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The Blog Post Thing Is Still Missing

I tried to see the recent blogs and discussions, and the list is still missing. Can someone please try to fix it?

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According to you, Lincoln's hair is white because of .....?

  • A simple but rare inherited genetic trait due to a very clear blonde
  • A very rare case of hair pigmentation, maybe "piebaldism" or poliosis
  • Excessive stress during pregnancy
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loud rabbits as humans

do you guys think an episode of the loud rabbits as humans will work? will beatrice do a time machine or an alternate reality machine for her sisters to see themselves as humans? if so, what will you guys think might happen? i want the loud sisters to see the loud rabbits one day.

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Perhaps the reason that Lincoln has white hair since his birth is probably because ....

....He was born with a simple but rare case of hair pigmentation, in the absence of melanin, called "Piebaldism". a small congenital anomaly very different from albinism. But it can also be "poliosis". It is often temporary, as growth advances, but in some cases it can become fixed. and sometimes even hereditary. Differences between albinism and piebaldism/poliosis? the first includes red eyes, very pale skin and white hair. The second only white hair.

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Lori's personality

Do you guys think that Lori has some sort of a motherly personality towards her siblings?

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Eye Colors

The characters' eyes have always been the standard black beads surrounded by seas of white. While common for cartoon characters to have such eyes, I find the color of a person's eyes adds some depth and diversity to the cast.

Also, eye color HAS been brought up in "Yes Man" when Leni questioned if her eyes were green, of which was left unanswered.

It would certainly make for an interesting development if the crew decided to add eye colors to the cast of The Loud House.

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A Question About The Listen Out Loud Podcast

The Listen Out Loud Podcast seems to follow things in the show, so after watching Lana's episode, I'd like to ask this: is the Podcast part of the show's continuity?

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What is the reason, in which Lincoln has white hair? Read below more detailed descriptions, please.

  • A simple but rare inherited genetic trait due to the very clear blonde
  • Pierbaldism
  • Excessive stress during pregnancy
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Powerhouse Bumpers

If The Loud House had Bumpers like The Cartoon Network Powerhouse era, how do you think they should go?

And if you want too, you can share some bumpers ideas for other Nicktoons.

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Loud Nightmare

Okay here's a new trend. Type a character on the show and write what kind of a nightmare they'd have.

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What if there was a character who turn someone to the dark side?

This character will first be shown doing something like beating up Hank and Hawk after they talked about his noodle arms and this catches the eye of someone from the show and then he shows them how they roll. Who would it be and how would they act?

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About Reporting Replies in Discussions

After the staff look through the Reported Content in Discussions, We've seen that majority of the replies that get reported aren't the appropriate way of reporting content. Most of the time, the replies/posts that get reported seemed that if users don't agree with some of the other user's opinions or that a post gets reported due to getting notified. Now, we need to address this. The way the report reply button works is that if a reply breaks the rules from the guidelines. You can not simply report a post/reply just because you don't like it or don't want to get notified from it. It counts as misuse of the report button and you may be issued a warning from an admin or discussions mod if you misuse the report button.

So, for future reference, please use the report button if the replies actually breaks the rules not because a user doesn't agree with you or you don't like getting notified.

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What would like to see out of Lucy?

  • Eyes
  • Her secret pony obsession revealed to herself
  • How she's denying what she hates
  • Her light
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Loud House Character

It you were casted and played a role in any episodes of The Loud House, what would be the name of your character?

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lincoln friendly rivals

Has lincoln got any friendly rivals or enemies?

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Which of these characters would like to see return?

  • Cristina
  • The Bratty Kid from Cereal Offender
  • Stan and Steak
  • Hugh
  • Mick Swagger
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Page Image for TV Tropes Awesome Page

The Awesome Page on TV Tropes The Loud House is in need of a Page Image, a screenshot from an episode that captures an awesome moment that defines the show best.

What moment from The Loud House do YOU think should be posted on the Awesome Page?

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