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הרעשנים (English: The Louds) is the Hebrew dub of The Loud House.


This dub premiered on May 15, 2016 on Nickelodeon Israel.

Theme Song

שוב רצים במסדרון נמנעים מעוד אסון רק כדי להספיק לאסלה רעשנים שום דבר לא יעזור שוב אני בסוף התור עשר אחיות זו עסקת חבילה הרעשנים,הרעשנים רוץ,קפוץ,תתכופף! ולא תמיד זה כיף הרעשנים,הרעשנים בן אחד עשר בנות,אחיות או לא להיות


Voice Character
Guy Reifman
(גיא רייפמן)
Lincoln Loud, Linka Loud
Eden Gamliel
(עדן גמליאל)
Lori Loud, Giggles, Maggie
Maya Kadosh
(מייה קדוש)
Leni Loud, Cheerleader #1, Mollie Freilich (For Bros About to Rock), Polly Pain
Shir Coen
(שיר כהן)
Luna Loud, Classmate #5 (Save the Date), Haiku, Lindsey Sweetwater
Mika Gan Mor
(מיקה גן מור)
Luan Loud, Tippy (In Tents Debate), Mr. Coconuts
Shira Mandlovich
(שירה מנדלוביץ')
Lynn Loud, Boy Lynn Loud
Maya Alon
(מיה אלון)
Lucy Loud, Lars Loud, Margo
Aya Shenee
(איה שני)
Lana Loud, Biker Girls, Girl Jordan (The Green House, Study Muffin), Mollie, Twin Sister #2 (Raw Deal), Leif Loud, Preschooler #2 (The Price of Admission), Kid in the Van #2 (Vantastic Voyage)
Eilla Feldman
(איילה פלדמן)
Lola Loud, Girl #1 (The Green House), Kat, Teddy Bear Voice (Come Sale Away), Twin Sister #1 (Raw Deal), Lexx Loud, Preschooler #1 (The Price of Admission), Creepy Little Girl Voice (The Price of Admission), Kid in the Van #1 (Vantastic Voyage)
Tami Barak
(תמי ברק)
Lisa Loud, Ronnie Anne Santiago, Agnes Johnson (The Green House onwards), News Anchor (Out on a Limo, The Loudest Yard), Mrs. Jelinsky (Intern for the Worse), Scoots (For Bros About to Rock), Viking Singer (For Bros About to Rock), Ruth, Employee (Out on a Limo), Margie, Bratty Kid's Mom, Zombie Girl (Cereal Offender), Sample Lady (Cereal Offender), Joy, Female Customer #1 (Come Sale Away), Female Customer #2 (Come Sale Away), Workout Coach (Come Sale Away), Tabby, Levi Loud, Mom #2 (Funny Business), Tween #1 (Funny Business), Sue, Diem Doan (Suite and Sour), Secretary (Making the Grade), Secretary (Patching Things Up), Teri, Pam, Woman on Scanner (Lock 'N' Loud)
Talya Barkai
(טליה ברקאי)
Lily Loud, Rita Loud, Agnes Johnson (Project Loud House), News Anchor (Butterfly Effect, Snow Bored), Zach, Terrifying Zombie (Get the Message), Phone Voice (Get the Message), Computer Voice (Making the Case), Classmate #1 (Making the Case), Nun (Driving Miss Hazy), Mrs. Jelinsky (Driving Miss Hazy, Linc or Swim), Pool Manager #3 (Linc or Swim), Cheerleader #2, Stroller Mom (Hand-Me-Downer), Girl Jordan (Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru), Interviewer (Chore and Peace), Scoots (The Old and the Restless), Lana's Friend (Cover Girls), Classmate #1 (Save the Date), Classmate's Mom (Save the Date), Female Customer (Cereal Offender), Old Woman (Come Sale Away), Crying Baby (Come Sale Away), Kid (Come Sale Away), Game Voice (Dance, Dance Resolution), Leon Loud, Maggie's Mom, Ms. DiMartino, Whitney Wetta (Suite and Sour), Ms. Shrinivas, Scout Leader, Dana
Nadav Yerushalmi
(נדב ירושלמי)
Clyde McBride, Classmate #2 (Making the Case)
Gilan Shachaf
(גילן שחף)
Lynn Loud Sr., Bobby Santiago (Undie Pressure onwards), Chunk (Overnight Success, Chore and Peace, House Music), Liam (Study Muffin), Mick Swagger (Butterfly Effect, For Bros About to Rock), Rusty Spokes (Hand-Me-Downer), Hunter Spector (Cover Girls), Little Miss Cutie Pie Pageant Judge (Making the Case), Police Officer, Game Voice (No Guts, No Glori, Changing the Baby), TV Announcer (Sound of Silence), Jay Rock (Undie Pressure), Delivery Man (Undie Pressure), Pool Manager #1 (Linc or Swim), Pool Manager #2 (Linc or Swim), Chad, Kid #4 (Overnight Success), T-Bone (The Old and the Restless), Classmate #1 (The Green House), Boyz Will Be Boyz #1, Boyz Will Be Boyz #3, Boyz Will Be Boys #4, Mall Cop Captain, Ticket Guy (For Bros About to Rock), Pucker Uppenheimer, Donnie, Band Leader (Save the Date), Classmate #3 (Save the Date), Tetherby, Bandmate (House Music), Hot Dog Customer (A Novel Idea), Driver (A Novel Idea), Coach Pacowski, Andrew, Male Customer #2 (Come Sale Away), Manager (The Waiting Game), Referee (The Loudest Yard), Quarterback (The Loudest Yard), DJ (Dance, Dance Resolution), Carnival Worker #1 (A Fair to Remember), Luke Loud, Pizza Guy (Homespun), Cyclist (Homespun), Seymour, Kyle Marshall (Suite and Sour), Robot Todd (Making the Grade), Kotaro (Vantastic Voyage), Manager (Vantastic Voyage)
Saar Badishi
(סער בדישי)
Howard McBride, Mr. Grouse (A Novel Idea onwards), Albert, Flip, Jay Rock (Making the Grade), T-Bone (Hand-Me-Downer), Farmer, Colonel Crackers, News Man Tucker, Exterminator, Trashy, Boyz Will Be Boyz #2, Scalper (For Bros About to Rock), Blarney, Sean Gantka (For Bros About to Rock), Billy's father, Classmate #2 (Save the Date), Customer (Save the Date), Kirby, Cop (Out on a Limo), Dr. Feinstein, The Manager, Announcer (Cereal Offender), Male Customer #1 (Come Sale Away), Sloppy's Worker Man (Come Sale Away), TV Announcer #1 (Roughin' It), TV Announcer #2 (Roughin' It), Game Announcer (The Waiting Game), Coach (The Loudest Yard), Public Address Announcer (The Loudest Yard), Carnival Manager (A Fair to Remember), Loki Loud, Dad #1 (Funny Business), Patchy Drizzle, Narrator (The Price of Admission), Announcer (The Old and the Restless), Fritz, Ted (Vantastic Voyage), Dad in the Van (Vantastic Voyage), Junkyard Guy (Vantastic Voyage), Giovanni (Cheater by the Dozen)
Nir Barak
(ניר ברק)
Harold McBride, Mr. Grouse (Chore and Peace), Chunk (Roughin' It), Mick Swagger (House Music), Papa Wheelie, Rusty Spokes (Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru onwards), Bates (Out on a Limo), Man (House Music), Bryant, Big Kid #1, Park Ranger, Teen Carny (A Fair to Remember), Carnival Worker #2 (A Fair to Remember), Loni Loud, The Mailman, Darin McGowan (Intern for the Worse), Bernie, Senior (The Old and the Restless), Navy Seal #1 (The Old and the Restless), Jeffery, Miguel Puga (Suite and Sour), Man (Suite and Sour), Steve, Sergei (Vantastic Voyage), Waiter (Cheater by the Dozen)
Guy Zeidman
(גיא זיידמן)
Bobby Santiago (Get the Message), Liam (Overnight Success, Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru, Dance, Dance Resolution, Making the Grade), Hunter Spector (Left in the Dark), Artie, Kid #6 (Overnight Success), Flat Tire, Classmate #2 (The Green House), Billy, Classmate #4 (Save the Date), Bratty Kid, Zombie Boy (Cereal Offender), Chandler, Big Kid #2, Lane Loud, Mrs. Coconuts, Audience Kid (Funny Business), Tween #2 (Funny Business), Hugh
Ido Rabi
(עידו רבי)
Rocky Spokes

List of episodes

Season 1

No. overall No. in season Episode Airdate
1a 1a "Left in the Dark" (לבד בחושך) May 15, 2016
1b 1b "Get the Message" (להעביר את המסר) May 15, 2016
2a 2a "Heavy Meddle" (לדחוף את האף) May 16, 2016
2b 2b "Making the Case" (ארון התהילה) May 16, 2016
3a 3a "Driving Miss Hazy" (הנהגים של מיס לני) May 17, 2016
3b 3b "No Guts, No Glori" (המפקדת לורי) May 17, 2016
4a 4a "The Sweet Spot" (הנקודה הטובה) May 18, 2016
4b 4b "A Tale of Two Tables" (בין שני שולחנות) May 18, 2016
5a 5a "Project Loud House" (המשימה: משפחת רעש) May 19, 2016
5b 5b "In Tents Debate" (בין שני מחנות) May 19, 2016
6a 6a "Sound of Silence" (צליל השקט) May 22, 2016
6b 6b "Space Invader" (הפלישה לחלל) May 22, 2016
7a 7a "Picture Perfect" (תמונה מושלמת) May 23, 2016
7b 7b "Undie Pressure" (הרגל מגונה) May 23, 2016
8a 8a "Linc or Swim" (לשחות עם הזרם) May 24, 2016
8b 8b "Changing the Baby" (חינוך טוב) May 24, 2016
9a 9a "Overnight Success" (הצלחה בן-לילה) May 25, 2016
9b 9b "Ties That Bind" (קשר משפחתי) May 25, 2016
10a 10a "Hand-Me-Downer" (מדור לדור) May 26, 2016
10b 10b "Sleuth or Consequences" (אסלת האופל) May 26, 2016
11a 11a "The Green House" (בית ירוק) May 29, 2016
11b 11b "Butterfly Effect" (אפקט הפרפר) May 29, 2016
12a 12a "Along Came a Sister" (העכביש והאחות) May 30, 2016
12b 12b "Chore and Peace" (מטלה ושלום) May 30, 2016
13a 13a "For Bros About to Rock" (אחים לרוק) May 31, 2016
13b 13b "It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud, House" (מטורף, מטורף, מטורף, מטורף בבית) May 31, 2016
14a 14a "Toads and Tiaras" (על כתרים וצפרדעים) October 16, 2016
14b 14b "Two Boys and a Baby" (שני בנים ותינוקת) October 16, 2016
15a 15a "Cover Girls" (סיפור כיסוי) October 17, 2016
15b 15b "Save the Date" (החברה של לינקולן) October 17, 2016
16a 16a "Attention Deficit" (תשומת לב בלעדית) October 18, 2016
16b 16b "Out on a Limo" (הלימוזינה של לינקולן) October 18, 2016
17a 17a "House Music" (מוזיקה רועשת) October 19, 2016
17b 17b "A Novel Idea" (סיפור בהמשכים) October 19, 2016
18a 18a "April Fools Rules" (אחד באפריל) October 20, 2016
18b 18b "Cereal Offender" (דגנים מסוכנים) October 20, 2016
19a 19a "Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru" (לינקולן רעש: גורו-בנות) October 23, 2016
19b 19b "Come Sale Away" (מכירה תחרותית) October 23, 2016


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