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Halloween Havoc

Since it's Halloween I decided to start this little game for today. Because it's meant for this holiday, I say the game should end at midnight. I live in California, so if you live on the East Coast, or in a different time zone, you can stop when it's midnight for you.

Rules are simple, you just help to create a Halloween scenario for the Loud House. You can pick any costume you want for each character but once the person who first came up with the costume gives it to that particular character, everyone else has to post that character wearing that specific costume. You can be creative with scary events, and even make supernatural events happen, but no blood or death.

Let us begin the terror. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

It's Halloween in Royal Woods, and Lincoln is excited about the parade at school. He puts on his skeleton costume, and leaves his room.

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"Quite meta, isn't it?" said Lisa, who approached in a mad scientist costume.

"Poo poo!" went Lily, who was in a monkey costume.

"Are we ever going to get this costume contest started?" said Lincoln, as he spoke to the audience.


"Now we are going to get started with the contest", said Mrs. Johnson


"Okay every, line up, and the judges will look at your costumes one by one, and make their decision who stays and who doesn't," said Mrs. Johnson.

"This will be so cute!" said Lynn Sr. as he and Rita appeared.

They were dressed as Frankenstein's Monster, and The Bride of Frankenstein respectively.

"Enough!" said Lincoln. "Does every character have to show up?"


"Well this is a Halloween special", said Clyde


"Let the contest begin," said Mrs. Johnson.

First came Rusty Spokes dressed as Weird Al Yankovic.

"He stays in for now," said one of the judges.

Next was Chandler.

"Out!" said the second judge.

"Someone will pay for this," said Chandler.


Up next was Clyde.

"He stays for now," said the third judge.

Next was Kat in Selena Gomez costume.

"Out!" said the first judge.

Kat walked off sadly.

"Always with pop culture icons," said the second judge.

"No imagination!" said the third judge.


"Why do they have to kick out pop star contestants", said Kat

(Zach comes in dressed as Harambe the Ape)

"Hello worl-"

"OUT!", said all of the judges

"Dang it.", said Zach


Next was Ronnie Anne.

"You stay for now," said the first judge.

"Yes!" said Ronnie Anne.

Next came Liam.

The judges looked at each other, and discussed it.

"Sorry kid, we've seen way too many zombies," said the first judge.

"Out!" said the second judge.

"Dang!" said Liam.


Linc was next

"You have the best costume", said all of the judges

"YAY!!", said Linc


"Congrats!" said his sisters.

"Way to go!" said Clyde and Ronnie Anne.

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