Artie is a minor character in The Loud House. He is one of Lincoln's schoolmates and seems to get along with him.


S1E09A How do you feel about enclosed spaces

Lucy asking for Artie's thoughts on enclosed spaces.

He first appeared in "Making the Case" as Lincoln's rival in a karate tournament.

In "Overnight Success", when Lincoln has a falling out with Clyde, while Liam and Chad have run away, he decides to invite Artie over to spite him. He lies to Artie about him being his first choice for a sleepover guest, but it was pretty obvious he wasn't since he already crossed Liam and Chad off a list he had for potential guests, and they ran away from his sisters. Before they can do anything, Lucy tells them that she needs a volunteer to act as a body for a practice funeral, and asks Artie how he handles enclosed spaces. Artie may be claustrophobic because Lucy wanted his assistance for the practice, and the mere mention of enclosed spaces causes him to run away.

He appears again in "Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru" making his first voice role. Here, he was the only one at school who tried Lincoln and Clyde's salt and vinegar pies. After having the first bite, he spits it out in disgust.

He reappears in "Dance, Dance Resolution" accidentally getting hit in the face by a volleyball, courtesy of Lincoln. He's later seen slow dancing with Joy.

He is seen in "Mall of Duty" waiting in line at the mall to get an autograph.

Artie appears in the comic story "Hoppily Ever After" (seen in There Will Be More Chaos). After Lola kisses Hops, she mistakenly believes that Artie is a prince that Hops turned into.


Artie is a svelte (slender and elegant) boy with a brunette pixie cut. He wears a yellow sweatshirt with a horizontal stripe on the center, jeans, and white sneakers. In "Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru", he wore a red sweater with a single stripe on it.


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