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A casa dei Loud (English: A House of Louds) is the Italian dub of The Loud House.


This dub premiered on June 8, 2016 on Nickelodeon Italy, with a preview having been aired on May 15, 2016.


Character Voice
Lincoln Flag of Italy Alessio De Filippis
Lori Flag of Italy Jolanda Granato
Leni Flag of Italy Giuliana Atepi
Luna Flag of Italy Elena Perino
Luan Flag of Italy Irene Multari
Lynn Flag of Italy Giada Bonanomi
Lucy Flag of Italy Gea Riva
Lola Flag of Italy Monica Volpe
Lana Flag of Italy Jolanda Granato
Lisa Flag of Italy Giuliana Atepi
Lily Flag of Italy Giada Bonanomi
Clyde Flag of Italy Andrea Rotolo
Rita Flag of Italy Katia Follesa (episodes 1-13)
Flag of Italy Lucia Valenti (episode 14 onward)
Lynn Sr. Flag of Italy Luca Ghignone
Bobby Flag of Italy Alessandro Germano
Ronnie Anne Flag of Italy Tiziana Martello
Loni Flag of Italy Gianandrea Muià




  • In this dub, Lincoln and Clyde's voices sounds deeper (similar to the Albanian and Brazilian Portuguese dubs).
  • The dub is produced with different actors from Rome, Milan, and Turin.
  • In the episode "Cheater by the Dozen", there's a mention to the Italian language, which could have been modified for this dub.


  • In the intro, the English logo is shown for a split second, then after the split second, the screen goes black and the Italian logo is shown.
    • Also, Lily doesn't say "Poo-Poo" at the end.

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