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הרעשנים (English: The Louds) is the Hebrew dub of The Loud House.


This dub premiered on May 15, 2016 on Nickelodeon Israel.


Voice Character
Guy Reifman
(גיא רייפמן)
Lincoln Loud, Linka Loud, Warren Loud
Eden Gamliel
(עדן גמליאל)
Lori Loud (Left in the Dark-The Whole Picture), Giggles, Maggie
Alona Alexander
(אלונה אלכסנדר)
Lori Loud (No Such Luck onwards), Belle Yates, Betty Loud, Beverly Loud, Bianca Loud, Lori's Double
Maya Kadosh
(מייה קדוש)
Leni Loud, Cheerleader #1, Katherine Mulligan (Future Tense), Girl Jordan (Pulp Friction), Mollie Freilich (For Bros About to Rock), Polly Pain, Sam Sharp, Frida Puga Casagrande, Rival Coxswain (Spell It Out), Teen Girl (Spell It Out), Beatrix Yates, Darcy Helmandollar, Daughter (Not a Loud), Blair Loud, Brenda Loud, Bernice Loud, Beth Loud, Brandy Loud, Teenage Girl Customer (Roadie to Nowhere), Leni's Double, Jean Juan Player (Net Gains), Crowd Member (Tripped!)
Shir Coen
(שיר כהן)
Luna Loud, Unnamed Boy 3, Haiku (Dance, Dance Resolution), Lindsey Sweetwater, Margo (Friend or Faux?), Becky, Penelope, David, Carlota Casagrande, Nigel, Wizard Kid (Tricked!), Barbara Loud, Bodhi Loud, Stella, Luna's Double, Maya, Megan
Mika Gan Mor
(מיקה גן מור)
Luan Loud, Tippy (In Tents Debate), Mr. Coconuts, Hotel Manager (Fool's Paradise), Bebe Loud, Bippa Loud
Shira Mandlovich
(שירה מנדלוביץ')
Lynn Loud, Lynn Loud (male), Unnamed Girl 1 (Frog Wild), Goon #2 (Pulp Friction), Renee, Hot Dog Kid (Tricked!), Bailey Loud, Brie Loud, Bertha Loud
Maya Alon
(מיה אלון)
Lucy Loud, Lars Loud, Margo (Intern for the Worse), Bella Loud, Carol Pingrey, Lucy's Double, Amy
Aya Shenee
(איה שני)
Lana Loud, Biker Girls, Girl Jordan (The Green House, Study Muffin), Mollie, Twin Sister #2 (Raw Deal), Leif Loud, Preschooler #2 (The Price of Admission), Kid in the Van #2 (Vantastic Voyage), Clare, Kindergartner (Friend or Faux?), Ballerina (Tricked!), Beulah Loud, Lana's Double
Eilla Feldman
(איילה פלדמן)
Lola Loud, Unnamed Girl 2, Kat, Teddy Bear Voice (Come Sale Away), Twin Sister #1 (Raw Deal), Lexx Loud, Preschooler #1 (The Price of Admission), Creepy Little Girl Voice (The Price of Admission), Kid in the Van #1 (Vantastic Voyage), Stuffed Teddy Bear (Change of Heart), Bernadette Loud, Lola's Double
Tami Barak
(תמי ברק)
Lisa Loud, Ronnie Anne Santiago, Agnes Johnson, Scoots (For Bros About to Rock), Mrs. Jelinsky (Intern for the Worse), Katherine Mulligan (Out on a Limo, The Loudest Yard), Viking Singer (For Bros About to Rock), Ruth, Employee (Out on a Limo), Margie, Bratty Kid's Mom, Zombie Girl (Cereal Offender), Sample Lady (Cereal Offender), Joy, Female Customer #1 (Come Sale Away), Unnamed Woman, Workout Coach (Come Sale Away), Tabby, Haiku (Out of the Picture), Levi Loud, Tween #1 (Funny Business), Sue, Diem Doan, Cheryl, Secretary (Patching Things Up), Teri, Pam, Woman on Scanner (Lock 'n' Loud), Photographer (Frog Wild), Siri-Like Voice (Kick the Bucket List), Teen Girl, Kindergartener #1 (Shell Shock), Heavenly chorus (Pulp Friction), Narrator (Pets Peeved), Dr. Shuttleworth, Hattie, Gus' Games and Grub waitress, Griselda, Stage Manager, Jancey Yates, Airport Woman (Legends), Woman (Mall of Duty), Spunk E. Pigeon, Librarian Wetta, Large Nose Girl (Not a Loud), White Haired Mom (Not a Loud), Customers (Snow Way Out), Beatrice Loud, Blanch Loud, Brooke Loud, Myrtle, Club Manager (Roadie to Nowhere), Nikki, Lisa's Double, Female Director (Fool Me Twice), Diane, Mom in Car (Tripped!), Woman in Car (Tripped!), Mrs. Parker (Tripped!), Woman (Tripped!), Patient (Tripped!), Concierge (Tripped!)
Talya Barkai
(טליה ברקאי)
Lily Loud, Rita Loud, Agnes Johnson (Project Loud House), Scoots, Zach Gurdle, Terrifying Zombie (Get the Message), Phone Voice (Get the Message), Computer Voice (Making the Case), Unnamed Girl 1 (Making the Case), Nun (Driving Miss Hazy), Mrs. Jelinsky (Driving Miss Hazy-Linc or Swim), Pool Manager #3 (Linc or Swim), Cheerleader #2, Stroller Mom (Hand-Me-Downer), Katherine Mulligan (Butterfly Effect, Snow Bored), Girl Jordan (Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru), Interviewer (Chore and Peace), Lana's Friend (Cover Girls), Unnamed Boy 4, Classmate's Mom (Save the Date), Unnamed Brunette Woman, Old Woman (Come Sale Away), Crying Baby (Come Sale Away), Kid (Come Sale Away), Game Voice (Dance, Dance Resolution), Leon Loud, Maggie's Mom, Ms. DiMartino, Whitney Wetta (Suite and Sour), Ms. Shrinivas, Scout Leader, Dana, Maria Santiago, Art Teacher (Shell Shock), Kindergartener #2 (Shell Shock), Lee, Corinne, Skippy, Rosa Casagrande, Carlitos Casagrande, Tina, Karate Girl, Severed Head (Tricked!), Robot Kid (Tricked!), Fenton, Bobbie Fletcher, Bethany Loud, Belinda Loud, Birdie Loud, Mrs. Vaporciyan, Rita's Double, Film Assistant (Fool Me Twice), Paula, Morgan, Electronic Voice (Pipe Dreams), Daughter in Car (Tripped!), Little Girl (Tripped!)
Nadav Yerushalmi
(נדב ירושלמי)
Clyde McBride, Classmate #2 (Making the Case), Carlino Casagrande, Beau Yates, Danny, Casey
Gilan Shachaf
(גילן שחף)
Lynn Loud Sr., Bobby Santiago, Mr. Grouse (Chore and Peace), Liam (Study Muffin), Mick Swagger, Rusty Spokes (Hand-Me-Downer), Hunter Spector, Little Miss Cutie Pie Pageant Judge (Making the Case), Bachelor (Making the Case), Police Officer, Game Voice (No Guts, No Glori, Changing the Baby), TV Announcer (Sound of Silence), Jay Rock (Undie Pressure), Delivery Man (Undie Pressure), Pool Manager #1 (Linc or Swim), Pool Manager #2 (Linc or Swim), Chunk, Chad, Sleepover Kid #1 (Overnight Success), T-Bone (The Old and the Restless), Classmate #1 (The Green House), Boyz Will Be Boyz #1, Boyz Will Be Boyz #3, Boyz Will Be Boys #4, Mall Cop Captain, Ticket Guy (For Bros About to Rock), Pucker Uppenheimer, Donnie, Band Leader (Save the Date), Unnamed Boy 2, Tetherby, Bandmate (House Music), Man (House Music), Hot Dog Customer (A Novel Idea), Driver (A Novel Idea), Coach Pacowski (Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru), Andrew, Male Customer #2 (Come Sale Away), Manager (The Waiting Game), Hank (Tricked!), Referee (The Loudest Yard), Quarterback (The Loudest Yard), DJ, Carnival Worker #1 (A Fair to Remember), Luke Loud, Usher (The Price of Admission), Pizza Guy (Homespun), Cyclist (Homespun), Seymour (The Old and the Restless), Navy Seal #1 (The Old and the Restless), Kyle Marshall (Suite and Sour), Todd, Kotaro (Vantastic Voyage), Manager (Vantastic Voyage), Pep (Net Gains), Wilbur Huggins, Bus Driver (Kick the Bucket List), Kid #1 (Pulp Friction), Benny, Carlos Jr. Casagrande, TV Announcer (The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos), Mango Man (The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos), Edwin, Bass Player (Yes Man), Robot (Mall of Duty), Burpin' Burger Employee, Small Man (Roadie to Nowhere), Record Store Owner (Roadie to Nowhere), Conductor (City Slickers), Lynn Sr.'s Double, Moving Truck Driver (Fool Me Twice), Cop (Net Gains)
Saar Badishi
(סער בדישי)
Howard McBride, Mr. Grouse, Albert, Flip, Jay Rock (Making the Grade), T-Bone (Hand-Me-Downer), Farmer, Colonel Crackers, News Man Tucker, Exterminator, Trashy, Boyz Will Be Boyz #2, Scalper (For Bros About to Rock), Blarney, Sean Gantka (For Bros About to Rock), Billy's father, Unnamed Boy 5, Customer (Save the Date), Kirby, Cop (Out on a Limo), Dr. Feinstein, The Manager, Announcer (Cereal Offender), Coach Pacowski (Out of the Picture), Male Customer #1 (Come Sale Away), Sloppy's Worker Man (Come Sale Away), TV Announcer #1 (Roughin' It), TV Announcer #2 (Roughin' It), Game Announcer (The Waiting Game), Coach (The Loudest Yard), Public Address Announcer (The Loudest Yard), Carnival Manager (A Fair to Remember), Loki Loud, Dad #1 (Funny Business), Patchy Drizzle, Narrator (The Price of Admission), Announcer (The Old and the Restless), Fritz, Ted, Sergei (Job Insecurity), Dad in the Van (Vantastic Voyage), Junkyard Guy (Vantastic Voyage), Giovanni (Cheater by the Dozen), Announcer, Bill Buck, Kid #3 (Pulp Friction), Narrator (Pulp Friction), TV announcer (Pets Peeved), Hector Casagrande, Carlos Casagrande, Vito Filliponio, Little Old Man (The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos), Host (Room with a Feud), Mr. Spokes, Vampire TV Announcer (Spell It Out), Game TV Announcer (Spell It Out), Burly Man, Yoga Instructor (Garage Banned), Video Game Voice (Health Kicked), Bumper Yates Sr., Announcer (Future Tense), Stan Stankco, Olmec, Airport Security (Legends), Rip Hardcore, Wyatt (Tricked!), Announcer (Snow Way Out), Timothy McCole, Elevator Operator (City Slickers), Lincoln's Double, Quizmaster (Fool Me Twice), Referee (Net Gains), Prisoner (Net Gains), Jerry Kling, Bus Driver (Tripped!), Truck Driver (Tripped!), Prisoner (Tripped!)
Nir Barak
(ניר ברק)
Harold McBride, Rusty Spokes, Papa Wheelie, Bates (Out on a Limo), Bryant, Hank (The Loudest Yard), Hawk (Tricked!), Park Ranger, Teen Carny (A Fair to Remember), Carnival Worker #2 (A Fair to Remember), Loni Loud, The Mailman, Darin McGowan (Intern for the Worse), Bernie, Senior (The Old and the Restless), Jeffery, Miguel Puga (Suite and Sour), Man (Suite and Sour), Steve, Sergei (Vantastic Voyage), Waiter (Cheater by the Dozen), Pep (No Such Luck), Tad, Bus Driver (Back Out There), Man (Job Insecurity), Employee (Job Insecurity), Announcer (No Laughing Matter), Kirk Fogg, Temple Guard (Legends), Tough Guy (Mall of Duty), TV Robot Voice (Mall of Duty), Commercial Announcer (Read Aloud), Smellwood Brosin (Read Aloud)
Guy Zeidman
(גיא זיידמן)
Bobby Santiago (Get the Message), Liam, Hunter Spector (Left in the Dark), Artie, Sleepover Kid #3 (Overnight Success), Flat Tire, Classmate #2 (The Green House), Billy, Unnamed Boy 1, Bratty Kid, Zombie Boy (Cereal Offender), Chandler, Hawk (The Loudest Yard), Lane Loud, Mrs. Coconuts, Audience Kid (Funny Business), Tween #2 (Funny Business), Hugh, Seymour (Insta-gran), Kotaro (Anti-Social), Umpire (No Such Luck), Ride Operator (Kick the Bucket List), Pet Store Employee (Kick the Bucket List), Chaz, Joey, Kid #2 (Pulp Friction), Goon #1 (Pulp Friction), Schmitty, Sergio, Bumper Yates Jr., Steak Stankco, Alistair, Big Kid, Sameer, Port-a-Potty Occupant (Tripped!), Waiter (Tripped!), Man in Car (Tripped!)
Ido Rabi
(עידו רבי)
Rocky Spokes, Mummy Kid (Tricked!)

List of episodes

Season 1

No. Episode Airdate Title Card
1a "Left in the Dark" (לבד בחושך) May 15, 2016 Leftinthedarkhebrew
1b "Get the Message" (להעביר את המסר) May 15, 2016 Getthemessagehebrew
2a "Heavy Meddle" (לדחוף את האף) May 16, 2016 HeavyMeddleHebrew
2b "Making the Case" (ארון התהילה) May 16, 2016 MakingtheCaseHebrew
3a "Driving Miss Hazy" (הנהגים של מיס לני) May 17, 2016 Drivingmisshazyhebrew
3b "No Guts, No Glori" (המפקדת לורי) May 17, 2016 Nogutsnoglorihebrew
4a "The Sweet Spot" (הנקודה הטובה) May 18, 2016 Thesweetspothebrew
4b "A Tale of Two Tables" (בין שני שולחנות) May 18, 2016 Ataleoftwotableshebrew
5a "Project Loud House" (המשימה: משפחת רעש) May 19, 2016 Projectloudhousehebrew
5b "In Tents Debate" (בין שני מחנות) May 19, 2016 Intentsdebatehebrew
6a "Sound of Silence" (צלילי השקט) May 22, 2016 צלילי השקט
6b "Space Invader" (הפלישה לחלל) May 22, 2016
7a "Picture Perfect" (תמונה מושלמת) May 23, 2016
7b "Undie Pressure" (הרגל מגונה) May 23, 2016
8a "Linc or Swim" (לשחות עם הזרם) May 24, 2016
8b "Changing the Baby" (חינוך טוב) May 24, 2016
9a "Overnight Success" (הצלחה בן-לילה) May 25, 2016
9b "Ties That Bind" (קשר משפחתי) May 25, 2016
10a "Hand-Me-Downer" (מדור לדור) May 26, 2016
10b "Sleuth or Consequences" (אסלת האופל) May 26, 2016
11a "The Green House" (בית ירוק) May 29, 2016
11b "Butterfly Effect" (אפקט הפרפר) May 29, 2016
12a "Along Came a Sister" (העכביש והאחות) May 30, 2016
12b "Chore and Peace" (מטלה ושלום) May 30, 2016
13a "For Bros About to Rock" (אחים לרוק) May 31, 2016
13b "It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud, House" (מטורף, מטורף, מטורף, מטורף בבית) May 31, 2016
14a "Toads and Tiaras" (על כתרים וצפרדעים) October 16, 2016
14b "Two Boys and a Baby" (שני בנים ותינוקת) October 16, 2016
15a "Cover Girls" (סיפור כיסוי) October 17, 2016
15b "Save the Date" (החברה של לינקולן) October 17, 2016
16a "Attention Deficit" (תשומת לב בלעדית) October 18, 2016
16b "Out on a Limo" (הלימוזינה של לינקולן) October 18, 2016
17a "House Music" (מוזיקה רועשת) October 19, 2016
17b "A Novel Idea" (סיפור בהמשכים) October 19, 2016
18a "April Fools Rules" (אחד באפריל) October 20, 2016
18b "Cereal Offender" (דגנים מסוכנים) October 20, 2016
19a "Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru" (לינקולן רעש: גורו-בנות) October 23, 2016
19b "Come Sale Away" (מכירה תחרותית) October 23, 2016
20a "Roughin' It" (בחיק הטבע) October 24, 2016
20b "The Waiting Game" (משחק ההמתנה) October 24, 2016
21a "The Loudest Yard" (רעש במגרש) October 25, 2016 Theloudestyardhebrew
21b "Raw Deal" (הקלפים שקיבלת) October 25, 2016 Rawdealhebrew
22a "Dance, Dance Resolution" (לרקוד כאילו אף אחד לא רואה) October 26, 2016
22b "A Fair to Remember" (על אהבה וחברות) October 26, 2016
23a "One of the Boys" (אני והבנים) October 27, 2016
23b "A Tattler's Tale" (סיפורה של מלשנית) October 27, 2016
24a "Funny Business" (עסקי הצחוק) October 30, 2016 Funnybusinesshebrew
24b "Snow Bored" (שעמום בשלג) October 30, 2016 Snowboredhebrew
25a "The Price of Admission" (מחיר של כרטיס) October 31, 2016
25b "One Flu Over the Loud House" (השפעת הגדולה) October 31, 2016
26a "Study Muffin" (המורה מחו"ל) November 1, 2016
26b "Homespun" (הסופה הגדולה) November 1, 2016

Season 2

No. Episode Airdate Title Card
27 "11 Louds a Leapin'" (הרעשנים בחג המולד) March 19, 2017
28a "Intern for the Worse" (המתמחים הגרועים ביותר) March 20, 2017
28b "The Old and the Restless" (זקנים חסרי-מנוח) March 20, 2017
29a "Baby Steps" (צעדים ראשונים) March 21, 2017 Babystepshebrew
29b "Brawl in the Family" (בלגן במשפחה) March 21, 2017 Brawlinthefamilyhebrew
30a "Suite and Sour" (רעש במלון) March 22, 2017
30b "Back in Black" (שחור זה הוורוד החדש) March 22, 2017
31a "Making the Grade" (ליסה החדשה) March 23, 2017
31b "Vantastic Voyage" (המסע המופלא בוואן) March 23, 2017
32a "Patching Things Up" (אחיות צופות) March 26, 2017
32b "Cheater by the Dozen" (הבוגד) March 26, 2017
33a "Lock 'n' Loud" (רעשנים נעולים) March 27, 2017
33b "The Whole Picture" (התמונה כולה) March 27, 2017
34a "No Such Luck" (אין לי מזל) June 18, 2017
34b "Frog Wild" (צפרדעים משוגעות) June 18, 2017
35a "Kick the Bucket List" (רשימת מטלות) June 19, 2017 Kickthebucketlisthebrew
35b "Party Down" (המסיבה הגדולה) June 19, 2017 Partydownhebrew
36a "Fed Up" (מפוצצים) June 20, 2017
36b "Shell Shock" (קליפה קשה) June 20, 2017
37a "Pets Peeved" (חיי-כלב) June 21, 2017
37b "Pulp Friction" (קומיקס להמונים) June 21, 2017
38a "Potty Mouth" (פה מלוכלך) June 22, 2017 Pottymouthhebrew
38b "L is for Love" (אהבה באוויר) June 22, 2017 Lisforlovehebrew
39 "The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos" (כאוס יחסי) June 25, 2017
40a "Out of the Picture" (מחוץ לתמונה) June 26, 2017
40b "Room with a Feud" (עוברים דירה) June 26, 2017
41a "Back Out There" (להתגבר עליה) December 10, 2017
41b "Spell It Out" (שקט קסום) December 10, 2017
42a "Fool's Paradise" (גן עדן של שוטים) December 11, 2017
42b "Job Insecurity" (ביטחון תעסוקתי) December 11, 2017
43a "ARGGH! You for Real?" (?אאאררג! אתה אמיתי) December 12, 2017
43b "Garage Banned" (הבית החדש של לורי) December 12, 2017
44a "Change of Heart" (לחנך את קלייד) December 13, 2017
44b "Health Kicked" (העיקר הבריאות) December 13, 2017
45a "Future Tense" (מתח עתידי) December 14, 2017 Futuretensehebrew
45b "Lynner Takes All" (לין זוכה בכול) December 14, 2017 Lynnertakesallhebrew
46a "Yes Man" (יס-מן) December 17, 2017
46b "Friend or Faux?" (על ציונים וחברות) December 17, 2017
47a "No Laughing Matter" (זה לא מצחיק) December 18, 2017
47b "No Spoilers" (בלי ספוילרים) December 18, 2017
48a "Legends" (אגדות) December 19, 2017
48b "Mall of Duty" (שדה-קרב בקניון) December 19, 2017
49a "Read Aloud" (רעש, קוראים כאן) December 20, 2017
49b "Not a Loud" (בלי רעש) December 20, 2017
50 "Tricked!" (!בלגן בהאלווין) December 21, 2017
51a "The Crying Dame" (!משחק הדמעות) December 24, 2017
51b "Anti-Social" (לא חברתי) December 24, 2017
52a "Snow Way Down" (דרך חלקה למטה) December 25, 2017
52b "Snow Way Out" (שלג בכל מקום) December 25, 2017

Season 3

No. Episode Airdate Title Card
53 "Tripped!" (!הטיול) July 1, 2018 S03E01 (Hebrew)
54a "White Hare" (הארנב הלבן) April 22, 2018 S03E02A (Hebrew)
54b "Insta-gran" (סבתוש) April 22, 2018 S03E02B (Hebrew)
55a "Roadie to Nowhere" (פנטזיית רוקנרול) April 23, 2018 S03E03A (Hebrew)
55b "A Fridge Too Far" (מקרר אחד זה לא מספיק) April 23, 2018 S03E03B (Hebrew)
56a "Selfie Improvement" (סלפי לפנים) April 24, 2018 S03E04A (Hebrew)
56b "No Place Like Homeschool" (אין כמו ללמוד בבית) April 24, 2018 S03E04B (Hebrew)
57a "City Slickers" (עירוניים) April 25, 2018 S03E05A (Hebrew)
57b "Fool Me Twice" (אל תמתחי אותי) April 25, 2018 S03E05B (Hebrew)
58a "Net Gains" (מלכות הסלים) April 26, 2018 S03E06A (Hebrew)
58b "Pipe Dreams" (חלומות בצנרת) April 26, 2018 S03E06B (Hebrew)
59a "Fandom Pains" (האחיות המעריצות) July 2, 2018 S03E07A (Hebrew)
59b "Rita Her Rights" (שירות אמא) July 2, 2018 S03E07B (Hebrew)
60a "Teacher's Union" (מורים מאוהבים) July 3, 2018 S03E08A (Hebrew)
60b "Head Poet's Anxiety" (חרדתה של המשוררת) July 3, 2018 S03E08B (Hebrew)
61a "The Mad Scientist"
61b "Missed Connection"
62a "Deal Me Out" (אס חזק) July 4, 2018 S03E10A (Hebrew)
62b "Friendzy" (קלף האירוח) July 4, 2018 S03E10B (Hebrew)
63a "Pasture Bedtime" (ישנים באסם) July 5, 2018 S03E11A (Hebrew)
63b "Shop Girl" (הלני החדשה) July 5, 2018 S03E11B (Hebrew)

Theme Song

שוב רצים במסדרון,

נמנעים מאוד אסון,

רק כדי להספיק לאסלה!


שום דבר לא יעזור, שוב אני בסוף התור, עשר אחיות זאת עסקת חבילה!

הרעשנים! הרעשנים!

רוץ, קפוץ, תתכופף!

ולא תמיד זה כיף

הרעשנים! הרעשנים!

בן אחד, עשר בנות, אחיות או לא להיות!

(רה! רה! רה! רעשנים! פו-פו...)


Running down the hall again,

Avoiding disaster,

Just to get to the toilet!


Nothing will help, again at the end of the line,

Ten sisters is a package deal!

The Louds! The Louds!

Run, jump, bend down!

And it's not always fun!

The Louds! The Louds!

One boy, ten girls, sisters or not!

(La-La-La, Louds! poo-poo ...)



  • Apparently, since dubbing isn't such a common thing in Israel (only kids shows and films are dubbed), the voice cast selection is very limited (at least a casting was made for Lincoln, his sisters and Clyde's voices, the rest are voiced by additionals).
  • Eden Gamliel was replaced by Alona Alexander as Lori's voice coach from "No Such Luck" onwards, due to Eden's moving to the USA for an unknown time. Her voice was also replaced in other Nickelodeon characters she voiced.
  • This dub has almost every piece of text translated, just like the French and Finnish dub, although it's something that is barely common in Hebrew dubs.
  • In the intro, the logo is raised slightly, this is to avoid Lily going behind the logo.
  • Somehow, in the episodes "Back Out There" to "Friend or Faux?", the intro, credits and Nickelodeon logo is high pitched.

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