Becky is a minor character in The Loud House, who appears as one of Lori's party guests in "Party Down".


Not much is known about her, but she's Lori's friend, as she invited her to her party. However, Becky didn't like Lori's sophisticated party, because it was slow, boring, and passive, but what she did like, was Lincoln's party tricks, which she asked for more.

She was so bored of Lori's sophisticated party, that she pretended her mom called her after stubbing her toe and used that as an excuse to leave. After Leni sends Becky a video of Lori having fun with her siblings, she is convinced to come back to Lori's party, even bringing pizza.


Becky is a tall, slim teenage girl, with long red hair, two pairs of eyelashes, and green eyeshadow. She wears white earrings, black bracelets, a sleeveless shirt with green and blue stripes, black skinny jeans, and brown sandals.


Season 2

Season 3


  • Her earrings are similar to Lola's, and her bracelets are similar to Luna and Paige's.
  • Her name comes from Rebecca, which means "Servant of God" in Hebrew.
  • Lincoln calls her "babushka", which is the Russian equivalent of the word "old woman" or "grandmother".
  • Becky looks similar to the Unnamed Woman.
  • "ARGGH! You For Real?" reveals that she's a fan of ARGGH!, since she was at the taping for the episode.
  • Her Polish name is Delcia, which is a diminutive for Adelina (Adeline).

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