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The Loud House - 11 Loud Fails!01:57

The Loud House - 11 Loud Fails!

11 Loud Fails is a promotional video created by the Australian Nickelodeon website. It debuted in August 2016.


This promotional video counts down 11 moments when the Loud family fails at doing something.

  1. Pool Time: Lincoln destroying the kiddie pool after doing a cannonball. ("Linc or Swim")
  2. Feeding the Pets: Lincoln testing Lisa's "antidote" on Walt, making his feathers puff up. ("Project Loud House")
  3. Mowing the Lawn: Leni driving the lawnmower through the hedges. ("Driving Miss Hazy")
  4. Taking Out the Garbage: Lincoln leaving a trail of garbage on the walkway while taking out the trash. ("Chore and Peace")
  5. Science: An explosion comes out of Lisa and Lily's room, and a tentacle pulls Lisa back in. ("No Guts, No Glori")
  6. Carpool: The Loud kids destroying the family van while trying to claim the Sweet Spot. ("The Sweet Spot")
  7. Diaper Changing: Lily farting on Lincoln and Clyde's faces while they are attempting to change her diaper. ("Two Boys and a Baby")
  8. Grocery Shopping: The Loud kids getting into an argument, and fighting at the grocery store. ("Cereal Offender")
  9. Baby Sitting: The Loud kids fighting over Lily. ("Changing the Baby")
  10. Science Part 2: Lisa's chemicals creating an explosion that deafens the kids. ("Sound of Silence")
  11. Extreme Sports: Lincoln missing the window in an attempt to get into his room. ("Cover Girls")

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