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Albert (more commonly known as Pop-Pop) is the maternal grandfather of the Loud kids, father of Rita, and father-in law of Lynn Sr. He lives in a nursing home.


Albert is first mentioned in "Chore and Peace" by Leni, when she mentions Lincoln's white hair.

In "Cover Girls," he makes his first on-screen appearance. He makes a video call through the computer to talk with his grandchildren. Because he wasn't using his glasses, he couldn't clearly recognize the Loud children, who were dressed up like their other siblings.

He has a major role in "The Old and the Restless." He moves into the Sunset Canyon retirement home where he is under the supervision of a strict nurse named Sue, but he and Lincoln go out for a fun time. At first, Lincoln is happy to have a fun time with his Pop-Pop until he realizes they need to get back to the retirement home before curfew, or he'll be kicked out. When it's too late, the other senior citizens stand up for Albert, and Sue lets him stay. Albert thanks Lincoln for the fun day that they had together.

He is mentioned in "Making the Grade", having to wait an hour at a train station since Lisa didn't tell Rita when he would arrive, since Lincoln convinced her to be average.


Albert is a burly man, with white hair, and a large tuft of his hair that sticks up, much like Lincoln's hair. He also has gray mustache and thick gray eyebrows as well. On his right forearm he has a tattoo of an anchor.

He wears a white button-up shirt, blue jeans with a black belt and orange suspenders. He also has glasses hanging on his neck when he's not using them.


He loves all his grandchildren and likes talking to them and hanging out with them. He loves adventures, sport activities and eating spicy food. Because of Sue's toxic control he lost self-confidence but Lincoln proved he's still fit despite his age. He was grateful for this.



S2E02B Lincoln hugs Albert

Lincoln hugs Albert.

Albert is quite close to Lincoln. He greeted him with hug when they met in person. They both like having fun with each other. They both tried to jump into the pool and playing twister. In the past they also played paintball in the forest. Lincoln convinced his granddad that despite his age he's still fit and fun loving and he was grateful for this.


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  • The color and style of his hair is exactly like Lincoln's. As such, Albert calls him his "lookalike." It is possible that Lincoln inherited it from him. 
  • "Cover Girls" reveals that Albert is near-sighted.
  • "The Old and the Restless" reveals that Albert is the Loud siblings' maternal grandfather.
  • The fact that Albert is old, but still quite spry is similar to Arnold's grandpa from the Nickelodeon series Hey Arnold!, who, in one episode, was proven to be in such good physical shape for someone his age (he's 81), that his doctor claimed that, theoretically-speaking, he could live to the age of 150.
  • In "The Old and the Restless", it is hinted that Albert might have been in the Navy, on the count of his tattoo, and his paintball fight with active navy soldiers.
  • His wife was never shown on screen. It's unknown if he's a widower, or divorced. Albert's last name (Rita's maiden name) has never been revealed.

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