's your theory?

    Leni: This isn't about me. This is ab…

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  • MrTyeDye

    Pretty cool, huh? The page has been up for a few weeks now, but I don't think I've told all of you about it yet. So... I might as well tell you now, I guess.

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  • TheMaximumMatt

    A/N: Please read the trivia when reading this shortfic.

    [Lincoln walks in from the front of the door holding his nose. He looks around to see if anyone's inside]

    Lincoln: Good. No one's home.

    [With a sigh of relief, Lincoln races to upstairs]

    Lincoln: Now I just gotta get to the bathroom before anyone knows.

    [Lincoln runs up the stairs and is about to turn to the bathroom, when he sees Leni right in front of him]

    Lincoln: Ah!

    Leni: Hi, Linky.

    Lincoln: Leni. I can't talk right now. I gotta go.

    Leni: Lincoln? Why are you holding your nose like that?

    Lincoln: Uh. It's nothing, just-

    Leni: No. Come on. Let me see!

    Lincoln: No. I'd rather not...

    Leni: Why not?

    Lincoln: You won't help. You'll laugh at me.

    Leni: What? What makes you think that?

    Lincoln: Well, so…

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  • Movie&TVfan000

    Yo everyone it's Eric. I need to talk about something, why people like Leni Loud. It makes me mad, You people like her only for the reason that she's good looking. If she was ugly and looked like a moose, I bet ya'll wouldn't like her. It bothers me you only like a girl because she has pretty hair and looks good. I am disgusted. That is no reason to like a girl. You like a girl for being kind, sweet, and fun. Not because she looks good. I can't believe I have to remind people this..

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  • SpongeGuy12

    Canon vs Fanon Lincoln

    February 18, 2018 by SpongeGuy12

    Canon: A thick skinned boy that can deal with any chaos he goes through.

    Fanon: A complete crybaby that cries anytime anyone fights or even slightly upsets him.

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  • YoshiOrange15

    Here is something that I thought of yesterday, and finished today.

    1. Best Episode
    2. Worst Episode
    3. Overrated Episode
    4. Underrated Episode
    5. Most Memorable Episode
    6. Most Forgettable Episode
    7. Best Lincoln Episode
    8. Best Lori Episode
    9. Best Leni Episode
    10. Best Luna Episode
    11. Best Luan Episode
    12. Best Lynn Episode
    13. Best Lucy Episode
    14. Best Lana Episode
    15. Best Lola Episode
    16. Best Lisa Episode
    17. Best Lily Episode
    18. Best Clyde Episode
    19. Best Siblings Episode
    20. Best Special
    21. Worst Special
    22. Funniest Episode
    23. Least Funny Episode
    24. Episode With The Best Ending
    25. Episode With The Worst Ending
    26. Episode With The Funniest Ending
    27. Best Non-Sisters Episode
    28. Worst Non-Sisters Episode
    29. Most Boring Episode
    30. Most Surprising Episode

    1. Snow Way Out
    2. The Green House
    3. One Flu Over The Loud House
    4. Sleuth or Consequences
    5. A Tattler's Tale
    6. Back out There; …

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  • GigiXZ777

    Chain: 1

    February 18, 2018 by GigiXZ777

    It was a long day. Considering that Lola got a 0 from the judges became a problem. Luan got kicked out of LOL Comedy Club for swearing in the toddler's show. Someone punched Lily at day care. (Fact: this occurs after Potty Mouth due to Lily being in day care.) Lisa had a… You get the point. Surprisingly, (only true fans will notice this) Leni came up with a smart idea: Get money. We'll have better luck. Lincoln said we could create a online auction store. Lisa created the store. Read how she got the store on in my upcoming blog post S265HLOUD: A Dark Science Fiction Story. To be continued to work on S265HLOUD...

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  • Thomperfan

    Welcome back everyone! Now, we’re going to take a look at what does during the day in the Loud House.

    So we see that Lincoln is playing a virtual reality zombie simulator, where you, twerk to stop the zombies. Yeah, that’s totally not weird at all. But in doing so, he accidentally stumbled in Lori and Leni’s room, where he found a very angry Lori Loud.

    Lori: "There's only one rule in this house: Stay out of my bedroom! If I catch you in here again, I will literally turn you into a human pretzel!" [on the phone] "No, not you, Bobby." [giggles] "One sec, okay?" [kicks Lincoln out of her room.]

    Whoa, Lori, what the heck?! Seriously, that came out of nowhere. Looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. This was a seriously callo…

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  • Pablo Solis Ledesma

    "WARNING: If this blog can't be published for don't got any theme with "The Loud House", it's okey, simply close him and no troubles"

    Im Pablo Solis Ledesma. I want to share us this art i do for a series of cartoons entitled "The Three Brothers" and some from "Musical Tales". All are "back-tapes", because is more easy to write than draw on paint a "VHS" tape.

    I got more but well...

    There's a project i want to do about a non-related to the Loud House history composed of 3 cartoons entitled "The Misadventures of Michi Cat".

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  • The Epicness9000

    New Fanfiction 2

    February 18, 2018 by The Epicness9000

    Now that my first fanfiction to be named by the public is now named "Got Bacon, Mate?", I got another new idea for a fanfiction.

    The Louds discover the DVR feature on their TV. Initially, things are okay, but then it starts to spiral out of control when some of the sisters spare watched recordings instead of deleting them and following their promise.

    I need a title for this one. Additionally, do you consider "Fearful Harm-Leni" a good title for a fanfiction based on Fearful HARMONY and Leni?

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  • Ultrablud2

    If you were given the chance to make an AFD episode, how would it go?

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  • SpongeGuy12

    Since Sounds of Silence is considered one of the worst episodes, let's see if the Looney Tunes Show did this plot better. Tell me in that comments why one is better than the other.

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  • YoshiOrange15

    Bad Fanfic Ideas

    February 17, 2018 by YoshiOrange15

    WARNING: This is a joke blog. I have no intention on making any of these as actual fanfics. If you would like me to make them, let me know in the comments.

    1. The Loud siblings become conservationists after playing Super Monkey Ball.

    2. The Louds become Sonic characters, and Royal Woods becomes a Sonic The Hedgehog game.

    • Lincoln as Sonic the Hedgehog
    • Lori as Rouge the Bat
    • Leni as Blaze the Cat
    • Luna as Sticks the Badger (Interestingly enough, Nika Futterman, Luna's voice actress, voices Sticks in the Sonic Boom cartoon)
    • Luan as Tails the Fox
    • Lynn as Knuckles the Echidna
    • Lucy as Shadow the Hedgehog
    • Lana as Charmy Bee
    • Lola as Amy Rose
    • Lisa as Dr. Eggman
    • Lily as Cream the Rabbit

    3. It's a normal day in The Loud House, but it's hijacked by a bunch of SpongeBob j…

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  • AlexKawa

    OK, so here we finally are. I reviewed City Slickers last week, and I did not like it. I gave it a D+, and looking back, I may have been being slightly too generous. I mean, it's bad, you guys! So if that one was bad, imagine how I figured this one would be! I mean, I was really looking forward to seeing the Casagrandes again, but I was unexcited for another April Fools Day episode. So, if an episode I was looking forward to turned out bad, imagine how an episode I was NOT looking forward to would turn out.

    But, to my surprise, this episode was good!

    So, as far as the April Fools trilogy goes, I hated April Fools Rules, though Fool's Paradise was pretty good, but did not make me want another April Fools episode. And this episode came …

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  • TheMaximumMatt

    A/N: Well... this one came out quicker than I thought.

    Synopsis: A new friendship is created when Lincoln discovers one of Lori’s friends likes the things he does.

    [Lincoln is in an excited mood. He sits very closely to the TV watching the newest episode of ARGGH! on his DVR.]

    Spector: (whispering) I don’t feel anything yet. It seems pretty normal up- (Hears a crash downstairs) What was that?! I heard something move down there. I’m heading for the kitchen. I’m going in!

    Lincoln: (To TV) Careful! The fridge looks dangerously sickening!

    Lori: (Annoyed) Lincoln! Do you mind keeping it down?! My friends are gonna be here soon. I can't have all that noise drowning out our conversations!

    Lincoln: But, Lori! This is the end of the Morgan Mansion trilogy. Spect…

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